The Best Travel Outfit For Your Next Trip

We all dream of jet-setting in a stylish travel outfit, but we don’t want to be uncomfortable when we hop on a long flight. A travel outfit is all about comfort, as long travel days are bad enough that we don’t need our clothes to cause any extra discomfort. Simple things like a new shirt from Bombas make for the perfect travel outfit.

We still want to look and feel fresh when arriving at our destination. If we can do that and gain some style points, it’s a win.

Tips To The Perfect Travel Outfit

Travel Outfits at the airport

Classic T-Shirt

Bombas T Shirt Model

A classic t-shirt or tank is comfortable and the perfect base to layer. They are wardrobe staples; we can not imagine a trip without a couple in our bag. A stained or old shirt looks slightly slobbish, so it’s a great time to pick up some new shirts before a trip. Graphics are a good way to make a statement, but they lack the versatility of solid colors that can be mixed and matched on a trip for more outfits.

Our spot for t-shirts and clothing essentials is Bombas. All of their shirts are super comfortable; for every item you purchase, they donate one to someone in need. They have a wide range of cuts from a slight crop to a v-neck and an inclusive line of sizes from XS to 2XL.

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travel packing hacks

Planes are cool environments, and you will want something for some warmth. For air travel, this is a great time to accessorize and make a statement for your outfit and destination. We love a classic sweatshirt or hoody for most trips if it’s not a business trip.

You probably don’t need a trench coat or heavy cardigan if you’re off on a beach trip. Instead, opt for a lightweight hoody that is easy to store in your backpack or luggage once you arrive at your destination. For a cool weather destination, it’s the perfect time to wear your favorite sweater or cardigan.

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Athleisure has come to dominate fashion, a trend we can get behind. Joggers are an awesome way to remain comfortable and still look stylish. Vuori Clothing makes some fantastic joggers that look sharp, offer excellent performance, and feel great for long plane rides.

Wear a stylish pair of sweats if you want to be even more comfortable. The Vuori Ponto Performance Pants are the best-looking sweats for travel. They’re great for running, long flights, or relaxing at home. It’s a more casual look, but that’s not always bad, and it can work in many travel destinations. As a minimalist, they can double as lounge and gym wear, saving space in my bag.

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Comfortable Undergarments

Long days to your destination are inevitable, so staying comfortable is best. Poor or old underwear is one of the easiest ways to make a long travel day worse. Bombas makes some wonderfully comfortable underwear with a huge range of cuts and sizes for everyone. They have everything from thongs to boxers and everything in between.

It’s all super comfortable and perfect for travel, plus they come in an excellent selection of colors and patterns. As an added tip, carrying an extra pair of underwear for long-haul flights is a great idea. Restrooms on planes may not be the best place to change, but it’s nice if you have lounge access on a layover or as a backup once you land.

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adidas Ultraboosts make perfect travel shoes as they are stylish and comfortable sneakers. They hit the target between a sneaker and running shoe with enough tech to fit either environment.

The sleek design with maximalist colorways is the highlight, and they look great on the feet. With a wide range of colorways and models, finding a design that fits your style is easy. Not only do they look great for exploring a new city, but they double as gym shoes.

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Bombas Ankle Socks

It should go without saying that you need a pair of socks for a long flight. Socks are often overlooked, but your undergarments are some of the most important elements for travel. Sitting down is terrible for circulation, so standing up several times on a flight is great. A nice tight-fitting pair of socks helps push the blood out of your feet to aid circulation.

We’ve learned to love our feet with a good pair of socks with socks from Bombas! The high-quality socks are super comfortable and come in a fun selection of colorways and patterns.

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Belt Bag

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Losing your essentials when traveling is easy, and organization can be tough. A belt bag is our favorite accessory that is as practical as stylish. It can easily carry our phone, keys, AirPods, chapstick, passport, and wallet. It’s the one accessory that we still can believe we lived without.

The Everywhere Belt Bag from Lululemon is suitable for everything. It’s one of those items you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Not to mention it’s a pretty awesome accessory for your outfit.

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What Travel Outfits To Not Wear


Rompers and jumpsuits are super comfortable and cute, but they have a fatal flaw any woman knows about involving the restroom. If you’re on a plane, the last thing you need is an outfit that makes the cramped and often dirty restroom more difficult. So think twice about that romper.

Uncomfortable Undergarments

Ditch the old undies and opt for something more comfortable. Not only is it better for your hygiene, but sometimes travel days involve a lot of sitting. This goes the same for socks old cotton socks tend to stick, so opt for new socks or choose wool ones. Wool is also great at temperature management which keeps your feet comfy.


Your bare feet are not the place for an airplane or an airport. In most cases, fellow passengers and cultures find it unhygienic. Not to mention bare feet on an airplane floor or security is gross; no one wants their feet on that ground.

There are some cases where sandals are okay such as short flights to beach destinations, seaplanes, etc. You get the idea, but in general, sandals are a big no for a travel outfit.


Leave the PJs in your luggage unless you’re flying in an Emirates First Class cabin. While Athleisure looks sharp, there is a line between comfy joggers and sweats and your pajamas when traveling. The latter looks slobbish.


Be careful with white outfits or bottoms. They look great, but it’s easy to stain the pants when you travel. The cramped plane seat or public transport is an easy spot to spill food or drink on your lap.

Revealing Outfits

We don’t need to show off everything on travel days, not to mention planes are generally cold. Being a mid-cut shirt/sweatshirt feels appropriate when traveling if you’re comfortable with your stomach showing while you sit. For guys, there is no need to give everyone a ticket to the gun show when you’re flying; keep the tanks for the beach.

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