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Fly Camping at Selous

Whether we are traveling or not, there’s one question that always comes up when we meet new people. So, what do you guys do?  Gulp, I knew that one was coming. If Cameron’s with me I generally wait for him to answer because I hate where this conversation goes. “We’re … Read More

110 of the Best Travel Quotes for Inspiration

Best Travel Quotes

Travel quotes can be some of the most powerful and inspiring ways to encourage someone to get out there in the world, take chances, and live a more meaningful life. I became intrigued with travel quotes as soon as I knew I wanted to travel. For years I’ve researched and … Read More

2017 • Our Highs, Lows, and Everything in Between

The World Pursuit

2017 is over and looking back we can’t decide if it was a great or a terrible year. Travel and blog-wise The World Pursuit had a fantastic year starting off in Africa, and bringing us back to a few of our favorite spots in Europe. We traveled to 15 countries, took … Read More

All The Best Travel Songs and Music in one Playlist

Travel Songs

I travel to a soundtrack. It’s a pretty normal thing these days as we all have our favorite travel songs, music, and playlists. A great playlist is an essential for a long haul flight or bus ride. Even the image of a traveler with a pair of headphones is iconic. … Read More

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Travel Africa


It was our first time in Sub-Saharan Africa. I had dreamed of traveling across Africa ever since The Lion King. However, the moment we arrived I was nervous to be in Johannesburg, South Africa. What if we were carjacked? What if I got killed by a hippo? What if I … Read More

Here Are The Charities In Africa We Support

Charities in Africa

We’ve received a few emails from readers about NGOs and charities in Africa. It dawned on us that despite knowing the plights of Africa we have been failing to completely support those who are actively working to make change. While we do believe in the economic support of tourism and shopping … Read More

Why I’m Traveling Africa and Chasing Dreams

Why Travel Africa Main

Why Travel Africa? In case you’re not up to date. I am Cameron Seagle and I travel the world with my partner Natasha Alden. We run this lovely blog here and we’re currently traveling across Africa in an FJ62. You may ask, why travel Africa? Read More: {HashtagAfrica – An … Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World?

The Cost To Travel The World

It’s officially been a year since we dropped everything, left New York City, and packed our bags to see the world. It was mutually decided that our twenties were too valuable to spend doing something we didn’t believe in. In 12 months we managed to visit 19 countries across two continents: Latvia, … Read More