I Want to Travel the World: 50 Memories in 50 Countries

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I want to Travel the World

We just crossed the border from South Africa over to Namibia. I am over the moon with excitement for what this trip through the Namibian desert will bring. However, it is also a milestone for me because I have now set foot in and traveled through 50 countries! I know that numbers don’t matter and many travelers choose not to “count countries”, but I have always found that setting a goal pushes me to travel the world. Long ago, I told myself I would see the world. Having traveled to 50 countries I have now been in more than 25% of the … Read More

We Traveled the World for a Year with a GoPro: Here’s What Happened

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Our Best GoPro Travel Shots From One Year Around The World

So, it’s officially been 12 months since we quit our jobs, left our NYC apartment, and packed up for a life on the road to travel the world for a year. We had so much positive feedback detailing our first six months of travel (told by a GoPro,) that we decided to update everyone on our next six months. If you missed it, feel free to catch up and check out our GoPro travel story from Latvia to Serbia. We pick back up here in Serbia and finish the year at the tip of Africa. Needless to say, it’s been a … Read More

Balkans Travel Itinerary: The Best Eastern European Cities to Visit

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10 Amazing Cities for Balkan Travel

On our last European tour, we spent almost half of our time on a trip through the Balkan region, which is home to some of the best Eastern European cities. From Albania to Romania, every country and location has something unique to offer. The Balkans are slightly less traveled than Western Europe, they are more affordable, and are filled with friendly locals. It all adds up to make one of our favorite regions to travel through in Europe. It’s hard to pick favorites, but here are our top cities for the best Balkans travel itinerary, in no particular order. Not sure what or where the … Read More

15 Balkan Travel Tips You Should Know Before You Go

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Balkan Travel tips

The Balkans are a terrific place to travel. One of our favorite regions we’ve been in Europe. However, before you travel the Balkan region there are some tips you should know. When it comes to Balkan travel tips we should clarify what we mean by “Balkans”. Where exactly is the Balkan Region? And what exactly is it? The easy answer would be the geographical definition of the Balkans, which is the region encompassing the Balkan mountains. This can include Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Turkey, Croatia, and Albania. However, the Balkan Region is viewed much more as a cultural region. Therefore, we … Read More

Where to Go in Croatia on Your Vacation

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The Ultimate Road Trip Through Croatia

Wondering where to go in Croatia? Croatia continues to pop up on more traveler’s radars as a hot destination. The medieval walled coastal cities are backdrops to popular TV Series and movies, while the region of Istria could be confused with Tuscany with its artisan products and hilltop towns. When I first visited Croatia back in 2013, I thought of it as an unheard of destination and to most Americans it was, but when I visited I learned of its longtime popularity with the Slavs, Italians, and Germans. In recent years, the secret appears to have gotten out to the rest of the world. When we returned in 2016 … Read More

Getting Wet & Wild Rafting Croatia’s Cetina River

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Rafting the Cetina River

 We’ve been testing out our adventure skills while in Croatia and the rest of the Balkans. After rock-climbing in Hvar and cycling in Niš we decided we needed to get a little more…wet. That’s where the Cetina River came in!  The Cetina river is a beautiful 63 mi long river in Croatia that flows straight into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.  The river makes for a great place to hang out by and enjoy a picnic; however, we were able to get even closer to it with Adventure Dalmatia. Rafting Croatia’s Cetina River with Adventure Dalmatia We were excited to wake … Read More

The Best Place to Stay in Hvar & What to Know About the Island

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Adventure in Hvar

There is rarely a destination that is only for one type of tourist, but some go beyond. The island and town of Hvar seem to deliver on almost all levels. Looking for the best place to stay in Hvar? You won’t be disappointed with the amount of choices here. It is a posh island getaway that serves up a laid-back Mediterranean vibe rich with heritage and history. The welcoming atmosphere on the sun-drenched island of Hvar is renowned making it a well-known destination, yet it seems poised to grow even larger. As celebrities like Beyonce, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt and … Read More

An Adventurous Weekend in Croatia with & Adventure

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An Adventurous Weekend in Croatia with & Adventure

Many travelers think of Croatia as either a party destination or a chill beach hangout.  I assure you that this Balkan country is certainly both of these things, but there is also many activities to do for the adventure seekers. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a nice cocktail (or a few), and to chill on the beach. However, sometimes we are just craving the three A’s – Activity, Adventure, and Adrenaline.  Rock Climbing in Hvar with & Adventure We jump started our weekend with rock-climbing in Hvar. Located just a 15-minute walk from Hvar Town center is the perfect base to … Read More

Top Travel Destinations 2016, Our list

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Top Travel 2016 The World Pursuit

To celebrate the new year we’re counting down our top travel destinations 2016. The highlight of our 2016 will likely be the largest, most diverse, and wild continent on the planet, Africa. 2016 also brings the centennial celebration of National Park Service in the U.S., which may be the greatest American idea ever. Places like Croatia and Japan continue to dazzle as more international travelers visit. Trends also continue to move towards newer developing nations such as Georgia, and Uruguay. While, wildlife and immeasurable undeveloped landscapes mesmerize visitors throughout the more stable African nations. We have plans to travel to … Read More