Five International Trips to Take with Your Tax Refund

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Income tax returns are due to the American government on April 18th, for the Aussies and Brits this date is October 31st. All over the world tax day is coming up fast! Hopefully, this means a little extra cash in your pocket from last years hard earned work. If you’ve been staring at that desktop photo of Fiji for longer than you can remember then now is the time to take that long deserved trip. Whether it be a long or short vacation go grab your lover, bestie, or family and hop on a plane.  Here are five international trips … Read More

Backpacking Through Europe: How Much Will it Cost?

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How Much Does it Cost to Backpack Through Europe?

A dream for many young people now days is to take a grand trip and backpack through Europe. I can relate, instead of Facebooking and falling asleep in class I spent my college days researching how to backpack through Europe. After graduation, I bought the cheapest one-way flight out of the US. I had the time of my life traveling through Europe. Of course, a major concern is a cost of doing this. Europe is not Southeast Asia, and prices are generally quite high for the average young traveler. After dedicating more than a year of my life to backpacking through … Read More

When Traveling Isn’t Narcissistic

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Narcissim and traveling

I read a blog post not that long ago about the narcissism of traveling and the next extension of that, travel blogging. The idea was that those who travel these days are inherently narcissistic, and are becoming increasingly passé about the world at large. That certainly cannot be us or any other travelers we know, right? What in our minds distinguishes us from “those” other travel blogs? Nothing. It is okay that someone had a similar experience before, or that they have their own blog post on that city, town, region, or beach for that matter. If you don’t like … Read More

Our Top Travel Mistakes and What You Can Learn From Them

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Our Top Travel Mistakes

We aren’t perfect, and are bound to make some mistakes, big or small while traveling. The most important thing is that you learn from those mistakes and know how to avoid the same situation again.  No matter how pretty some of our Instagram photos may look or how seamless our travels may seem, let it be known that there have been many mistakes made along the way.  We research to avoid mistakes and hassles as much as possible, but sometimes the information isn’t there, we become careless, or we were dumb.  Here are some of our top travel mistakes and … Read More

It’s Never Too Late To Go Somewhere: Revisiting Ephesus

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Our Journey Through Turkey

Back in 2013, we were traveling Turkey for the first time.  It was our first experience in a predominately Muslim country, and our first encounter with “Eurasia.”  After visiting Istanbul, we decided to take the night bus down to Izmir to celebrate the end of Ramadan with the Turks. We only had one full day before we were moving onward to Greece. Our plan was to wake up early and visit the ancient archeological city of Ephesus.  The Ancient City of Ephesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a top destination in Turkey, and is culturally significant to the beginnings … Read More

Why Don’t Americans Travel Internationally?

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Why Don't Americans Travel Abroad

“Danke,” the cashier says to me as I walk away with my groceries from one of the supermarkets in Turkey. I am not German. And despite the name Natasha, I am not Russian either. Then I must be from Scandinavia, Australia, or The Netherlands. Nope, Nope, Nope. I go on to tell them I am from the United States. Usually, the country does not register until I finally just say “America.” Most of the time I get a cheerful and friendly response, once in a while I will get resentment. But more often than not I will just get confusion. “Wow, Americans … Read More

25 at 25: Lessons I’ve Learned While Traveling throughout the World.

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25 Life Lessons From Travel

I just spent my twenty-fifth birthday in a small Turkish town, It was uneventful, the town had three restaurants to choose from and we were the only guests in our hotel; however, I’m okay with that. I’ve barely even scratched the surface when it comes to traveling the world, but I can stand firmly behind the fact that it is shaping me. So what have I learned in my first quarter century of life? I’m kicking this one off with a quote from Einstein, because every year I realize just how true this statement is. I know nothing. This is … Read More

Five Reasons to Go Traveling During the Off Season

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Reasons to Travel During the Off Season

It’s November, you’re traveling around Eastern Europe and then you see it…snow. You know this weather is just the beginning, and you start to ponder your life choices. Why are you traveling during the off season again? “Why the hell didn’t I do my Eurotrip in July like everyone else?” It’s easy to focus on the “what ifs” and second guess yourself, but before you do, realize it’s not so bad!  There is a beauty to traveling during the off season. 5 Reasons to go Traveling During the Off Season Low Prices From accommodation to flights, and even restaurants, prices are … Read More

10 Reasons Long Term Travel isn’t Always like an Instagram Photo

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Long Term Instagram

When I tell people how long I’ve been traveling, or how long I intend to travel long term I usually get very similar responses back.  The phrases I have heard far too much go a little something like: “WOW, you are so lucky,” progressing to “I could never do what you’re doing,” and then there’s always the how. “How on earth can you afford that?” Firstly, I am fortunate. I was born and grew up in the United States, with a loving and supportive family, and I am educated. However, I believe that luck has nothing to do with long-term … Read More

10 Reasons Why Staying in a Hostel is the Absolute Worst

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Hostels Are The Worst

Hostels have a bad reputation in America for being dirty, disgustingly cheap places where you go if you want all your possessions taken from you.  You may even end up getting kidnapped while staying in a hostel and locked in a dungeon getting your fingers chopped off with a pair of pliers.  Well with years of experience in and out of many hostels, I’m here to tell you that you are right! Read on to discover why staying in a hostel is the absolute worst.  Different Cultures? Yuck!  Just let me hang out with people exactly like me from my … Read More