Best Hotels In Cape Town: Luxury in the Mother City

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The Best Hotels in Cape Town

Looking for the best hotels in Cape Town? Here are some of the best of the best in one of our favorite cities in the world. After all, in a city with hundreds of places to stay there has to be somewhere that’s perfect to take in the views of Table Mountain for everyone. Finding the perfect luxury hotel could be a struggle, but after visiting all of the hotels below we can safely say we know which are the best of the best. We’re also not influenced by marketing budgets like CNtraveler or Forbes, hence the reason our top … Read More

The Best Hotels in Italy: Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Rome, & More

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The Best Hotels In Italy

Looking for the best hotels in Italy? We consider ourselves experts on travel in Italy and have stayed in all manner of accommodation. Italy certainly embodies most travel dreams with its history, world famous cuisine, rustic countryside, and flamboyant culture.  The Best Hotels in Italy Villa d’Este, Lake Como Originally a summer palace, Villa D’este, was built on Lake Como in the 16th century. The hotel is grand, elegant, and exactly what you would expect to find on the famous Lake Como.  This exquisite hotel plays host to a slew of high-profile guests. This hotel is old school cool and with … Read More

Tips to Reduce Your Footprint and Have a More Eco Friendly Vacation

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Save the World While Traveling

I may be a bit behind, but I finally managed to watch Before The Flood. The movie produced by Leonardo Dicaprio as he explores the threats facing human kind from climate change. The movie was available for free streaming for a few weeks – but I’m in the African bush and streaming is a luxury! You can usually find us with active voices of being more sustainable travelers. We try to maintain a small footprint when we are traveling and in just everyday life. Throughout Africa, we are either camping or highlighting the many eco-lodges around the continent. However, Leo’s movie struck a cord … Read More

Best Travel Towels For Backpacking Around The World

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Best Travel Towels

Okay, we’ll admit talking about the best travel towels may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but they’re an extremely important part of packing. When we first set out to travel we knew the value of having a great compact travel towel. We made sure to order several and try them out before deciding on our favorite. Sticking your average plush cotton towel is not going to cut it. You need a towel that is lightweight, quick dry, compact, and comfortable. We have three recommendations all constructed from different materials. Each material has it’s own qualities and will … Read More

The Ultimate List of Eco Friendly Products to Take on Your Travels

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10 Environmentally Friendly Accessories to Help You Become Eco-Friendly While Traveling

I went for a walk on the beaches of Crete the other day collecting pebbles and watching the waves carry vacationers to and fro. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an all too familiar sand dweller. A plastic water bottle. I walked over to it annoyed that no one else had bothered to pick it up and even more annoyed that some human just left it there. I pick it up, curse the human race just a bit, and go to the trash can. I continue my walk and see another water bottle, a plastic straw, … Read More

15 Movies About Africa to See Before Visiting the Continent

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Movies about Africa

The World Pursuit is headed to Africa this July, and we can not be more excited for this years travel plans. Why else would be making a list of the best films about the African continent? It’s going to be our first journey through this region of the world. We spent six weeks in Morocco earlier this year, however traveling to Southern and East Africa will be a first for us. Besides the never-ending planning that goes into preparing an 8 month (or longer) trip through Africa, we have been brushing up on all the movies about Africa and books … Read More

Best Carry On Backpacks for Your Next Trip

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The Best Carry On Backpacks

I have spent hours scouring the internet for the best carry on backpacks money can buy. Literally hours. Why? I travel full time so the luggage I carry on a plane is as important, as purchasing a new car is for others. Now, I may not own the latter, but Natasha and I have  traveled a quite bit. Add with that our latest addition of a our baggage needs have to be specialized. Mainly due to the regulations of traveling with LiPo batteries we needed to take things seriously as did my cabin bag. Now, if you’re thinking that a backpack might not be your style for a carry-on … Read More

Best Women’s Travel Shoes: Treat Your Feet Right

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The Best Women's Travel Shoes for walking all day

Before we left on a one-way ticket to explore the world I spent months and months researching and trying on different women’s travel shoes that would go with my problematic feet. Shoes are single-handedly the most important clothing item to consider when packing for your travels. A good pair of travel shoes may not be the most exciting thing in a suitcase, but ensuring that your feet are comfortable can make for either a great day or a painful day.  We walk a lot when we travel. If I ask directions for some place and they say, “Oh, it’s just 3km down the … Read More

Around the World Travels: Our Best Travel Tips

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Our Top Tips for New Travelers

Excited. Nervous. Terrified. That’s how I felt when I was 21 traveling around the world. I had no idea what I was doing, and that was okay. Everyone has to start somewhere right. I used to be the one who would ask whomever I could for travel advice – any advice that they spared was much appreciated. Now, as we travel all around the world we are the ones getting asked for our best travel tips.I thought we should share a few of our tips for newbie travelers getting started on their around the world travels. Around the World Travels: Our Best Travel Tips … Read More

Ten Awesome Travel Accessories You Should Pack For Your Next Trip

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Ten Awesome Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip

“What should I pack?” It’s a normal question we all ask ourselves.  Our passion is travel, so naturally we have compiled a personal list of awesome travel accessories. We placed our top ten awesome travel accessories that we love to pack in this convenient list. It’s the kind of stuff we look back and go “how did we travel without that before?” Buff UV Headwear We both just added these to our packs, but we already know we’re going to love them. They’re extremely versatile, pack up next to nothing, and offer protection. They are one those super simple products … Read More