A Holiday in Mozambique to Remember at Travessia Beach Lodge

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Holidays in Mozambique

Strangers and friends often ask about our favorite destinations from our experiences traveling around the world. It’s a question that is always difficult, and we won’t ever have an answer, but there are countries and places that stand out. Mozambique is a standout. It was a highlight of the first section of our tour through Southern Africa and our travels so far. Yes, traveling to the middle of nowhere was a bigger highlight for us than visiting Venice. For us, it was a holiday in Mozambique because we felt we were able to disconnect from our digital world. It was the experience in Mozambique … Read More

Kenya’s Top 5 Wildlife Safari Getaways

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Kenya's Top Wildlife Safaris

A safari trip in Kenya is really what a visit to Africa is all about. Kenya’s game parks and reserves are highly sought after by tourists from across the globe. Staying in these excellent gateways, watching superb wildlife, experiencing the fascinating culture of the Masai tribesmen and tasting the flavors of authentic African, Indian and European cuisine in a single Swahili melting pot makes for a special African trip that one is never likely to forget.  Amboseli National Park  The towering Mt.Kilimanjaro may be seen rising a heady 5895 meters from the soils of Tanzania, but the only authentic place … Read More

Traveling Through Mozambique and All You Need To Know

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Incredible Mozambique

Traveling to Mozambique was one of the best travel decisions we’ve made. The Mozambique coast has not just been a highlight of Africa, but has been one of our favorite regions to travel ever. I have to admit that there is police and governmental corruption, a small rebel army, economic uncertainty, poor roads, slowly improving infrastructure, and add a visa fee. It does not sound appealing. When you add all that together travel to Mozambique sounds miserable. However, there is another side to traveling Mozambique has an interesting history, scattered with abandoned Portuguese architecture, filled with warm hospitable people, stunning beaches, and has amazing Afro/Portuguese food. … Read More

A Wild Mozambican Beach Resort: Anvil Bay Seclusion In Africa

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Wild Coastline of Mozambique

Mozambique to most American’s is a place of mystery. We had heard of the country and had a vague sense of its coastline, the history as a former Portuguese colony, and having just survived a long civil war. With what little information we had we set out to explore some of Mozambique’s 3,700km of coastline. Information about Mozambique by no means came from the traditional sources we use when we prepare to travel. Our best sources were from other travelers once we had landed in South Africa, a few blog posts, friends, and even Facebook groups dedicated to spending a holiday in Mozambique. … Read More

A Guide to Kruger National Park from Hoedspruit

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Gateway to a Wildlife Safari: A guide to Kruger National Park from Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit is becoming the new gateway to the Kruger National Park, the largest national park in South Africa, and there are a plethora of reasons why. “The Kruger,” as South Africans know it, is one of the most world-renowned national parks to spot wildlife. It is the quintessential park to have a wildlife safari in and around South Africa. However, given the popularity of the Kruger finding the sweet spot can be difficult without totally going broke. We found refuge in Hoedspruit. Hoedspruit is well serviced, safe, clean, has much to offer outside the park, and the Orpen gate to Kruger … Read More

Movies About Africa to See Before Visiting the Continent

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Movies about Africa

Before going to Africa it’s important to learn a little about the continent. One of the best ways to do that before is watch some movies about Africa! From the lions in the serengeti to the some of the worst civil wars on the continent, here are my favorite movies about Africa to watch before going. I grew up in the 90’s, and I can’t think of the animals in Africa without thinking of the Lion King. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to stop reading right this second and get on Amazon, hop on Netflix, or … Read More

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Morocco

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Things to Know Before Going to Morocco

Morocco has long been on my “must see” lists. The bright and colorful photos of the country always seemed to captivate me, and the Sahara desert was something I had only seen in movies. Due to Morocco’s proximity to Europe, more and more travelers are hopping on the next ferry out of Spain to see this place for themselves. As soon as you cross the border you will be taken back into another world. As enthralling as it is, here are 15 things I wish I knew before going to Morocco. Going to Morocco? Marrakech is dubbed “scam city”, but … Read More