The 21 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

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Most beautiful cities in the world

We don’t claim to have been to every beautiful city in the world but have done our fair share of traveling across 75 countries and six continents. Out of all the cities we have traveled, here are the absolute most amazing we have seen. We haven’t been to all of … Read More

21 EPIC Things to do in Canmore

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I’ll let you in on a little secret, we have a small list of places we want to live in the world and Canmore, Alberta makes the list. I won’t lie and say it’s the most beautiful town we’ve visited in all our travels because it’s not. However what Canmore … Read More

30 Awesome Things To Do In Maui

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Things to do in Maui

Maui is the exclusive honeymoon island of Hawaii. It has some of the states best beaches, great snorkeling spots, national parks, and an epic road trip route. With so many things to do in Maui and little holiday time, it can be difficult in deciding where to allocate your precious … Read More