15 Balkan Travel Tips You Should Know Before You Go

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Balkan Travel tips

The Balkans are a terrific place to travel. One of our favorite regions we’ve been in Europe. However, before you travel the Balkan region there are some tips you should know. When it comes to Balkan travel tips we should clarify what we mean by “Balkans”. Where exactly is the Balkan Region? And what exactly is it? The easy answer would be the geographical definition of the Balkans, which is the region encompassing the Balkan mountains. This can include Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Turkey, Croatia, and Albania. However, the Balkan Region is viewed much more as a cultural region. Therefore, we … Read More

My Best Travel Tips from Traveling Around the World

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Our Top Tips for New Travelers

Excited. Nervous. Terrified. That’s how I felt when I was 21 traveling around the world. I had no idea what I was doing, and that was okay. Everyone has to start somewhere right. I used to be the one who would ask whomever I could for travel advice – any advice that they spared was much appreciated. Now, as we travel all around the world we are the ones getting asked for our best travel tips.I thought we should share a few of our tips for newbie travelers getting started on their around the world travels.  Our Best Travel Tips For Your Next Trip Around … Read More

Travel Scams Around the Globe

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Travel Scams Around the Globe

Scams seem to have just become another part of travel. I’m sure everyone has a great story of that time they were scammed here or that time that man ripped you off there. No matter how long you have been traveling or how many countries you have traveled to, I don’t believe you are ever truly safe from being taken advantage of. I love a good scam story, so I asked travel bloggers from around the globe to share their best one! Travel Scams Around the Globe DJ from Dream Euro Trip got scammed in Belgrade We’ve been taking taxis around the … Read More

Tricks On How To Save On Accommodation

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Top Tips To Save On Accommodation

One of the greatest expenses in travel is accommodation, but employing good strategies to save on accommodation means more money in your pocket, meaning more travel. We live perpetually on the road, so we’re constantly searching for the next place to stay. Over time we’ve built a collection of tricks we use to save on accommodation. In this day and age, there are tons of travel resources at your disposal to find a great place to stay for cheap. You could consider us backpackers, but we rarely stay in the cheapest accommodation. Unfortunately, we continue to grow older so now we … Read More

Backpacking Through Europe: How Much Will it Cost?

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How Much Does it Cost to Backpack Through Europe?

A dream for many young people now days is to take a grand trip and backpack through Europe. I can relate, instead of Facebooking and falling asleep in class I spent my college days researching how to backpack through Europe. After graduation, I bought the cheapest one-way flight out of the US. I had the time of my life traveling through Europe. Of course, a major concern is a cost of doing this. Europe is not Southeast Asia, and prices are generally quite high for the average young traveler. After dedicating more than a year of my life to backpacking through … Read More

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Morocco

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Things to Know Before Going to Morocco

Morocco has long been on my “must see” lists. The bright and colorful photos of the country always seemed to captivate me, and the Sahara desert was something I had only seen in movies. Due to Morocco’s proximity to Europe, more and more travelers are hopping on the next ferry out of Spain to see this place for themselves. As soon as you cross the border you will be taken back into another world. As enthralling as it is, here are 15 things I wish I knew before going to Morocco. Going to Morocco? Marrakech is dubbed “scam city”, but … Read More

15 Things to Know Before Going To Italy

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Things to Know Before Going to Italy

Italy has long been on the top of many travelers list for decades. The country is majestically beautiful, has world class food, and a spoken language that will instantly make you drool and fall in love. I have had the pleasure of spending time there on a few different occasions, and I found that there are many things to know before going to Italy. Things to Know Before Going To Italy Italians Take Riposo Very Seriously Riposo is Italy’s midday siesta. From 1-4 p.m. you can expect to find many shops and restaurants closed. Italians like to take time in … Read More

10 Reasons Long Term Travel isn’t Always like an Instagram Photo

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Long Term Instagram

When I tell people how long I’ve been traveling, or how long I intend to travel long term I usually get very similar responses back.  The phrases I have heard far too much go a little something like: “WOW, you are so lucky,” progressing to “I could never do what you’re doing,” and then there’s always the how. “How on earth can you afford that?” Firstly, I am fortunate. I was born and grew up in the United States, with a loving and supportive family, and I am educated. However, I believe that luck has nothing to do with long-term … Read More

Best of Cyprus: Why Everyone Should be Visiting the Country

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Visit Cyprus

We flew into Latvia in late September. Fall time in the Baltics, it can’t be that cold…or so we thought.  Over the past few months, we had saved and stocked up on expensive outdoor equipment to prepare for winter time in Europe.  I didn’t think I’d be breaking out the Patagonia jacket until at least November. I kept telling myself not to worry, I had been in Europe before, and was totally prepared for the cold weather. One day into October and I had already busted out my Patagonia, doubled up my leggings, and ran to the supermarket to buy … Read More

10 Reasons Why Staying in a Hostel is the Absolute Worst

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Hostels Are The Worst

Hostels have a bad reputation in America for being dirty, disgustingly cheap places where you go if you want all your possessions taken from you.  You may even end up getting kidnapped while staying in a hostel and locked in a dungeon getting your fingers chopped off with a pair of pliers.  Well with years of experience in and out of many hostels, I’m here to tell you that you are right! Read on to discover why staying in a hostel is the absolute worst.  Different Cultures? Yuck!  Just let me hang out with people exactly like me from my … Read More