I Want to Travel the World: 50 Memories in 50 Countries

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I want to Travel the World

We just crossed the border from South Africa over to Namibia. I am over the moon with excitement for what this trip through the Namibian desert will bring. However, it is also a milestone for me because I have now set foot in and traveled through 50 countries! I know that numbers don’t matter and many travelers choose not to “count countries”, but I have always found that setting a goal pushes me to travel the world. Long ago, I told myself I would see the world. Having traveled to 50 countries I have now been in more than 25% of the … Read More

Around the World with Instagram: Destinations to Make You Pack Your Bags

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Around the World with Instagram

I think it’s safe to say that the world is one beautiful places. Some destinations are so amazing that it’s hard to believe they are real. So I took to Instagram to find the most breathtaking destinations showcased by real people on Instagram. I use Instagram to fuel my motivation to travel, and sometimes we even hand pick certain destinations because of a photo on Instagram. From Finland to Antarctica, if these photos don’t make you pack your bags to jet set around the globe then I don’t know what will! So let’s work our way around the world, shall … Read More

How to Make the Most Out of Your Trip to Singapore

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Make the Most out of your trop to Singapore

Singapore has long been on my travel bucket list. Given its location in Southeast Asia and large world class international airport, Singapore makes for a great city-state for a long and enjoyable layover. The skyscrapers, nightlife, cleanliness, and beautiful architecture make Singapore ideal for any traveler to enjoy. However, Singapore is a massive city and even leaving the airport to go explore can be quite daunting. In cooperation with IHG Hotels, here are six ways to make the most out of your long layover.  Book You Hotel in Advance Accommodation in Singapore is known to be quite expensive. Book your Singapore hotel near the … Read More

Cappadocia Pictures From A Week Long Adventure

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Capturing Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey in photos This is the first of our latest series of posts, in which we feature photographs from destinations around the world. This post is the incredible Cappadocia Turkey. appadocia is a region that is unique. We first made our adventure to Cappadocia, Turkey in November of 2016. There is an undeniable atmosphere to it that feels as if it from another planet. It’s the sort of place that is hard to fully describe in pictures and text. With its extensive network of trails, forgotten churches, ruins, and caves it is easy to get lost in this “other world.” The whole … Read More

Four Must Have Experiences While in Shanghai

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Must have experiences in Shanghai

Shanghai has long been on my travel radar. The closest I have ever been to visiting Shanghai was in the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on a five-hour layover to Hong Kong. However, next year that will change as we plan to finally venture into China for the first time. In cooperation with IHG Hotels, I have put together this list of must-see attractions for when I visit, and hopefully other travelers can get some ideas too!    Shanghai is the second largest city in China and has more people living in it than all of Norway, Sweden, and Finland combined. With a population of … Read More

Travel Scams Around the Globe

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Travel Scams Around the Globe

Scams seem to have just become another part of travel. I’m sure everyone has a great story of that time they were scammed here or that time that man ripped you off there. No matter how long you have been traveling or how many countries you have traveled to, I don’t believe you are ever truly safe from being taken advantage of. I love a good scam story, so I asked travel bloggers from around the globe to share their best one! Travel Scams Around the Globe DJ from Dream Euro Trip got scammed in Belgrade We’ve been taking taxis around the … Read More

Chiang Mai Coffee: The Best Spots For Digital Nomads

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Chiang Mai Cafes

Chiang Mai Coffee, The Best Spots For Digital Nomads This is a guest post brought to you by Shannon Ullman of Lives Abroad. Digital nomads have taken over Chiang Mai. I don’t know if it’s official but it feels like it when every café has at least one guy grinding away on his laptop. It’s not surprising really, with WiFi from all angles and more cafes than Pad Thai restaurants. Much of the online workforce has set up shop in Chiang Mai, and here’s where to find them. CAMP It’s an unlikely spot for inspiration if you ask me, but … Read More

Travel Bloggers Reveal the 20 Best Cafes Around The World

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The Best Cafes Around The World

The secrets out. We LOVE coffee! Even better than the coffee itself, is the surroundings your submersed in while sipping on those freshly ground beans. When we get to a new, unknown, and unexplored city we always set out to find that perfect cafe.  Apparently, so do other travel bloggers – here are the best cafes around the world, as told by travel bloggers! Coffee Gurus Unite: The 20 Best Cafes Around the World Stuart at Am I Nearly There Yet says Aunty Pegs in Melbourne, Australia Why is it the best? As huge coffee snobs, discovering and chilling out in epic … Read More

Top Travel Destinations 2016, Our list

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Top Travel 2016 The World Pursuit

To celebrate the new year we’re counting down our top travel destinations 2016. The highlight of our 2016 will likely be the largest, most diverse, and wild continent on the planet, Africa. 2016 also brings the centennial celebration of National Park Service in the U.S., which may be the greatest American idea ever. Places like Croatia and Japan continue to dazzle as more international travelers visit. Trends also continue to move towards newer developing nations such as Georgia, and Uruguay. While, wildlife and immeasurable undeveloped landscapes mesmerize visitors throughout the more stable African nations. We have plans to travel to … Read More

Kanchanaburi: The best place in Central Thailand

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Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Ever heard of Kanchanaburi? Neither had we, but it turned out to be one of our favorite destinations in Thailand. We share what to do in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, and why you should visit. In our travels, we often find ourselves in places, that before traveling to the location we had never heard of, the destination was never somewhere we dreamed of, nor is it on any top destinations list, but it is often what we refer back to when we felt submerged in the culture we were exploring.Our post “I wasn’t planning on going there” talks about this experience, and our recent … Read More