The Best Time to Visit Bali (2019) • Month By Month Breakdown

Nusa Lembongan

When exactly is the best time to visit Bali? From its beaches, beach parties, and surf credentials to its emerald rice paddies, yoga classes, and unique culture, Bali is a beautiful enigma. Its Hindu shrines, dances, traditions, and even its calendar are like nothing else in Indonesia, rooted in something … Read More

31 Facts About Japan That Will Blow Your Mind

Kyoto, Japan

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30 Facts About Bali That Will Blow Your Mind

Best Areas to stay in Bali

Seeking some new facts about Bali? Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Whether you want to explore the beaches, are a wildlife enthusiast or a lover of art, Bali is ready to give you the ultimate treat. We spent a few weeks exploring the best … Read More

30 Facts about Japanese Culture That Will Blow Your Mind

After some interesting facts about Japanese Culture? There’s a lot to know about this amazing country, so it’s hard to narrow it down into a single blog post, but we’re going to try! Honestly, if I were forced to pick a favorite country to travel in, it would have to … Read More

Where to Buy a Japan Rail Pass • All You Need to Know

things to do in Japan!

Japan is an awesome country to explore – and there’s a whole lot of this mountainous, food-filled, temple-boasting island nation to come to grips with. One of the best and most affordable ways to do so is with a Japan Rail Pass. Pay a one-off price for the Japan Rail … Read More

36 Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

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19 Best Things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia

Things to do in Langkawi

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The 30 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Most beautiful cities in the world

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WHERE TO STAY IN LANGKAWI • The Five Best Hotels in Langkawi

Where to stay on Langkawi

Wondering where to stay in Langkawi? When we first heard about Langkawi we were in a forum searching for developed islands in Southeast Asia to travel and possibly live in. In need of a clean island with gorgeous landscapes and a secure internet connection to work from Langkawi fit the … Read More