30 Best Disney Shoes For Women, Men, & Children

Have you ever wondered what the perfect shoes to wear to an amusement park are? Or do you have a trip to Disney World and have no idea where to start with packing?

The average person walks around Disney World for at least eight hours a day. That’s a lot of walking and you will need one of the best shoes for Disney to prevent your feet from killing you.

Once the feet start hurting the rest of the day goes south and you may turn into an unhappy camper. A proper pair of walking shoes is absolutely essential for an enjoyable day at the park. So here are the best shoes and sandals for Disney for men, women, and children. Let’s start with the best Disney shoes for women.

Best Disney Shoes for Women

All Birds Wool Runners

All Birds Wool Runners Best Womens Travel Shoes

If you’re shopping for a new pair of travel shoes for Disney World you may have already come across Allbirds on the internet. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and generally handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all some tall claims.

While you can undoubtedly contest the claim they are the most comfortable shoe on earth, but they are amazing. Allbirds try their best to source sustainable materials for their shoes, which we love. The style is also great, and they look even better in person than online with high-quality details.

The feeling of wearing them is best compared to wearing a wool sweater comfortable and cozy, making them great for a cold day at Disney. Fit is exceptional as they come a little tight, but with your first day of wearing stretch to fit your feet, like magic. What makes these unique are the properties that wool bring such as odor and dirt resistance. They’re also machine washable, dry quickly, and can keep your feet warm even when wet.

Allbirds Tree Runners

Allbirds Tree Runners

The Wool Runners are great if you are visiting Disney in the spring, fall, or winter when the weather is cold, but I prefer the Allbirds Tree Runners when it is hot out. These Tree Runners are light, breathable, and extremely comfortable for walking around Disney.

I love having these shoes for any kind of travel, and they work well at home too!

Nike Tanjun Sneakers

Nike Tanjun Sneaker Womens Comfortable Walking Shoes

Some of the best Disney shoes for women are the Tanjun Sneakers. If you haven’t noticed a lot of trends from the nineties are back in style and these old Nike’s have made a return. They’re super comfy and with fun color choices look great pair with a graphic tee and jeans. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with Nike’s, and I’ve used their sneakers for decades as they make great trainers for the gym.

Not only is the fit on these shoes great, but they’re one of the most comfortable shoes for Disney on this list. You can be on your feet all day with comfort thanks to the nice cushion in the sole. You can go wrong with these women’s travel shoes.

Women’s Brooks Ghost 12

The Ghost 12 is a beautiful cushioned shoe that offers excellent support and allows for marathon mileage coverage that leaves your knees and feet feeling fresh. Easy some of the comfiest Disney shoes for women.

Ghost 12 is a road running shoe, so it’s a good fit for those who are looking to hit the pavement at Disney. Given that many of the streets can be a little uneven we recommend a cushioned shoe like these for a vacation.

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

Hoka One One Speedgoat

Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 is my absolute favorite Disney shoe for women. First, they are lightweight saving you weight in your precious airline luggage.

They fit well, are durable, stable, and ready for any long day on vacation at Disney. I’m particularly happy with their traction, which has kept me from falling more than once. As for comfort the Speedgoat 3’s have a nice cushion feel and decent arch support. Hoka One One is famous for having strong arch support and helping people who pronate or have flat feet that aid proper running form.

adidas Superstar

Best Womens Walking Shoe adidas

You’ve probably noticed a theme for walking shoes for women with classic sneakers by now, but that’s because they’re a classic look with versatility.

Heck, Ellen rocks a pair of sneakers all the time and looks great. adidas Superstars scream Rock n’ Roll, and just about every famous musician has worn them at some point or another.

Best Disney Shoes for Women – Sandals

Birkenstock Mayari

Best Walking Shoes For Women

Birkenstocks are some of the most loved sandals for good reason. They’re the perfect everyday wear because the sole conforms to the shape of your foot for the ultimate support. I’m partial to the Mayari as they’re more feminine than the original Arizona style. The neutral heel profile and deep heel cups keep the weight of your body evenly distributed across your feet for the ideal comfort.

They’re perfect for travel around Disney World as they are so comfortable and you can spend all summer in them without any problems. Birkenstocks come with the highest price tag on this list, but for the comfort and warranty, they’re well worth the price.

Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandals

Walking all around Disney in flip flops might not be the best idea, but some people like to have their feet free in flops. I’m a sandal person and don’t believe any travel bag is complete until I throw in a pair. If it’s a half-day at Disney, flip flops may be okay and comfortable for a few hours.

