Cappadocia Pictures From A Week Long Adventure

This is the first of our latest series of posts, in which we feature photographs from destinations around the world. This post is the incredible Cappadocia Turkey.

Cappadocia is a region that is unique. We first made our adventure to Cappadocia, Turkey in November of 2016. There is an undeniable atmosphere to it that feels as if it from another planet. It’s the sort of place that is hard to fully describe in pictures and text. With its extensive network of trails, forgotten churches, ruins, and caves it is easy to get lost in this “other world.” The whole region seemed to change within one day as the dry November air made for drastic changes of light and splendid photographs. It was a place that even after we left, we knew we’d have to return some day again. To put it simply we’d never been surrounded by geography that felt more foreign. So here it is, our Cappadocia pictures.

Turkey Cappadocia Pictures

Cappadocia Pictures with Wine

Cappadocia Pictures: Watching the balloons, Cappadocia on a budget

Cappadocia Pictures: Cappadocia Church

Cappadocia Pictures Landscape

Cappadocia Pictures: Rock Formation

Budget Travel in Cappadocia Pictures
Pigeon Valley

Cappadocia Pictures: Cappadocia on a budget

Cappadocia Hidden Homes

Strange Rock Formations, Cappadocia

Hiking on Another Planet Called Cappadocia

Cappadocia Dark Sky

Cappadocia Sunset

Moon Rises Over Network of Cave Homes

Cappadocia Pictures: Off road network

Cappadocia Pictures Monolith

Plan and Pack for Cappadocia

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Travel Water Bottle

Plastic pollution is a problem in Turkey so it’s best not to contribute to the problem of buying plastic water bottles everywhere – plus the water from the taps here is perfectly safe to drink. We’ve shifted to using an insulated aluminum water bottle as it handles the hot sun well.

However, we also love filtered water bottles in areas we’re uncertain of the water supply. Read more about our favorite water bottle for travel in our post.

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Tevas vs Chacos Hurricane
Hiking Sandals

These were great to have! You’ll do a lot of walking around Turkey in the extremely hot sun. Hiking sandals allow for your feet to breathe and they do not collect sand when trudging through the desert. You bet we’ve reviewed the best hiking sandals for travelers!

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Skin cancer is for real! Don’t forget your SPF when traveling around Turkey. We recommend ordering some online before leaving the house as you will need it underneath the sun in the summer.

We highly recommend getting an eco-friendly sun cream that does not contain harmful chemicals.


Remember that Turkey uses the Europlug. Make sure you find a good adapter like the one I have to keep you charged. Otherwise, you may be paying for a cheap one once you land.

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