The Ideal Northern Namibia Road Trip Route

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Northern Namibia Road Trip Route

The Northern section of Namibia is much more varied than Southern Namibia in terms of flora, fauna, and people. Here you can find what is often referred to as the Skeleton Coast, a coastal German enclave, true wilderness, and innumerable wildlife. Our Northern Namibia road trip route stretched from Walvis Bay on the coast all the way across the country and to the end of the Caprivi Strip. Stops along the way included entrancing tribal villages, lush green forests, and the famous Etosha National Park. Our last post detailing travel in Southern Namibia ended at the Tropic of Capricorn. So, that … Read More

The Perfect Southern Namibia Self Drive Itinerary

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Southern Namibia Self Drive Itinerary

We drove into Southern Namibia from South Africa and were greeted by looming rock formations and empty roads. The path before us wound through an arid canyon and came up to a plateau, and the perfect Southern Namibia self drive itinerary laid ahead.  As we ascended out of the canyon the sun began to set. The change in weather created gusts of fiery red sand, that lit on fire from the descending sun. This all came within our first hour in the country. We had yet to make it to a single site on our journey, but we had already come to … Read More

Experiencing Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, Boulders Camp, and Private Camp

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The Most Beautiful Eco Lodge in Namibia

If there is one lodge that is THE lodge in Namibia it is Wolwedans. There is arguably no better way to experience the Namibian desert. The Wolwedans Collection consists of four camps Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, Boulders Camp, Private Camp, and Dunes Camp. The Wolwedans operation is a contender for the best eco-lodge operation in Africa and arguably the best in Namibia. At the core of a lodge in Africa is the environment, it is what draws guests. And how a lodge treats views their environment speaks loudly about the passion that will be experienced by those fortunate enough to call themselves guests.  A Desert Setting What’s your idea … Read More

The Tintswalo Atlantic in Cape Town

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A luxurious weekend in Cape Town

We’ve been hopping in and around Cape Town now for the past two months. We’ve spent our time gallivanting in and out of cafes, hiking various points, and eating a plethora of extremely delicious food. However, there is a side of it that you haven’t seen. The side that explains why we are in this gosh darn city so long. That side is the work, preparation, and planning of our entire African trip. Between the adventure activities and the sushi lunches we have actually been hard at work in front of our computer and making countless runs to the Department of … Read More

Escape To The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa

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Drakensberg Mountains In South Africa

The Drakensberg mountains in South Africa are a destination not to be missed. They can be found in all sorts of nature documentaries and travel books about Africa. Dramatic, weathered, and mysterious the Drakensberg conjures up the imagination. They culminate at their highest with the Drakensberg Amphitheater. One of the most photogenic natural landmarks in the world. For us, traveling to them became a necessity as we drove through South Africa. What lay ahead of us in the Drakensberg region was Lesotho, country lodges, national parks, and small towns to steal our hearts away. The region is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. We spent … Read More

Ecotourism in South Africa at Gondwana Game Reserve

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Ecotourism at Gondwana Game Reserve

We pulled into Gondwana Game Reserve, eager and ready for our week at their new tented eco-camp to experience ecotourism in South Africa. We had only done one self-drive safari through Kruger National Park and were more than ready to see more giraffes, buffalo, and (maybe) even the elusive cheetah in South Africa. We pulled into the main reception area of Gondwana, where a stunning lodge awaited us with a pool and high-speed WiFi. “This can’t be right,” we thought. Then appeared Brendan, a ranger that completely fit the part of a hardcore South African conservationist. He informed us that we … Read More

Travessia Beach Lodge: A Holiday in Mozambique to Remember

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Holidays in Mozambique

Strangers and friends often ask about our favorite destinations from our experiences traveling around the world. It’s a question that is always difficult, and we won’t ever have an answer, but there are countries and places that stand out. Mozambique is a standout. It was a highlight of the first section of our tour through Southern Africa and our travels so far. Yes, traveling to the middle of nowhere was a bigger highlight for us than visiting Venice. For us, it was a holiday in Mozambique because we felt we were able to disconnect from our digital world. It was the experience in Mozambique … Read More

Budget Safari Accommodation In Hoedspruit To See Kruger

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Playing Around With the Zebras in South Africa

Hoedspruit is becoming the new gateway to the Kruger National Park, the largest national park in South Africa, and there are a plethora of reasons why.The undeniable feature of the region is the awe-inspiring Blyde River Canyon, which dominates the horizon. The large expanses of natural landscapes filled with wildlife extend beyond Kruger to the neighboring private game reserves of ThornyBush, Timbavati, Guernsey, and Klaserie that are easily accessible in the Kruger region. The addition of animal rehabilitation centers into a safari trip in the lowveld does not even require entering the Kruger.   The Way To Save On Accommodation Around … Read More

A Wild Mozambican Beach Resort: Anvil Bay Seclusion In Africa

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Wild Coastline of Mozambique

Mozambique to most American’s is a place of mystery. We had heard of the country and had a vague sense of its coastline, the history as a former Portuguese colony, and having just survived a long civil war. With what little information we had we set out to explore some of Mozambique’s 3,700km of coastline. Information about Mozambique by no means came from the traditional sources we use when we prepare to travel. Our best sources were from other travelers once we had landed in South Africa, a few blog posts, friends, and even Facebook groups dedicated to spending a holiday in Mozambique. … Read More

An Intro Guide to Kruger National Park

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Gateway to a Wildlife Safari: A guide to Kruger National Park from Hoedspruit

“The Kruger,” as South Africans know it, is one of the most world-renowned national parks to spot wildlife. It is the quintessential park to have a wildlife safari in South Africa. The park is roughly the size of Israel and visitors are almost guaranteed to spot the “Big Five” in one day. However, given the popularity of the Kruger finding the sweet spot can be difficult without totally going broke.  Our Guide to Kruger National Park It’s pretty hard to begin planning for your first safari without coming across Kruger National Park. It is the largest South African National Park … Read More