Best Women’s Travel Shoes: Treat Your Feet Right

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The Best Women's Travel Shoes for walking all day

Before we left on a one-way ticket to explore the world I spent months and months researching and trying on different women’s travel shoes that would go with my problematic feet. Shoes are single-handedly the most important clothing item to consider when packing for your travels. A good pair of travel shoes may not be the most exciting thing in a suitcase, but ensuring that your feet are comfortable can make for either a great day or a painful day.  We walk a lot when we travel. If I ask directions for some place and they say, “Oh, it’s just 3km down the … Read More

My Best Travel Tips from Traveling Around the World

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Our Top Tips for New Travelers

Excited. Nervous. Terrified. That’s how I felt when I was 21 traveling around the world. I had no idea what I was doing, and that was okay. Everyone has to start somewhere right. I used to be the one who would ask whomever I could for travel advice – any advice that they spared was much appreciated. Now, as we travel all around the world we are the ones getting asked for our best travel tips.I thought we should share a few of our tips for newbie travelers getting started on their around the world travels.  Our Best Travel Tips For Your Next Trip Around … Read More

Ten Awesome Travel Accessories You Should Pack For Your Next Trip

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Ten Awesome Travel Accessories For Your Next Trip

“What should I pack?” It’s a normal question we all ask ourselves.  Our passion is travel, so naturally we have compiled a personal list of awesome travel accessories. We placed our top ten awesome travel accessories that we love to pack in this convenient list. It’s the kind of stuff we look back and go “how did we travel without that before?” Buff UV Headwear We both just added these to our packs, but we already know we’re going to love them. They’re extremely versatile, pack up next to nothing, and offer protection. They are one those super simple products … Read More

Travel Backpacks For Europe And Beyond

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The Best Backpacks for Europe

The Best Travel Backpacks For Europe Finding the best travel backpack for your European backpacking trip or any trip for that matter is a serious decision. There are hundreds of backpacks out there to carry around the globe. Travel styles vary and so do backpacks, but where do you start? Is there a one size fits all travel pack? Probably not. However, I’ve compiled a list of what we deem the best travel packs for Europe and beyond. When it comes to backpacks there are three main types and each comes with its pros and cons. The three general styles … Read More

The Best GoPro Accessories For Travel and Adventure

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GoPro Travel Accessories

Our GoPro has become one of the best travel accessories so we’ve made a list of the best GoPro accessories for travel and adventure you need to have. We love GoPros they’re light, durable, and can go anywhere that you can. While the camera itself is powerful the accessories you bring to compliment it can make or break you. We’ve done the research on the accessories in order to make the perfect GoPro photo kit. We’ve dropped and added products we feel meet or fail to meet up to the criteria of the list so don’t be afraid to check … Read More

The RTW Packing List to Help You Get Up and Go!

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RTW Packing List

Packing for a trip around the world is one of the most difficult parts of pre-planning. Thankfully, this RTW packing list should be of some help! I spent months of planning, ordering, buying & returning to make sure I have everything I need.  But I still always end up frantically contemplating everything just the night before take off.  There are a couple of factors that make packing for a life of constant travel especially hard. One is climate.  We are in all types of climates, from winter in Eastern Europe to spring and summer in Southeast Asia.  Clothing that is … Read More

What Men Should Pack For A Trip Around The World

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Men's Pack For A Trip Around The World

What to pack for a trip around the world? A popular question we get is what pack for a trip around the world. So, let’s get into it. Since we’ve started I’ve tossed, picked up, and sent back items I felt we’re necessary or unnecessary. Which means my packing mistakes are for your benefit. When it comes to packing we’ve both put lots of thought, research, testing, purchasing, and even returning into what we carry as we take a trip around world. It isn’t easy considering we pack for just about every climate and activity around the world we can. Even with all … Read More

Why You Should Study Abroad At Least Once

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10 Reasons to Study Abroad at Least Once

Breathing in the unfamiliar air, staring at the ocean from a completely different vantage point. The world around me had just opened up, and I felt small. I was 21 the first time I traveled abroad alone.  A dream of mine was to study abroad like my mother, and nailing down a country to do it in was the hardest part. After months of deliberation, I landed on Australia, to this day I still don’t know exactly why.  My school (UNCW – Go Seahawks!) participated with a number of international schools, and it was easy to do a semester exchange … Read More

The Best Travel Movies To Inspire Wanderlust

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The Best Travel Movies of all time

What’s the best travel movies to ignite your wanderlust? We’re big time cinefiles and have a love for all varieties of films. We love watching movies and escaping into another world. It’s one of the first things we do when getting ready before we travel to a new destination. Not only that when we were living in New York City and needed to escape from the craziness of the city we found ourselves dreaming of traveling while watching a few of these films. Want to know what we think the greatest films to get your wanderlust on? Here they are … Read More

Rail Pass: To Buy or Not to Buy

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Should you get a rail pass?

The million dollar question.  There is no yes or no answer when people ask if they should purchase a rail pass for the countries they are traveling.  Personally, I have traveled with a Japan Rail Pass and also with a Eurail Pass, which I will touch on later. Before I go on, the number one thing I want to stress is a rail pass is what you make of it. I have seen more places than I would have originally because I had the rail pass.  Knowing that I could travel anywhere within the network for “free” (because I already … Read More