Best Travel Water Bottle To Carry On Your Next Trip

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Best Travel Water Bottles

It should be no surprise that having the best travel water bottle is important to us. We have talked about how plastic is destroying our planet many times on our site, and take notice when hotels make a push to reduce plastic water bottles and opt for water filtration systems instead. However, we can not solely rely on businesses to make the shift to reducing plastic use, we as the consumer have to as well. That means carrying a great water bottle. Besides saving the environment from plastic waste, staying hydrated is essential when traveling. It’s easy to neglect your body … Read More

You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Cape Town Right Now

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Eating in cape Town

We didn’t know it when we arrived, but it only took a couple days to figure out. Cape Town, South Africa was a food lover’s heaven. It may just be the New York of Africa, for every corner has some amazing new restaurant popping up. From Ethiopian, to Mexican, to Thai Cape Town has something for every palette, budget, and diet. Don’t ask me if I found a good sushi spot either. Just read on to find out where you should be eating and drinking on your Cape Town experience! Our Favorite Restaurants in Cape Town If you are in … Read More

Six Food and Wine Pairing Experiences to Have in the Stellenbosch Vineyards

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Six of the Best Wine Pairings

I must admit that I am not extremely knowledgeable when it comes to wine. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a glass of red wine each night or three (*for heart reasons of course*). However, when I am at a traditional food and wine pairing and someone asks me “now what do you taste?” I just don’t have a good answer besides “wine.” That’s why I was so excited when we were set up to go on a food and wine pairing tour around the Stellenbosch vineyards in South Africa to try a plethora of different food and wine pairing … Read More

How We Slow Down While On The Road

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Relax with a cup of tea

This post brought to you by Tazo® Tea. The content and opinions expressed below are that of The World Pursuit. If you’d look at our Instagram or various social media websites our lives look pretty awesome – and most of the time they are! However, we live on the road, that means when we’ve had a long day we aren’t returning home anywhere. There’s no familiar bed, comfy couch, or a fridge full of our favorite products to help us relax. So, we learn ways our to cope.  Slow Down The first thing we must do is slow down. When … Read More

Is Stellenbosch One of Best Wine Regions in the World?

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Stellenbosch: One of the worlds best wine regions

Just a 45 minute drive away from Cape Town lies one the best wine regions in the world. Of course, many travelers get caught up with names like Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Burgundy, but don’t forget about the fantastic New World wine regions in the Southern Hemisphere. The wines here are just as quality and at a fraction of the cost. South Africa has many crown jewels, and the stunning Stellenbosch wine region happens to be one of them. The wine region has a rich heritage, splendid landscapes, a lively university, and of course fine restaurants paired with beautiful wine.  {Check The Rates For A Room in Stellenbosch} … Read More

Slovenian Food and Drink You Gotta Taste At Big Berry

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Going Local in Slovenia Bela Krajina

Two Weeks of Slovenian Food Along The Kolpa We spent two weeks along the Kolpa River, enjoying fresh local Slovenian food products, the countryside, and the teal colored river. The Bela Krajina region, like the rest of Slovenia, is fertile and produces plenty of great regional specialties. Our hosts at Big Berry were sure to take advantage of a wide range of the local cuisine and suppliers in the area. In addition to enjoying the wonderful river, we spent our days visiting these local purveyors.  Ghee, It’s Magical Our favorite Slovenian food product highlighted by camp was also its closest to home–made by … Read More

Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade: From Coffee Dream Beograd & Beyond

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The Best Cafes in Belgrade

It’s no secret that we love discovering new coffee shops in the cities that we explore. It’s safe to say that millennials around the globe are outgrowing the typical Starbucks chain coffee retailers and searching far and wide for the hippest cafes. The Serbian capital Beograd, (internationally known as Belgrade) has been quick to jump on the cafe bandwagon. Every corner in every neighborhood houses a hip, boutique, or industrial coffee shop. So we took to the city and sought out to discover the best coffee shops in Belgrade. From Coffee Dream to Coffee Cake Bakery, this list has it all!We … Read More

Best Coffee Shops Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Cafe Hopping in Ljubljana

Ljubljana happens to be Slovenia’s largest city and capital, but you wouldn’t know it. It has been named the greenest European city and features the largest pedestrian city center that is just brimming with life. Citizens and tourist alike love to drink coffee by the gorgeous riverfront. Our first day in Ljubljana we spoke to a local who described her city as “a little girl who likes to play dress-up in her mother’s clothes. She’s beautiful and has refined elements, but should never be taken too seriously.” The city center is brimming with cafes serving up the local specialty drink, a … Read More

Tipping in Europe: Tips on Restaurant Etiquette

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Tipping in Europe

It is becoming commonly well known what to tip and where to tip when traveling through the typical tourist enclaves of Western Europe. For those traveling to Italy, a tip comes in the form of a service charge and tipping in Norway may leave locals flabergasted.  However, tipping in Europe is not the same everywhere. Traveling extensively through Europe, has left us always questioning tips come bill time. Tipping in Europe is still not what it is in North America, no one will chase you down the street should you chose not to tip. For your ease here is the lowdown on … Read More

Chiang Mai Coffee: The Best Spots For Digital Nomads

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Chiang Mai Cafes

Chiang Mai Coffee, The Best Spots For Digital Nomads This is a guest post brought to you by Shannon Ullman of Lives Abroad. Digital nomads have taken over Chiang Mai. I don’t know if it’s official but it feels like it when every café has at least one guy grinding away on his laptop. It’s not surprising really, with WiFi from all angles and more cafes than Pad Thai restaurants. Much of the online workforce has set up shop in Chiang Mai, and here’s where to find them. CAMP It’s an unlikely spot for inspiration if you ask me, but … Read More