I’ve had Rainbow flip flops for almost eight years now. In those eight years, I have only had two pairs of Rainbow flip flops, and I only had to replace the first pair because of theft on a bus in Thailand. In my opinion, these are the best brand of flip flops.

The sandals are made with premium leather, nylon threads, and are triple glued for optimal durability. Perhaps what makes these so great is the high arch in the midsole, this allows me to wear the sandals all day.


Chaco Z:2 Sandal

When it comes to extreme comfort wrapped up as a walking sandal, Chaco sandals have everything you need. Chaco’s ‘Luvseat Footbed’ provides an incredibly soft cushion layer that keeps your feet happy all day long. This is complemented by additional padding in this model, along with excellent arch support, to make a top-notch Disney sandal.

This particular sandal falls into the open-toe design, and will, therefore, work best in very flat or sandy environments. As an added benefit, the sandal has an anti-microbial coating to keep those nasty foot odors at bay. Another cool thing I love about Chaco is that you can customize your custom sandals on their amazing Printshop too!

KEEN Whisper Women’s

Shoes for Disney

Keen’s Whisper line sports a specially designed EVA footbed to provide a comfortable platform for your travels while continuing to support the closed-toe design for added protection during serious adventures.

The hydrophobic mesh lining is blissfully quick-drying after rain or even full immersion in a river. A non-marking rubber outsole provides ample traction for these amphibious ventures as well. They are easily my favorite walking sandals for Disney.

Best Men’s Shoes for Disney

Allbirds Wool Runners

All Birds Wool Runners Best Womens Travel Shoes

If you’re shopping for a new pair of travel shoes, likely, you’ve already come across Allbirds on the internet. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and generally handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all some tall claims.

While you can undoubtedly contest the claim they are the most comfortable shoe on earth, they are amazing. Allbirds try their best to source sustainable materials for their shoes, which we love. The style is also great, and they look even better in person than online with high-quality details.

The feeling of wearing them is best compared to wearing a wool sweater comfortable and cozy. Fit is exceptional as they come a little tight, but with your first day of wearing stretch to fit your feet, like magic. What makes these unique are the properties that wool bring, such as odor and dirt resistance. They’re also machine washable, dry quickly, and can keep your feet warm even when wet. Oh, and if they’re cool enough for Obama, they’re cool enough for anyone.

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

The classic travel shoe is comfortable and stylish with high-quality leather. Ecco’s elegant look feels relaxed but mature enough to be worn by all ages.

It’s tough to fault these shoes as craftsmanship is better than most of the shoes on this list. The leather laces and thick soles ensure a pair of shoes that will have plenty of longevity for tons of future trips.

Merrell Burnt Rock Travel Suede

Shoes for Disney

If you’re looking at a long trip at Disney, with plenty of miles of walking ahead of you, then Merrell is a solid place to look for shoes that will hold up to the rigors of walkways and woods. The Burnt Rock Travel shoe, in particular, is an excellent bet with its attractive design but durable construction. Honestly, we’ve found you can never go wrong with a pair of Merrells.

With Merrell’s ‘Kinetic Fit’ base and EVA midsole, the Burnt Rock is an exceptionally comfortable shoe that can easily go from box to pavement with minimal break-in time. The breathable mesh also keeps the foot cool during all your adventures, while the durable rubber base and toe cap will keep it in excellent condition for a long time.


Mens travel shoe

If you find yourself traveling to Disney in the summer, the Tropicfeel shoe is a great breathable shoe. Tropicfeel is a new startup that launched a successful crowdfunding campaign raising almost $4,000,000. They are a tremendous all-terrain sneaker that is perfect for running through an airport, hiking around waterfalls, or just walking around a city in the summertime. They look stylish, ultralight (7oz), and are super comfortable.

What makes these unique is that is they are quick drying with a slip-resistant sole, breathable, odorless, has an elastic heel that grabs the foot firmly. This all means I can wear my shoes in the lakes this summer and have them dry in minutes!

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX

Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 GTX Best Hiking Shoes

If you are traveling with the only adventure on your mind, then these Ultra 3s may be just what you need. Often voted one of the top walkings and running shoes on the market, built with only the rocky trail in mind. Salomon has strong name recognition, and there is a good reason for that.

From their waterproof but breathable design, down to their grippy and rugged bottom soles; these shoes will support you through every day on your trip.

Best Mens Sandals for Disney


Chaco z:2

Yes, Chacos are great for women and men! Chacos are great for wet and slippery conditions; these sandals are the trusted footwear for many adventurers and will do you right if it starts raining on your parade at Disney.

