A Lower Zambezi National Park Guide: Don’t Arrive to Zambia Without It

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Lower Zambezi National Park

Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park is an unspoiled wilderness in Africa. Unlike South Africa’s Kruger, Tanzania’s Serengeti, or South Luangwa in Zambia you can have a safari here without ever seeing another tourist. With an ever-present water source and its inaccessibility, the park has become a wildlife haven.  Five minutes after landing … Read More

23 Portraits of Happiness From Around Africa

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people of africa

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” – Robert Frank – “Weren’t you scared driving around Africa?” “Did people try to hurt you?” “How did you communicate over in Africa?” These are all questions we receive time and time again about our travels. However, … Read More

10 Unforgettable Wildlife Experiences To Have In Africa

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Wildlife experiences in Africa

Africa may fall short of a few things for visitors, but mind-blowing wildlife experiences it not one of them. After a year on the continent, we lost count the number of times we were left speechless. Here are our top ten wildlife experiences to enjoy in Africa. 10 Unforgettable Wildlife … Read More