The Best Diani Beach Hotels

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Diani Beach Hotels

While most are familiar with the island of Zanzibar or Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa; it’s likely only those who have visited Kenya know of Diani Beach. Just 30 km’s south of Mombasa is a 10 kilometer stretch of beautiful white sand. The town boasts a great coral reef, primates, Kinondo culture, a wide range of accommodation, and the warm Indian Ocean. We took to the Kenyan coast to uncover the best Diani Beach hotels.  The Best Diani Beach Hotels Kinondo Kwetu Kinondo Kwetu is a barefoot boutique paradise. Here you’ll find healthy food, a gym, large lap pool, quiet beach, and an inviting atmosphere. Our … Read More

Masai Mara National Reserve Guide

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Masai Mara Natinoal Reserve Guide

It is undeniable that the Masai Mara is one of the most well known parks in Africa. My first thoughts of going on safari in Africa were of Kenya and its wide open grasslands. The fact that Kenya is home to the original safari and the Masai Mara is the epicenter of the industry should come as no surprise. Located in the Southwest of Kenya the 1,510 square km Masai Mara National Reserve is home to an abundance of game including the seasonal wildebeest migration. The migration is the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth, when over a million wildebeest cross plains, valleys, and … Read More

The Best Safari Boots For Bush Walks

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Best Safari Boots

A good safari boot is the one thing that is a must when it comes to safari wear and bushwalks. Sure you can dress up in khaki, leather, leopard print, and dark green, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter all that much about what you wear on safari if you don’t have the shoe. However, protecting your feet in the bush is important. If your safari has plans to do any bush walks in search of the “Big Five” picking up a good pair of boots before your trip is a necessity. A good pair of safari boots are … Read More

What is a Balloon Safari Over The Masai Mara Like?

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Balloon Safari

One of the best safari experiences in Africa has to be a balloon safari. While it is not a cheap or “local” experience it is without a doubt a once in a lifetime one. Drifting above the plains, forests, and rivers of the Masai Mara feels like a dream. There is no turbulence and no loud motor – just you and your temporary balloon drifting over wild elephants, lions, and giraffe.  Preparation For A Balloon Safari over the Masai Mara Balloon safaris should be booked in advanced due to a high demand and limited space available. We’d suggest booking with Governor’s Balloon … Read More

Let’s Talk About the Internet in Africa

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Internet in Africa

I wondered about the internet in Africa before we left. It’s the least developed continent and I’ve never seen anyone raving about keeping up with their Netflix addiction in Zambia. When we landed in South Africa we were uncertain of how we would be able manage digital work while traveling Africa. Information on the topic is vague. Some of our friends have even stated that “there is no internet in Africa.” While that may not be true – this is Africa – not the North Pole and we are in the 21st century. Here is the state of internet in Africa from a first … Read More

Here Are The Charities In Africa We Support

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Charities in Africa

We’ve received a few emails from readers about NGOs and charities in Africa. It dawned on us that despite knowing the plights of Africa we have been failing to completely support those who are actively working to make change. While we do believe in the economic support of tourism and shopping in local markets as outsiders we can do more beyond helping push tourism, spending on tourism, and purchasing goods. Now that we have gotten a feel for the continent and seen where help is needed, we can adequality assess our favorite charities. They Need Our Support! Spending large amounts of time in … Read More

A Women’s Safari Clothing Checklist

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Women's Safari Clothes

Women’s safari clothing can be a mystery to any first timer in Africa. An African safari will can be one of the greatest highlights of your life. However, any great safari can be spoiled with the wrong clothes, so it’s important to come prepared for safari. Before I came to Africa I knew nothing about women’s safari clothing or what to pack. Countless safaris throughout Southern and Eastern Africa later and these are items I would make sure to bring on your first African safari. Choosing Women’s Safari Clothing I love greens, beige, and khaki just as much as the next wannabe Merryl Streep … Read More

Best Camera For Safari: What Camera Is Best For You?

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Best Camera For Safari Featured Image

What’s the best camera for safari? It’s likely one of the first questions every traveler coming to Africa asks after booking a safari. Having a decent camera for safari is on the top of our recommendation list. While, it’s not a necessity and we’re big believers in making sure to put the camera down and actually save some photos in your memory there is thrill in grabbing that perfect safari photo. There are a number of aspects to consider when looking for the best safari camera possible. This post is not meant for professional photographers. If you’re likely at that level … Read More

An Ideal Self Drive Uganda Itinerary

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Self Drive Uganda

In 1908 Winston Churchill declared Uganda the “Pearl of Africa” in his 1908 Book My African Journey. More than a century later, visitors still flock to find this pearl. After our self drive in Uganda, I can’t disagree with Mr. Churchill. The country is filled with birdlife, vast plains, jungle, rolling hills, and some of the friendliest people in Africa. We entered Southern Uganda from Rwanda with low expectations for the country. Sure, they hold the world’s largest population of mountain gorillas – but what else would we find? A road trip through Uganda was a highlight of our African road trip. Besides the endless amount of … Read More

How We Drove Across Africa for $300

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Selling a car in Uganda

A member of our family is gone. Yes, Charlie, our 1989 awesome Land Cruiser that we bought to get across Africa now has a new owner. We shared some unforgettable memories together – getting stranded in the Okavango Delta, a flash flood in Arusha, and straddling Zimbabwe and Zambia with nothing but water beneath us. Oh Africa, how we love you so much. After going through hell and back trying to buy the car in South Africa it was a serious debate to sell him or not. Here is our story of selling a car in Africa. To recap we bought … Read More