Fun and Free Things to do in Vilnius

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Things to Do in Lithuania's Capital City

We spent a week in Lithuania and had a wonderful time.  Besides getting off to a rough start (food poisoning, sprained ankle, a drunk old man talking to himself at 3 am in our hostel) we found the capital, Vilnius, to be exceptionally clean, welcoming, and charming. It was great to spend time in a European country that was a little less traveled, read on for our favorite things to do in Vilnius.  General Thoughts Coming from Latvia, we had very mixed thoughts about Lithuania.  Not that Latvia was an unpleasant country. We just found the Latvian people to be … Read More

Why You Should Visit Stockholm

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You need to visit Stockholm. Home of Vikings, Reindeer, and Meatballs I’m in the Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. I was expecting something different, something frozen; instead, I’ve found a pleasant summer, filled with beautiful vistas, great food, and healthy lifestyle—they have a strange obsession with strawberries. You take a deep breath here and you’re like yeah, these Swedes have it pretty good. When I thought of Sweden before it was a mix of an Ikea Hell, of Heavy-Metal, of a frozen tundra, and reindeer everywhere—granted Sweden has all of this, but it’s also so much more. The countryside in the … Read More

Don’t be a Tourist in New York City

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Don't be a Tourist in NYC

Once upon a time we lived in New York City. We were residents for more than a year, but soon after we quickly realized that we were not New Yorkers.  Although the city was not the environment we wanted to call home, it is still a great place to visit! There are so many people I come across that have only stayed in Midtown Manhattan when they visit.  When we hosted friends and asked what they wanted to do, the reply was:   “I wanna go to Times Square!” This was always what I dreaded hearing and the last thing I … Read More