The Best GoPro Accessories For Travel and Adventure

Our GoPro has become one of the best travel accessories so we’ve made a list of the best GoPro accessories for travel and adventure you need to have. We love GoPros they’re light, durable, and can go anywhere that you can. While the camera itself is powerful the accessories you bring to compliment it can make or break you.

We’ve done the research on the accessories in order to make the perfect GoPro photo kit. We’ve dropped and added products we feel meet or fail to meet up to the criteria of the list so don’t be afraid to check back to see what makes the best GoPro travel accessories list.

The Best GoPro Accessories For Travel

Which GoPro Model is the right one for you?

Your first decision with the GoPro is which model you go with. You have several models now and all come with their own features. The right model depends on what you would like to use it for.

Best GoPro Travel Accessories

GoPro HERO4 Silver

As far as the current line of GoPros, the HERO4 Silver is the golden standard. It has all of the features a regular user could need, but it comes with a larger price tag they may scare off some first time buyers. I know $329 may sound like a lot for a camera that is more a less a point and shoot, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who regrets the purchase. The silver model is limited at 4k and can only hit 120 fps at 720p; however, it’s $100 cheaper. For us, the silver made sense we’re on the road and don’t have computer systems robust enough to handle high fps 4k, and we aren’t big time extreme sports advocates so the extra $100 wasn’t worth the 120fps at 1080p (720p will be just fine).


  • LCD Screen on the back of the camera. For those of you have never used a GoPro you may be surprised to know that the earlier models had no screen on the back to line up your shots. For us this is massive. Why? We use our GoPro a lot for photography and it’s pretty much impossible to get a well balanced shot if you’re shooting blindly, at least not the first 1000 photos.
  • LCD is touch enabled. While this is a nice feature for some, I would note that their is a lag and once you get the hang of the front menu, like the traditional GoPros, that is much quicker and easier to navigate.
  • 12MP photo mode
  • Wide Range of Video Modes (Shooting up 4k 15fps and 120fps at 720p)
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Protune capabilities
  • Super wide angle
  • Improved Low-light capabilities compared to earlier models
Bottom line on the GoPro HERO4 Silver

The silver is the model we carry and, will likely buy another of, assuming GoPro doesn’t release a newer model before that day. To me it’s the best of the bunch. The Black is the higher end model, but I feel it is really only for the most avid of extreme sports users who are editing and shooting in 4k video. The only real downside of the Silver is its battery life which isn’t great (thanks to the LCD), but we haven’t run into any issues yet, with the back up batteries we carry.

Best GoPro Travel Accessories

GoPro HERO4 Black

The Black is the top of the line model that comes packed with various features such as 120fps at 1080p and variable frame rates at 4k. This camera clocks in at $100 more expensive than the Silver, but it has a wider range of features. The Black is capable of shooting 120fps at 1080p and 30fps at 4k. This can be a big deal for some, but the average travel videos and photos really have no need for these features.


  • Widest range of video modes at a top end (4k video at 30fps)
  • Strong slow motion capabilities (1080p at 120fps)
  • No LCD Screen
  • Super Wide Angle
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • Protune capabilities
  • 12MP photo mode
  • External microphone capabilities
GoPro HERO4 Black

The Black model is a workhorse and has some seriously powerful capabilities for a camera its size. However, I find that unless you’re working on a professional level or serious about extreme sports videos the camera is not worth the extra $100 that could be spent on accessories. If the black is for you, it’s something you probably already know.

GoPro Game Drive finding lions
GoPro HERO Session

GoPro HERO Session

The Session is one of the newest GoPro models. It’s targeted to be a super easy to use. It is an ultra stripped down GoPro that is smaller in size meaning it’s lightweight. However, all those stripped down features means less control and features. It does have a wider selection of video formats than the GoPro Hero, but significantly less than the Silver or Black maxing out at 1440p 30fps. Another downside is limited control over the camera when operating it on the fly, one cannot change video formats without a phone and the GoPro app. The camera also has an internal battery, so when it’s dead you’re done for the day.


  • Lightweight
  • Video formats up to 1440p
  • Low Profile
  • No hassle with GoPro housing
  • Internal Battery
  • 8MP camera
  • Wireless enabled
The bottom line on theGoPro HERO Session

It;s cute, has sturdy housing, it’s lightweight, it’s a GoPro, and I hate it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a GoPro and the small size makes it pretty cool, but the only upgrade it has over the HERO is a limited 1440p. Paying an extra $100 for 1440p makes absolutely no sense to me, and further more the internal battery is a major deal breaker when it comes to travel. It has its limited uses to some at home action sports use, and drone piloting when low profile and lightweight is crucial. I’d give the GoPro HERO Session a skip in my opinion.

The Best GoPro Accessories For Travel
The Best GoPro Travel Accessories GoPro HERO


The most inexpensive model on the market is the GoPro HERO it is limited in its capabilities and its photo taking capabilities are lesser in quality. However, it’s only $119.99, which is pretty freaking cheap for a GoPro. It could even be an accessory to your GoPro for instances you’re worried you might lose your Silver or Black. Not that I’m suggesting $119.99 is money to throw away, but people spend that one night at the bar. So for the same price as a hangover you can have a pretty nifty little action camera.

