Best Inflatable Paddle Boards to Take on the Water

Looking for the best inflatable paddle boards to get you on the water this summer? We invested in our amazing inflatable sup board last summer and lake days haven’t been the same since!

We absolutely love our inflatable stand-up paddle board and think it’s an awesome purchase. Seriously every time we bring them out we get on the water we get asked about them. So we figured it was finally time to narrow down the best inflatable paddle boards on the market!

best inflatable paddle board

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

1. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The inflatable Roc SUP board offers excellent value for money and is definitely one of the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards. You get an awesome and high-quality paddle board and a whole kit of paddling accessories that you would generally need to buy separately. 

You’ll get a collapsible aluminum paddle, a hand pump to easily inflate the board and a waterproof Roc bag that can be strapped to the board to carry your essentials. 

Measuring 10 feet long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick, the Roc board is slightly shorter and wider than some boards. This design makes it more stable and better suited for beginner paddlers, children, and families, but still fun and exciting for seasoned paddle boarders.  

Another benefit to the Roc board is that it is very lightweight – only 17.5 pounds. This makes it much easier to transport, but the military-grade materials will still hold up to bumps against rocks or branches as you’re paddling. 

When not in use, the board can easily be deflated, rolled up, and stored within the bag it comes in, ready to be taken back out again for your next adventure! 

2. Boardworks Shubu Raven Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

Measuring 12ft 6in, this best inflatable sup is great for touring or beginner recreational use, it’s also a great paddle board for yoga. It features a durable but lightweight drop-stitch PVC design and a textured EVA deck pad for a comfortable grip and long hours of standing. 

To keep water and other gear close on hand, there is a secure bungee system on deck to attach your belongings. The Shubu Raven can be used for flatwater paddling or on oceans and rivers thanks to the nose rocker design, which helps the board stay steady even when there are some waves. 

You’ll also score some points for style with the Shubu Raven. The paddle board features a cool, multi-color red, grey, and blue design with some small artistic embellishments in the front for a fun, but not overly flashy board. 

3. iRocker Inflatable SUP Sport 11 x 31

A good intermediate board, the iRocker Sport combines decent stability with great speed and maneuverability for an inflatable SUP board. It’s easily one of the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards on this list.

Constructed from Triple Layer Composite PVC, the board is incredibly durable while remaining relatively lightweight. The paddle included with the iRocker Sport is made of a carbon blend, making it stronger and lighter than fiberglass paddles. 

There are 17 Action Mounts around the board, which can be used to attach gear, cameras, fishing rods, or other equipment while paddling. Since the board has a carrying capacity of 385 pounds when inflated, you’ll be able to carry a considerable amount of gear when paddling! 

For easy transportation and storage, the paddle board can be rolled up and put inside the carrying pack it comes in. If you’re more serious about paddling and want to upgrade your iRocker board, you can also purchase other specialized equipment like an electric pump instead of the hand-held one the board comes with.


4. NRS Escape Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The NRS Escape is a displacement hull paddle board, so it’s better suited for more experienced paddlers who hope to achieve greater speed or navigate trickier wind conditions. Since it’s inflatable, it’s not going to be able to achieve the same speed as solid boards, but it’s also much easier to transport and store, which could make up for this. 

Thanks to the drop-stitch PVC design, the NRS Escape is still an incredibly durable paddle board. The double-enforced side walls provide extra strength and support for the inevitable bumps and abrasions that come with adventure! 

The biggest downside to the NRS Escape is that it doesn’t come with a paddle. However, a dry bag, pressure gauge, a repair kit, and carry bag are all included, so you’re still getting a good deal. 

You can also switch out the fin set-up, depending on where you’ll be paddling. An assortment of different sized fins are included, and you can purchase other detachable fins to fit specific wind and wave situations. 

5. Pau Hana Oahu Woody Stand Up Paddle Board

This is the best inflatable paddle board for beginners OR experienced paddle boarders, the Pau Hana Oahu Woody not only performs well, but it also looks awesome. The “Bamboo Sandwich” design features an EPS core with bamboo reinforcement, while the surface has a cool wooden appearance and island-themed artistic decorations.  However, this isn’t so much one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards as it’s not inflatable.

The fancy look doesn’t compromise the build and stability; there is an EVA deck pad for firm grip and drainage off the board’s surface to keep you comfortable for hours out on the water. 

One of the distinguishing features of the Pau Hana is the 5-fin configuration so you can adjust your set up based on the waves and wind speed for the best paddling results. 

The Pau Hana Oahu Woody is also compatible with the SeaMount accessory system. This way, you can attach cup holders, bungees, and paddle clips to keep all your gear in place while out on the water. 

6. Boardworks Riptide SUP Board

If you need a good quality, budget-friendly sup board, then the Boardworks Riptide is the perfect option. This robust board comes in two sizes: 10 feet 6 inches and 11 feet 6 inches depending on your height and weight. 

The stable design makes it a good for stand-up paddle board yoga, children, beginners, or more advanced paddlers who simply want a fun and easy ride. 

