Ten Awesome Travel Accessories You Should Pack For Your Next Trip

“What should I pack?” It’s a normal question we all ask ourselves.  Our passion is travel, so naturally, we have compiled a personal list of awesome travel accessories.

We placed our top ten awesome travel accessories that we love to pack in this convenient list. It’s the kind of stuff we look back and go “how did we travel without that before?”

10 Awesome Travel Accessories

Buff UV Headwear

We both just added these to our packs, but we already know we’re going to love them. They’re extremely versatile, pack up next to nothing, and offer protection. They are one of those super simple products that you wish you’d thought of yourself.

The Buff Headwear is more or less a tube of microfiber polyester fabric that can stretch and fold up to be worn in a wide range of ways.

Belkin Mini Three Outlet Travel Charger

In this day and age, it seems pretty hard to live without power. Between cameras, travel laptops, and cell phones something always needs to be charged. However, sometimes having access to a bunch of outlets isn’t possible or just makes things cluttered and disorganized.

We love this power strip because of its size, the fact it can swivel, and it has two USB ports that help eliminate adapters for things like phones or our GoPro.

Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier

I never ever travel without a water bottle and this Grayl is my favorite. A water bottle is a travel must-have to save money and cut down on plastic. Like my other favorite, the Lifestraw Go this bottle also features a filter. However, the filter design is entirely different than the Lifestraw. Most important is that this water bottle system purifies water vs. filters which removes viruses and virtually removes all threat of waterborne illnesses.

The design is sleek and innovative. The futuristic bottle filters water similar to a french press. It’s a genius bottle. It allows for sediment to sit at the bottom and filters the water in one go. The result is a water bottle that has a wide mouth top and can filter our bacteria and heavy metals. It beats the Lifestraw Go in every category for us, but it is higher in price.

It’s the perfect water bottle for those spending a significant amount of time in developing nations with questionable water supplies. We love filtered water bottles because they save space in our daypacks when we’re on a hike.

Take note, this is an expensive water bottle and it may make consumers think twice about purchasing. However, as avid travelers who’ve spent more than our fair share of time in developing nations the Grayl Filtration is a travel essential item for us every time.

Travel Towel

Nomadix Travel Towel

We always recommend bringing a travel towel when you’re on the road. It’s one of those international travel must haves for everyone. They pack up small, are antimicrobial, and are lightweight so they will save you from always needing a new towel or from constantly washing yours.

The biggest complaint about travel towels is that they often feel nothing like the plush cotton towels we are accustomed to at home and in hotels. However, with the PackTowl you can forget about all of that because they set out to create a towel that mimics its cotton counterparts with the technical features of a travel towel.

Smith Sunglasses

Another one of my must-have travel accessories are sunglasses, but admittedly I have very light eyes that don’t handle the sun well. Make sure to protect your eyes from the sun since you’ll likely spend a lot of time outside when traveling. There are a lot of options for sunglasses and everyone should own at least one decent pair. It’s best to make sure they do have UV protection for the health of your eyes.

We made our first investment in quality polarized sunglasses with a pair of SMITH Optics Lowdown 2. Smith is a reputable brand name and we have a lot of their products, they’re popular with ski bums like us.

Truthfully, not everyone needs to invest $150 in a pair of sunglasses; however, we love ours and will never buy cheap ones again. Polarized glasses are great at enhancing vision in bright environments and removing glare from windshields and the water.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Almost all international flights have entertainment systems on board, but the headphones are often lackluster. That’s why I think headphones are airplane travel essential you need.  It’s best to travel with a decent pair of noise-canceling headphones to save your ears.

They’re also great for entertainment with long layovers. These headphones by Sennheiser may not be the best in the pack, but they’re affordable and will sound great to the average ear.

Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle is an essential travel gadget for those travelers that love to read. As much as I love a real book, they are too heavy and take up too much room in my suitcase. I’ve recently upgraded to the Kindle Paperwhite and absolutely love it. It’s small, has touch screen functions, and a backlight so that I can read at night without a harsh glare.

GoPro Hero8

hawaii packing list

This is the perfect camera to bring around the world and you’ll see them everywhere. If you’re embarking on any adventures from surfing to hiking to snowboarding a GoPro is the travel item you need.

Don’t risk bringing a fancy camera to the beach and getting sand in it. Or even worse, water. We just picked up the GoPro Hero 8 and love it so far. The Hypersmooth motion capture is a total game-changer. Just make sure to attach it to a wrist strap so it doesn’t get lost!

Note: If you don’t want to invest in a GoPro, consider a GoPro alternative. 

Moleskin Classic Journal

Keeping a journal of your travels is timeless. It helps one digest the information they receive each day, and has proven mental health benefits. Moleskin’s line of journals is classic, well made, and stylish.

We both carry a moleskin journal and love them for long plane rides, sitting in the back of the bus, or laying on the beach. If there is one travel accessory to carry out of the whole bunch it’s a good journal.

Yoga Mat

best travel yoga mats

I love to travel everywhere with my yoga mat. If you happen to be a bit of a yogi to know that often when traveling yoga studios can be found. We’ve found places to practice in like Costa Rica, Bali, and Hawaii. I love traveling with my Manduka travel mat when I just want to do a couple of quick stretches.

The Manduka travel mat is super light and thin. It can fold up into a square and easily be packed away in luggage. I bring this in my carry on so when I’m enduring a long layover I can stretch at the airport. At $42 it won’t break the bank and has super grip technology for those sweaty times. You can also see all our favorite travel yoga mats here!

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