The bottom line on the GoPro HERO

It’s only $119.99. I think that is more or less the selling point for me. Its price is low enough and comes with just enough features to make it more than enjoyable enough to grab photos, video, and whatever else suits you. I do find that the functionality is a little too limited, but you can only expect so much for the price. If you have the money I’d go with the GoPro HERO Silver.

Best GoPro Travel Accessories
GoPro HERO session
The Best GoPro Travel Accessories GoPro HERO

GoPro Smart Remote

This is one that was a no-brainer and definitely one of the best GoPro travel accessories out there, but doesn’t seem to come up when searching for other recommended GoPro travel accessories. Maybe it’s the $80 price? Some would argue that the app does just as much as the remote and more. However, is your phone waterproof? The remote is waterproof, dustproof, and pretty durable, unlike your phone. It’s also small and compact coming with a wrist strap to wear for when you’re riding a bike down a mountain for instance.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

Go Pro Pole

A pole for your GoPro has quickly become a must as far as accessories go. You see poles being used in just about every GoPro video these days. I spent some time looking at different poles and came up with the Smapole S1. The pole feels rock solid, the locks are easy to use, and it’s affordable. In addition, it comes with a metal fastener and tension tool, to ensure that the GoPro is securely fashioned keeping if from bouncing around.

The Best GoPro Accessories For Travel
The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

This mount comes in handy for when your hands are full. The chest mount is great for when you’re doing things like say cliff diving or snorkeling. I also feel a bit goofy wearing the head-strap, so the chest is more my style. With right timing sometimes you get awesome shots like the one below.

GoPro Frame Mount

If you want quality sound and crisp photos then you should definitely grab a GoPro frame mount. You lose out on the protection of your GoPro, but the lack of housing ensure your photos are sharp and your audio is clear.

GoPro Frame Travel Accessory

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

This best GoPro travel accessory mount is great for all sorts of travel photos and videos. Specifically transportation. It makes for great time-lapse, videos, and action photos while cruising down the road in a train, car, or bus. The versatility of this mount makes it an easy addition to the list of the best GoPro travel accessories.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories Suction Cup

GoPro Tripod Mounts

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories Tripod Mount

This one is simple, in fact, I’m upset GoPro doesn’t include it as a default when you buy the camera. Anyways, the mount that comes by default with the camera does not include a way to attach to your standard ¼ 20 thread size. So with one of these you can attach it to a slew of mounts in addition to about any tripod.

Pedco UltraPod II Camera Tripod

The moment I saw the design of this tripod I loved it right away. It can hold our GoPro and even my 6lb DSLR, offering a realm of possibilities for grabbing that right photo. If you’re on the fence, there is no other way to take great time-lapse, night photography or selfies without one.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

Carrying Case for Gopro

I found the Camkix case on Amazon after searching for a while. It’s the perfect size for our packs and has room for our batteries, backdoors, memory cards, a few mounts, and charging accessories. The pullout inserts also add a nice level of personalization. It works well for throwing in your day bag for a day on the slopes or at the beach. Just check out that organization below!

Best GoPro travel accessories

Replacement Batteries and Charger

GoPros are notorious for their battery life so that means you need some backups. We went with Smatree again and their 3 battery charger with two additional batteries to compliment our standard GoPro battery. I feel sorry for the person who finds that perfect shot, only to have their GoPro die on them. It certainly has happened to us, and now we never travel without extra batteries. Charge your batteries, and keep backups handy.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories Batteries

Data Management:

You could have all the best accessories for grabbing those great shots in the world, but if you’re not managing your photos correctly you’re going to run into an issue. We manage our data in multiple ways. I’ll start with the first three physical products we use to manage the data coming from our GoPro in addition to our multiple cameras.

  • Sandisk 32GB Micro SD Card: One of the most useful things is having multiple memory cards for your camera. What happens when you’re on the road and run out of memory? Guess you’re stuck with deleting clips off your GoPro, no one wants to do that. You could lose some great stuff! Buying at least one spare card should be a first. Also, I’d suggest sticking to name brand when it comes memory, having a memory card fail would be horribly painful.
Sandisk Micro SD
  • ]Sandisk Cruzer Thumb Drive: Having a thumb drive is helpful in this day and age for transferring files, keeping them backed-up and just moving them around.
The Best GoPro Travel Accessories Thumb drive

This is super useful making the management of getting your data off of your go pro and cameras. It’s also a great fail-safe giving you an easy sure-fire way to read micro-sd cards in case you lose that little SD card adapter.

The Best GoPro Accessories Card Reader

GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts

What happens when a warm GoPro goes for a plunge in cold water? Condensation. These bad boys make sure your camera never has to deal with pesky fog in the lens ruining your shots. One of our favorite things to do around the world is water sports, whether it’s diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping, or surfing if our GoPro is filled with fog our photos are just plain sad.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories Fog Inserts

Adapting Accessories

A lot comes down to what products will get the job done. Some accessories might prove to be totally useless given the environment. So, as we travel around the world we’re constantly adjusting and adapting to what we need in our kit. It also helps to be aware of what companies like GoPro, Smatree, Joby, Mule, and more have to offer.

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