Constructed from PVC and Kevlar, the board is shock resistant and durable, so even if it gets bumped around a little, it won’t get damaged. 

Unfortunately, the Riptide doesn’t come with a paddle, but it’s easy to find quality, inexpensive paddles to go with the board. 

7. Boardworks SHUBU Kraken Package

Not too big, not too small, and just the right amount of fun, the SHUBU Kraken SUP board is suitable for families and all-around use. 

It’s inflatable for easy storage but still features a Dual Fusion Laminate design to produce an extra-strong board. Dual Fusion Laminate (DFL) refers to a drop-stitch core and fibers coated with liquid PVC. The top and bottom layers are made of PVC Tarpaulin, along with extra reinforcement on the sidewalls for added stability. 

The DFL design means that even though this is an inflatable board, it’s much stiffer than other inflatable SUP boards on the market, and is still offered at a reasonable price. For stability and grip while standing, the deck pad features a “honey fomb” design; this provides cushion and drainage ability to allow any water which might get on the deck to slide off easily.

There’s also a bow and stern bungee system to use for keeping paddles, water bottles, and other gear in place while you’re out on the water. 

8. NRS Beast Inflatable SUP Board

If any SUP Board lives up to its name, it’s this one. The NRS Beast is a real beast. Measuring 18 feet, you can fit 8-10 paddlers onboard for a crazy fun day with friends or a memorable family excursion. If you’re really feeling like testing your own strength, take the board out by yourself! 

Since the NRS Beast is an inflatable board, you don’t need to worry about finding an 18-foot space to store it. Thanks to the three inflation valves, you can have three people working together to pump it up to get you out on the water more quickly.  

Not only is there room for more people, but the Beast also has four d-rings on the nose, and daisy chains along the deck to attach water bottles, paddles, day bags, or other gear you might need. 

The NRS Beast is 8 inches thick, which is much more than other paddle boards, but definitely needed for having so many passengers on board. 

There are 15 carry handles to make it easier to transport the board, or have spots for people to hold on once you’re out on the water. 

You can customize your fin set with four fin plates. Remove and interchange the fins based on how many people will be on board and what the wind and waves are like on a given day. 

As you might have guessed, based on the size and carrying capacity of the Beast, it’s one of the more expensive boards on the list. However, if you’re splitting the cost with friends or buying it for the family, the extra expense can be worth the fun times together. 

9. Level Six Ten Six Ultralight Inflatable Stand up Paddle board 

For beginner paddlers or people interested in easy recreational paddling use, this ultralight inflatable board is a good option. At just 18.9 pounds, the Level Six Ten Six will give you good stability but is easy to transport and pack away. 

The board comes with a pressure pump, a repair kit, and a carry bag with wheels to roll the paddleboard suitcase-style. When you’re done paddling for the day, it’s easy to lift the board out of the water thanks to the carry handle on the front. 

Although the Six Ten Six isn’t quite as durable as some of the other models on this list, it’s certainly not delicate or easily damaged. The board is made using drop needle construction and carbon rails for added stability. 

There are also deck pads for comfortable standing, and a bungee cord for storing water bottles and other essentials while out on the water. 

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Paddle Board 

best inflatable paddle board

From stand-up paddle board yoga to multi-day paddle board tours, paddleboarding has become increasingly popular. As a result, there are many great boards to chose from. Picking the best board depends on how you plan on using it; certain features can help with performance in specific wind and weather conditions. 

Whether you’re shopping for your first stand up paddle board or looking to upgrade to a new and better model, here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping. 

Solid vs. Inflatable 

best inflatable paddle board

While solid boards are typically faster and more stable, they are also more difficult to transport and store. Inflatable boards score the highest points for convenience but might not be the best option if you’re looking for a board with speed. 

Inflatable boards are better suited for all-around use, family trips to the lake, or beginner paddle boarders. Thanks to the reinforced materials used in inflatable paddle boards, they are often better at handling bumps and accidental encounters with rocks in the water than their solid counterparts.

Planing vs. Displacement Hull 

best inflatable paddle board
Paddle boarding in Jasper

There are two hull designs used for paddle boards – planing and displacement. A planing hull is wider and flatter, creating a more stable board even in slightly choppy water. Some people will use planning hull boards for surfing. 

Displacement hulls are built for speed. They have a narrower “v” shape, which allows them to cut through the water. Since displacement hull boards are less stable, they are easier to use in flat water and better for experienced paddlers who want to take on a new challenge. 

For most general, recreational uses like yoga and family beach outings, a planing hull board is a better option. 

Cost of the Best Inflatable Paddle boards

best inflatable paddle board

Always a deciding factor when making a big purchase, the cost of a paddle board is definitely an important thing to consider. The best stand-up paddle boards don’t come cheap, but it’s possible to get a great SUP board without needing to pay a ridiculous price. 

Boards designed for touring and speed are generally more expensive, but if you’re already a serious paddle boarder, the higher cost might be worth it. For beginners, there are plenty of paddle boards within the $400 to $1,000 range that offer good quality, so you can enjoy the benefits of paddle boarding without overstepping your budget. 

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