Looking for a Cheap Place to Stay in Cape Town?

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Accommodation in Cape Town

Besides the killer landscapes, great food, luxury lodges, hip spots, and adventure activities, there’s one aspect of Cape Town we haven’t been talking about – and that is the insanely high prices of accommodation in the city. It can be difficult to find good budget accommodation in Cape Town. While food, drinks, activities, and commodities like petrol may be affordable, where you lay your head down at night is anything but. For those on a more backpackers budget in Cape Town, this can be a serious problem. What do we do when faced with high accommodation costs in cities? We turn … Read More

Why I’m Traveling Africa and Chasing Dreams

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Why Travel Africa Main

Why Travel Africa? In case you’re not up to date. I am Cameron Seagle and I travel the world with my partner Natasha Alden. We run this lovely blog here and we’re currently traveling across Africa in an FJ62. You may ask, why travel Africa? Read More: {HashtagAfrica – An Overland Journey} Tasha and I both have our own reasons for choosing the path we’re on. To many it may appear we have it all figured out and must have the best lives and this is simply not true. We find ourselves constantly out of sorts. For the first eight months … Read More

What is a Riad? The Most Beautiful Riads in Morocco

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What is a riad?

What is a Riad? Throughout our whole six week trip in Morocco, we always stayed in a riad. What is a riad you ask? A traditional Moroccan riad is essentially a rectangle house with an interior courtyard. There are typically different rooms on each of the four sides, and most riads are at least two stories high. The middle often has a courtyard with a garden and serves as the “lounge” and eating place for guests. The courtyard in the middle is typically open from the top and is the houses only source of natural light. Often on the top … Read More

You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Cape Town Right Now

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Eating in cape Town

We didn’t know it when we arrived, but it only took a couple days to figure out. Cape Town, South Africa was a food lover’s heaven. It may just be the New York of Africa, for every corner has some amazing new restaurant popping up. From Ethiopian, to Mexican, to Thai Cape Town has something for every palette, budget, and diet. Don’t ask me if I found a good sushi spot either. Just read on to find out where you should be eating and drinking on your Cape Town experience! Our Favorite Restaurants in Cape Town If you are in … Read More

Buying a Car in South Africa and Being Undesirable

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Buying a car in South Africa

So the big announcement is out! We are officially driving across Africa in “Charlie,” our newest addition to The World Pursuit family. The 1989 Land Cruiser is awesome! He is a workhorse, a 4×4 Tonka trunk equipped with a bush bar, roof rack, and pull out drawers. However, buying a car in South Africa is no simple task. Here is our story. UPDATE: We sold our car in Africa too! Check out that story here.  Like others, you may be wondering what he cost so let’s just get how much the cost out of the way. Charlie cost us a whopping … Read More

The Tintswalo Atlantic in Cape Town

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A luxurious weekend in Cape Town

We’ve been hopping in and around Cape Town now for the past two months. We’ve spent our time gallivanting in and out of cafes, hiking various points, and eating a plethora of extremely delicious food. However, there is a side of it that you haven’t seen. The side that explains why we are in this gosh darn city so long. That side is the work, preparation, and planning of our entire African trip. Between the adventure activities and the sushi lunches we have actually been hard at work in front of our computer and making countless runs to the Department of … Read More

Ultimate Safari Clothes Guide: What To Wear On Safari In Africa

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Best Safari Clothes

Safari clothes are a serious affair in Africa. Yes, it is a bit “old fashioned,” but some fashions never die. Unlike, certain parts of the world you won’t be laughed at for showing up in all khaki. In fact, there is even a South African brand called Khaki Fever that specializes in all khaki garments.  We’ve been in Africa going on ten months now and have been on more than a few safaris. Since entering Africa we’ve been on safari in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. In fact we’ve been to all of the best places to go on safari in … Read More

Drakensberg Mountains: An Escape in South Africa

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Drakensberg Mountains In South Africa

The Drakensberg mountains in South Africa are a destination not to be missed. They can be found in all sorts of nature documentaries and travel books about Africa. Dramatic, weathered, and mysterious the Drakensberg conjures up the imagination. They culminate at their highest with the Drakensberg Amphitheater. One of the most photogenic natural landmarks in the world. For us, traveling to them became a necessity as we drove through South Africa. What lay ahead of us in the Drakensberg region was Lesotho, country lodges, national parks, and small towns to steal our hearts away. The region is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. We spent … Read More

Ecotourism in South Africa at Gondwana Game Reserve

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Ecotourism at Gondwana Game Reserve

We pulled into Gondwana Game Reserve, eager and ready for our week at their new tented eco-camp to experience ecotourism in South Africa. We had only done one self-drive safari through Kruger National Park and were more than ready to see more giraffes, buffalo, and (maybe) even the elusive cheetah in South Africa. We pulled into the main reception area of Gondwana, where a stunning lodge awaited us with a pool and high-speed WiFi. “This can’t be right,” we thought. Then appeared Brendan, a ranger that completely fit the part of a hardcore South African conservationist. He informed us that we … Read More

Travessia Beach Lodge: A Holiday in Mozambique to Remember

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Holidays in Mozambique

Strangers and friends often ask about our favorite destinations from our experiences traveling around the world. It’s a question that is always difficult, and we won’t ever have an answer, but there are countries and places that stand out. Mozambique is a standout. Our holiday in Mozambique was made even more special with our stay at Travessia Beach Lodge.  Travessia Beach Lodge Most journeys through Mozambique will involve traveling along the N1 – the only highway and paved road for much of the country that extends up along the coast. A turn off of the familiar highway in Mozambique leads into rows … Read More