Beflax Linen Review: Our Complete Bedroom Look

In a world where fashion meets conscientious living, Beflax Linen emerges as a beacon of elegance and sustainability. With a rich history dating back centuries, linen has been cherished for its timeless beauty and natural origin.

Beflax Linen takes this age-old textile to new heights, blending tradition and innovation to offer a range of luxurious linen products that not only elevate your style but also align with your commitment to a more eco-conscious lifestyle. We just received our first set of Beflax linen sheets, and they won’t be our last! Let’s delve into the fascinating world of linen sheets, exploring the exceptional qualities of this versatile fabric, its ethical production practices, and the ways it can seamlessly integrate into your daily life.

Our olive duvet color, cream fitted sheets and pillow shams, and terra-colored pillowcases from Beflax

We used to have flannel bedding, but were VERY insistent that we get linen for our next bedding set. Not only do I think linen sheets and bedding look more modern, but there are actually some health and comfort benefits too.

Linen textiles facilitate airflow, effectively maintaining your body’s comfort regardless of the season. 100% linen goods epitomize breathable and eco-friendly opulence, leaving behind no lasting ecological impact. Living in Alberta, we don’t have any air conditioning, meaning in the peak of summer, it can get very hot. Linen is great for regulating temperatures and keeping cool on those hot nights.

Beflax linen is made for people who tend to sleep hot (like me)! I also have extremely sensitive skin and after much research I found that inherent hypoallergenic properties of natural linen fabric render it an excellent selection for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin.

Linen also holds up well, and Beflax promises resilience and can withstand extended and frequent use, even with washing in a typical washer and dryer.

Above all, I think linen looks fantastic, especially with a good color combo. Beflax allows you to mix and match colors so you can create the perfect set for you. We have a mountain house, and we wanted our bedroom to feel earthy and neutral. We went with an Olive duvet color, cream fitted sheets, and terra pillowcases which go well with the dark green wall we painted. I will likely purchase a mustard-colored duvet color or sheet set in the future so we can change up our look periodically. Another reason why I love linen!

Other reasons we love our Beflax sheets

  • Linen stands out as a leading sustainable fabric globally, derived from the renewable Flax plant. Beflax linen is certified European Flax and entirely zero-waste. It’s one of our new favorite eco friendly household products and aligns with the most environmentally and socially responsible practices ♻.
  • Handmade in Portugal
  • Linen sheets often have a timeless and elegant appearance that can enhance the overall look of a bedroom.
  • Made with 100% European Linen
  • Softened and feels luxurious
  • One year warranty
  • No chemicals
  • Heat-regulating and moisture-absorbing
  • Mix and match colors to go with any colored bedroom and style.
  • Excellent customer service.
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