17 of the Best Things to do in Ljubljana

things to do in Ljubljana - Castle

I’ll never forget a local cafe owner comparing Ljubljana to a little girl in a dress. She’s cute and charming, but never to be taken to seriously. We spent a week cafe hopping around Ljubljana and found it to be one of our favorite European cities. It’s small and digestible … Read More

15 Balkan Travel Tips • Know These Before You Travel to the Balkans

Balkan Travel tips

If you’re traveling to the Balkans you’re in a fantastic time. The Balkans are one of our favorite regions we’ve been in Europe. However, before you travel the Balkan region there are some tips you should know. When it comes to Balkan travel tips we should clarify what we mean by “Balkans”. Where … Read More

Traveling the Balkans? Here are 10 Must See Balkan Cities

traveling the balkans

On our last European tour, we spent almost half of our time on a trip traveling the Balkans. From Albania to Romania, every country and location has something unique to offer. The Balkans are slightly less traveled than Western Europe, they are more affordable, and are filled with friendly locals. It all … Read More

Slovenian Food and Drink You Gotta Taste At Big Berry

Going Local in Slovenia Bela Krajina

Two Weeks of Slovenian Food Along The Kolpa We spent two weeks along the Kolpa River, enjoying fresh local Slovenian food products, the countryside, and the teal colored river. The Bela Krajina region, like the rest of Slovenia, is fertile and produces plenty of great regional specialties.  Our hosts at … Read More

BigBerry Makes This Quiet Slovenian Countryside Glamorous

bigberry, slovenia

News flash! I am not camping person.  I love being outdoors, I love adventure activities, and I absolutely cannot stand being in a room without a window connecting me to the sun. However, if you throw me in a tent and tell me to shower in the river I may kill … Read More

One of the Most Famous Caves in the World and More in Slovenia

Perfect Day Trips in Slovenia

We spent two weeks of our time in the beautiful Slovenian countryside with the luxury glamp camp team at Big Berry and loved exploring the region. However, sometimes you need a little time to do some “touristy” things or must visit locations.  With a full van and some morning coffee, we set … Read More

The Best Coffee Shops in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cafe Hopping in Ljubljana

Ljubljana happens to be Slovenia’s largest city and capital, but you wouldn’t know it. It has been named the greenest European city and features the largest pedestrian city center that is just brimming with life. Citizens and tourist alike love to drink coffee by the gorgeous riverfront. Our first day in … Read More