The 12 Best Boracay Beaches

It’s no surprise that the majority of people you ask will say the beach is one of their favorite vacation destinations. Not only for the beauty and relaxation but for the sheer entertainment and excitement it brings.

Now, there are a lot of beaches in a lot of locations, but the absolute best of them are located on Boracay, a paradise island in the Philippines. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about the best beaches on Boracay.

The Best Beaches on Boracay

White Beach

White Beach is, without a doubt, the most popular Boracay beach, with a length of about four kilometers and width of 100 meters. This popular stretch of soft sand and sparkling blue water is the leading beauty and tourist attraction in Boracay. In addition, everything you need – from restaurants to hotels and other nightlife activities – is available right next to the sands. White Beach is the most iconic, most lively, and most commercial beach in Boracay.

This beach is particularly suitable for swimming because there are no currents and the water is calm – especially from November through May.

However, there’s always a large population on this beach, and it might not be the best choice for people who prefer their vacations to be secluded and serene. That being said, this beach is fantastic, and you should consider a visit when in Boracay.

Puka Beach

Puka Beach is unlike White Beach, as it is peaceful and serene, lacking the crazy crowds of the more popular Boracay beach spot.

If you are looking for some quiet time and relaxation without being bothered by a lot of tourists or many activities, Puka Beach is a fitting choice.

You will not find many resorts here and there are only a few bars and eateries.

This beach is 800 meters long, with a big cliff in front of it and a forest by its side. While the sand on this beach is not exceptional, the water is much clearer.

It is worth mentioning that years ago, puka shells used to be in abundance on this beach – which is where it got its name from. Also, be informed that the water here increases in depth quickly, so if you are not well experienced in swimming, you should take extra care.

This is one of the best beaches on Boracay we’ve seen, and a trip to Boracay would be incomplete without indulging in the peace and serenity of Puka Beach.

Balinghai Beach

Balinghai Beach is a small and isolated beach surrounded by coarse rocks.Small beach cottages are located here, where you can lounge and read a magazine or bask under the warmth of the sun.

Note that this beach is only accessible during low tide; during high tide, the sands are covered with water. This beach is also a private area belonging to Balinghai Resorts, so an entrance fee is required.

The main attraction of this beach is the peace and solitude; it’s great for couples who want a romantic getaway or dinner. It is also suitable for solo tourists who just want to relax.

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach is a small, cozy beach just 200 meters long and less than a five-minute walk north of White Beach through a cliffside trail.

While Diniwid beach is quite close to White Beach, it has less of everything in comparison – including entertainment, beauty, crowds, and resorts.

The beach itself is nice enough, but is nothing special compared to the other beaches in Boracay. However, it is made more attractive due to a unique restaurant built on the side of the cliff known as the Spider House Resort.

In addition, there is direct access to the sea for swimming and a great sunset view perfect for relaxation; these factors make Diniwid beach one of the best beaches in Boracay.

Tambisaan Beach

Tambisaan Beach is the best for snorkeling and diving, which are its main attractions. So make sure to rent some fins and a mask before heading here.

It is the beach with the most abundant marine life amongst all the beaches in Boracay. To get to the fishes and marine life, you will have to walk one-third of the beach then swim 25 meters into the bay.

The best time to visit Tambisaan Beach is during the summer or high season because there is little wind during those months.

Bulabog Beach

This beach runs parallel to White Beach, on the opposite side of Boracay island. It is a 700-meter walk from White Beach and should take you about 5-10 minutes.

If you like windsurfing and kite surfing, you should definitely visit – especially during the windy season – from November to April – when it comes alive.

Bulabog Beach is indeed a windsurfer’s paradise. Both professionals and amateurs alike take advantage of its strong winds for awesome rides.

During low season, Bulabog Beach is often deserted and serves only as a parking spot for boats. It’s the perfect beach is perfect for adventure-seekers.

