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Welcome to The World Pursuit an adventure travel blog! Thanks for joining us in our little corner of the internet. We established this blog to provide great travel advice and it now sees over 2 million readers a year. On our blog you’ll find informative articles about travel, adventure, long-term travel, blogging, and the best gear. 

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This is a list of some of our favorite and most popular articles. You can find useful articles and travel resource to get a better understanding of The World Pursuit.

  • Learn how to travel better.
  • Be inspired by stunning travel video.
  • Explore new cultures and destinations.
  • Find the perfect travel gear.
  • Plan your next travel adventure.
  • Gain insights into a successful travel blog.

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Blogging Advice

Looking for tips and insights in to what it takes to create a successful travel blog? We go into detail about about how we created our blog and make a full time income from this site. 

Travel Finance

If you’re looking to travel more and longer the first step is practicing good money management tactics. Read about how we saved money to start traveling and how we continue to save on travel.

Epic Road Trips

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? We cover some of our favorite places to take a road trip and some practical advice to make yours better.

Adventure Travel

We all dream of finding our own adventure. Check out some of these places for inspiration and practical advice to make it happen.

Snowboard & Ski

We have a couple passions in life, one of them is snowboarding. Combine that with travel and it make for one epic experience. 

Funny Stories

The Best Hotels

Looking for dream worthy destinations? We share some of our favorite hotels in the world for a once in a lifetime experience. 


We love to explore the world from behind our camera. It’s a reason many of us3 climb a mountain, travel half way around the world, or know that a place exists. Documenting the world around us is an amazing aspect of travel. 

Gear Guides

Find the latest and greatest gear in these epic gear guides. We share our favorite products and give insights in what you should pack for your next trip.

Safari Video

We spent our second of year of blogging in Africa. Safari is now in our blood and we yearn for the day we return to the wilds of Africa. See just a little piece in these travel videos. 

African National Park Guides

We take all that time spent in the bush and have turned it into some awesome travel resources. Gain some insight into our favorite places to go on safari.