These sandals come with the standard ‘Luvseat Footbed’ for a comfortable ride, along with the ‘Chacogrip’ outsole for improved traction. The outsole has been optimized on the Z/2 for wet traction.

Teva Terra

Shoes for Disney

Teva owns a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the most rugged sandals in the shoe business, and the Terra Fi-4 is an excellent example. Constructed as a classic open-toe sandal, this footwear hides a few important tricks under the hood to make it a powerhouse at Disney.

The outsole features Teva’s ‘Spider Original’ rubber which provides reliable and long-lasting traction in nearly every environment. The sole itself is cushioned with Teva’s ‘Shoc Pad’, giving superb heel cushioning for those long days out. Durable and quick-drying polyester webbing and odor protection round off the ensemble for an excellent light sandal.

Ecco Yucatan Men’s

Shoes for Disney

Ecco has provided a unique product for those on the hunt for heavy-duty support, but wish to maintain the light open-toed sandal approach. The Yucatan sandal is crafted from an exceptional blend of rubber and leather that gives your feet an incredibly plush and supple sensation, yet supports heavy use and traction.

The three primary straps, two in front and one on the heel, add to this comfort by providing firm yet breathable support that lasts all day long. Ecco’s midsole ‘Receptor Technology’ adds to this comfort with a very supportive cushion to minimize the foot-ache that often accompanies prolonged days on your feet.

KEEN Uneek

Best Shoes for Disney

Keen once again earns a slot in our Disney sandal lineup with their Uneek offering. These sandals sport an intriguing braided cord design that wraps around your entire foot, and is tightened/secured by a bungee lace.

The wraparound cord design provides an incredibly comfortable fit as it applies equal pressure everywhere, minimizing hot spots. It also moves with your foot in any direction with next to no resistance, which almost creates the illusion that you’re not wearing any protective footwear at all. But of course, you are, and the high traction rubber outsole ensures you won’t miss a beat as you tackle the outdoors.

While these sandals do cover the toes, the thin braided cord does not provide the same level of protection as a dedicated rubber toe box. We recommend you think of these sandals as open-toe when considering your individual needs and expectations.

Merrell All Out Blaze

Shoes for Disney

Like the Teva Omnium above, Merrell has taken all the key elements of a superb and rugged shoe, and converted it into sandal form. The All Out Blaze Sieve boasts all-encompassing support and protection in a comfortable package that is only classified as a sandal due to the small slits on the side and heel for water drainage.

The Blaze expedites this water drainage with a waxy waterproof upper fabric. Once you hit water, the sandal will immediately expel it and begin the drying process. As you may have guessed, the Blaze is therefore geared to water-intensive adventures, but don’t let that drive you away if you’re more terrestrial.

The sandal sole is both comfortable and supportive to optimize your walking, while the rubber Vibram outsole provides excellent traction over almost any obstacle.

Best Kids Shoes Disney

Keen Kids Shoes

Shoes for Disney

These are cute kids sandals that blend into the whole environment of Disney. They feature lightweight PVC upper dual straps and a hook and loop closure so your little one will never lose a shoe! They even have a fruity scent!

Crocs Kids LiteRide Pacer

Shoes for Disney

Anyone who loves being comfortable loves croc, so why not share that love with the kids! These LiteRide are super cushiony full-on sneakers for children. Suitable for those that are active and like to run around all day at the park!

Keen Kids Whisper

Shoes for Disney

These are identical to the adult Keen Whispers mentioned above, only for the kiddies. These are good in the summertime for keeping feet fresh but also stable and supportive enough to spend an entire day on the rides!

Insoles For Walking Around Disney

If you have weak arches or problematic feet a pair of insoles can help make any pair of shoes work for you. I have a bunion and have found that in my athletic shoes help with walking long days.


Packing Hacks

The sandals are listed above, but the same tech can be used to create a pair of insoles custom molded to your feet. Wiivv used images of your feet to custom map your feet and then ship your specialty insoles to your home. We love our insoles and use them in our shoes at home as we cover a lot of miles in them. Of course, you can pull them out of shoes and swap them around as you need them.


Walking Shoes Insoles

This is a great affordable option for insoles if you have mild foot pain. I don’t know if I’d recommend them for someone with plantar fasciitis. They don’t operate like those cheap gel insets you find at the drug store but focus on distributing your weight across your feet properly.

The result is better comfort, foot health, and even back health in the long run. The Superfeet Green is by far the most popular option. The only negative of Superfeet is. They may not be robust enough as they do not custom mold to your feet like Sole or Wiivv.

