20 Fun Things to do in Edinburgh on Your First Trip

Cost To Backpack Europe: Edinburgh

It’s tough to argue with the appeal of Edinburgh as it’s one of the most stunning cities in all of Europe. The Scottish capital is packed with a long and dark history. The city center is split in two between the jumble of medieval buildings in old town and the … Read More

Where To Stay In Edinburgh: Our Favorites!

Old Town Chambers

Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh is no doubt a popular tourist destination. However, with all of those tourist means it may be difficult to figure out where to stay in Edinburgh. The city is packed with history, parks, cafes, shops, and restaurants. We found ourselves constantly wandering around the city finding new … Read More

The Best Scottish Food Restaurants: Our Culinary Journey

Scottish Food - Where To Eat

What would be the point of traveling if we didn’t enjoy the local food? Scottish food can come in any manner. The dramatic countryside provides a wide range of beautiful farm products and with a fertile sea, Scotland may be a culinary destination. Scottish food at its core is all … Read More

North Coast 500 Accommodation • Where to stay on the NC500

North Coast 500 Accommodation

It shouldn’t be any surprise that more and more people are adding the North Coast 500 to their Scotland itinerary. While the popularity of the North Coast 500 grows it is now become difficult to find good accommodation within budget. Even with the wide range of great places to stay … Read More

The 10 Best Places to Stay in London

best places to stay in London

London is one of the most touristic cities in the world, and with so much to do and so much to see, there are also a lot of accommodation choices. Confused by the variety of hotels? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This list of the best hotels in London … Read More

Bath, England The Perfect Weekend Escape

Bath England

The whole Island feels old, the British Isles, is famed for the aura that they give off, an aura that is both dreary and beautiful. Rolling hills are flanked with outcrops of moss covered rocks, and flocks of sheep roam in fenced pastures, while stone homes dot the landscape, and … Read More

Visiting the Titanic Museum in Belfast

Titanic Museum

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I have a strange obsession with Titanic.  Yes, the movie and the actual ship. Cameron has heard about every useless fact there is about James Cameron’s masterpiece, and all the interesting facts that happened on April 14, 1912.  Almost daily, I refer to … Read More