Ilig Iligan Beach

Ilig Iligan Beach is a quiet beach that is wild and rugged. It’s on the northeastern coast of Boracay and features a lot of caves.

Here, nature is completely untouched; it is often deserted – for some people this is a sought-after bonus, while others may find the solitude rather boring after a while.

Ilig Iligan is a gateway to two secret beaches that are best explored by professional or experienced swimmers, due to the fact that the water is rather deep and may be treacherous.

The best time to visit is during high season, when the waters are calm and clear and excellent for snorkeling.

Cagban Beach

Do you like treasure hunting? Then this is the beach for you.

Cagban means chest or cave, and it is believed that some treasure chests still lie hidden under the sand or in the caves around the beach.

Cagban Beach is right next to the jetty where tourists arrive during the high season.

These sandy shores provide relaxation and serenity, away from White Beach’s hustle and bustle.

Lapuz Lapuz Beach

Lapuz Lapuz beach is situated on the east side of Boracay. It is very cool and secluded and situated quite close to Ilig Iligan Beach.

However, it is privately owned by Fairways and Blue Water Resort Newcoast, and only their guests are granted access to it. Getting to this beach is quite tricky, but if you value peace and solitude, it is probably worth it.

When you are in Ilig Iligan beach, there might be offers from ferrymen to take you to Lapuz Lapuz beach. Be warned that as soon as you get there, you might be turned away by the guards and will have to end up spending a high price to be ferried back, in addition to the money you paid getting there.

All in all, Lapuz Lapuz beach is a great place to visit, especially if you love having the beach all to yourself with no distractions.

Tulubhan Beach

If you want to experience what local beach life is like in Boracay, you should visit Tulubhan Beach.

The beach is surrounded by local villages, with friendly locals all around, especially during low tide as they scout for fish and urchins.

Tulubhan Beach is situated on the far southern end of Bulabog Beach. This beach is cute and serene with a lot of coves. There are a lot of old trees here, which serve to provide shade – especially in the hottest months of February to March, when it is much needed.

This beach is very peaceful and the atmosphere is cozy. There are a small number of resorts in this area; because of that, it might be a good choice for tourists who want to stay away from the more crowded White Beach but enjoy similar amenities.

Manoc Manoc Beach

This beach is located in Barangay village, at the south end of Boracay and over the channel further south.

This beach has a lot in common with Tulubhan Beach; many locals are either swimming in the water or scouting for fish and sea urchins, especially during low tide.

Manoc Manoc Beach is usually a bustling place, mostly because there is a constant flow of boats coming from the village of Caticlan that are always offloading essential supplies for resorts, hotels, and other enterprises.

The beach is windy throughout the year, so you may occasionally see amateur or experienced windsurfers or kite surfers dashing through the waves in search of adventure.

This beach might not be as beautiful as other beaches in Boracay, but it undeniably has a certain quality and appeal to it. You should pay it a visit whenever you are in Boracay.

Punta Bunga and Banyugan Beaches

These beaches are paradise beaches located right next to each other. They are situated between Diniwid Beach and Puka Beach. Punta Bunga beach is a short distance north of Balinghai Beach, and Banyugan Beach is just to the north.

Just like Lapuz Lapuz beach, there is no direct or free access because the luxury Shangri-La Resort owns both shorelines; the only way to enjoy these two beaches is to stay at the resort. Also – just like at Lapuz-Lapuz beach – there are guards there who are ready to force you away if you aren’t staying at the resort, so be well advised.

A number of establishments and private houses are steadily spreading out on the hillside that forms the southern border of Punta Bunga Beach. All have beautiful views and some may be available for rent.

Beyond this beach stands widely-spaced coconut trees, which make for good shade and are ideal for picnics.

Some beaches are ideal for just lying back and relaxing on the sand, while others are perfect for diving down and exploring marine life. Whether you are looking to kite surf, mingle with the locals, or get some luxury beach time in, the right beach awaits you in Boracay.

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