How to Travel to Disney With Your Shoes?

Best Shoes for Disney

I always travel with shoes in a separate part of my luggage. I don’t want the dust and dirt from the street to get on my clothes. If I’m traveling with a suitcase, I will place my shoes in either a reusable bag or a packing cube and place them sole up at the bottom of my bag.

My travel shoes never go next to my best outfits, just in case they do happen to get dirt everywhere. See more of our packing hacks here.

If I am on an adventure, I will wrap my shoes in a reusable bag and place them at the bottom of the backpack or duffel bag. If they are travel flip-flops or rugged tennis shoes, I will either wrap them by their shoelaces on the outside of the bag or place them in the side holds. Just watch out for theft if you leave your suitcase unattended.

How Do You Avoid Blisters at Disney?

Best Shoes for Disney

Even if you have the best shoes sometimes your feet will get sore or a blister will form from hours of walking. These are a few tips to help keep your feet happy and healthy.

Blister Bandages

We keep a couple of these in our first aid kit for hikes and even when we travel. You’ll always be thankful to have these when you need them.

Nail Clippers

Don’t forget to pack a some nail clippers in your toiletry bag. Not only are long nails gross they can also lead to blisters and toe pain.

Wool Socks

High-quality socks make all the difference in your comfort in the heat or cold. Whenever we can we wear our wool socks. Look to have a couple of warm wool cushioned wool socks for cooler temps, but also light ones for the summer months. We love Smartwool and they have some really cute prints!

Foot Lotion

Our feet often get dried out when we travel, and dry feet are uncomfortable. Pamper yourself with a fine body or foot lotion to keep your feet hydrated and happy.

Foot Powder

Some people have smelly feet and to fight odor and moisture. A little bit powder in your shoes at the start of each day can make a world of difference.

What to look for in a pair of shoes for Disney?

Best Shoes for Disney


There are thousands of shoes, sandals, and boots out there that can cover the three points described below. But the very best travel shoes can accomplish that goal and more by presenting them in a stylish and attractive manner. The style is one of the most important things I look for while in a pair of women’s travel shoes.

Style varies so much between the different shoe types, but my one tip is to look for versatility and opt for prints or colors that work with a multitude of outfits. You won’t be able to take a whole closet of shoes with you when you travel.


A sad reality of traveling is that you won’t have room to bring several different pairs of shoes to fit every occasion. Whatever pair of shoes or boots you settle on, you’re bound to spend a lot of time in them and cover a fair number of miles. So, as you may have guessed, it’s absolutely crucial that those boots be comfortable and supportive!

Pay special attention to the outsole and footbed material to gauge its comfort and durability. We are particularly fond of Vibram outsoles as they provide a nice comfortable ride, but they also hold up very well to wear and tear and allow the boots to last as long as possible.


Your specific travel goals will of course also play a role in the type of travel boot that best suits your needs. Perhaps you’re planning on spending most of your days jetting from sight to sight in the big city. Maybe some time in galleries and museums, interspersed with street walking to find the best eateries and views. Or perhaps you have a certain proclivity for remote mountain trails and exploring the great outdoors in every country you visit.

Whatever your preference, take the time to consider your future activities and pick a shoe that will offer the highest level of utility in that department. A black flat may not serve you well for rock scrambling, and a heavy-duty boot may raise a few eyebrows at your luxurious dinner after a day of exploring.

So, you get the idea, make your travel shoes agree with your activities. Or better yet, opt for a shoe that can be at home almost anywhere! It’s about finding the greatest versatility for you! Everyone is different.


Regardless of your activity of choice, one essential characteristic that we highly recommend for any travel boot or actives shoe worth its salt, is waterproofing. A stylish boot aimed for city travel is not immune from the occasional rainfall, and there’s nothing worse than sloshing around town on your vacation with wet boots!

This is equally true if you’re out in the countryside soaking up the views. So, take the time to ensure that your travel boot of choice incorporates some form of waterproofing treatment. At the very least, treat the boots yourself with one of the many waterproofing agents that you can purchase online or at a sporting goods store.

Should I Sear Sandals to Disney?

Best Shoes for Disney

Should you wear sandals to Disney? Well, this is completely up to you and your preference. Almost all of the rides let you wear flip flops on them and if they don’t you’ll just have to take them off and go barefoot. If you’re going to wear sandals to Disney I would suggest they at least be secure on the foot.

It’s all about what is comfortable to you, and if that is sandals or flip flops then go for it! Closed toed shoes are not a requirement at Disney, but may save your foot from scratches or bruises.

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