Five Must See Places in California

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Must see places in California

There is probably no other state in the United States that offers holiday goers as much as California. From picturesque beaches to purple fields on mountaintops to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains – California has something for everyone. It’s no wonder that Americans and international travelers alike flock to the state for their vacations. Go ahead and rent that corvette and check out some of these California vacation rentals for the perfect trip in the United States. Five Must See Places in California Kings Canyon National Park Kings Canyon National Park is well known for its never-ending valleys, distinctive rocks, and towering trees located near … Read More

Magical Date Nights to Have in Kissimmee

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Date Nights to Have in Kissimmee

Many people flock to Orlando when they visit Florida, but why not head next door to Kissimmee instead? This Central Florida city has plenty to do and see, especially when you’re planning a date. What’s better than sunny weather, a hip downtown area, and proximity to one of the most wonderful places on earth? Any date night in Kissimmee is bound to be special, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to book a romantic hotel with Hotel Planner first, since Kissimmee accommodations book up quickly! Fly High on a Balloon Ride Nothing says romance like a hot … Read More

I Want to Travel the World: 50 Memories in 50 Countries

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I want to Travel the World

We just crossed the border from South Africa over to Namibia. I am over the moon with excitement for what this trip through the Namibian desert will bring. However, it is also a milestone for me because I have now set foot in and traveled through 50 countries! I know that numbers don’t matter and many travelers choose not to “count countries”, but I have always found that setting a goal pushes me to travel the world. Long ago, I told myself I would see the world. Having traveled to 50 countries I have now been in more than 25% of the … Read More

Around the World with Instagram: Destinations to Make You Pack Your Bags

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Around the World with Instagram

I think it’s safe to say that the world is one beautiful places. Some destinations are so amazing that it’s hard to believe they are real. So I took to Instagram to find the most breathtaking destinations showcased by real people on Instagram. I use Instagram to fuel my motivation to travel, and sometimes we even hand pick certain destinations because of a photo on Instagram. From Finland to Antarctica, if these photos don’t make you pack your bags to jet set around the globe then I don’t know what will! So let’s work our way around the world, shall … Read More

Five Fancy Things to Do in New York City

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Fancy Things to do in NYC

New York City is the land where foodies, hipsters, socialites, gym rats, and actors come together. There are many free attractions and local activities to do in the city, but there are also many fancy and expensive things to do in New York. Looking to indulge on your next trip to the Big Apple? After you book that fantastic IHG New York City hotel, put on some stellar shoes and hit the streets for a vacation full of style, luxury, and class. In cooperation with InterContinental Hotels Group, here are some of the fanciest things that New York has to offer. Five Fancy Things … Read More

Five Must Do Things In Nashville

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Must Do Activities in Nashville

There’s probably no better city for music fans than Nashville, TN. However, that’s not all there is to this eclectic Southern city. There’s a hippy edgy side. Millennials continue to move to the city in search of an area that’s cheaper than NYC or LA but has just as much to offer in entertainment. Nashville’s booming neighborhoods now have third-wave coffee shops, co-working spaces, craft breweries, artisanal markets, and restaurants. However, Nashville hasn’t lost any of its country charms, still featuring plenty of places to catch a live show or eat some of the cities’ famous hot-chicken. It’s no wonder that my sister … Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Live in NYC on the Cheap?

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in NYC on the Cheap

There must be something in the rat infested tracks on the subway platforms in New York that make people think it’s impossible to save money in the city. I graduated with a liberal arts degree, so needless to say the amount of fellow graduates of mine that are quickly flocking to one of the most expensive cities in the world is enormous.  Most of these millennials are flabbergasted that we were able to save enough money to travel the world while living in this world metropolis on entry-level incomes. However, in the course of one year we were able to put … Read More

An Evening in the Windy City: What to Do with Only a Couple Hours in Chicago

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What to do in Chicago

Chicago, the Windy City, is one of the most iconic American cities. Long overshadowed by New York City, it has fought fiercely to create just as distinct an identity of its own. Chicago is a sports city, a foodie’s haven, a home for the arts, and the birthplace of American architecture. It’s a city that would take a lifetime to understand, but you don’t have a lifetime — you have an evening. So what do you do with just a few hours? In cooperation with IHG Hotels, here is what to do with an evening in Chicago. Only A Couple Hours? … Read More

Travel Bloggers Reveal the 20 Best Cafes Around The World

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The Best Cafes Around The World

The secrets out. We LOVE coffee! Even better than the coffee itself, is the surroundings your submersed in while sipping on those freshly ground beans. When we get to a new, unknown, and unexplored city we always set out to find that perfect cafe.  Apparently, so do other travel bloggers – here are the best cafes around the world, as told by travel bloggers! Coffee Gurus Unite: The 20 Best Cafes Around the World Stuart at Am I Nearly There Yet says Aunty Pegs in Melbourne, Australia Why is it the best? As huge coffee snobs, discovering and chilling out in epic … Read More

Top Travel Destinations 2016, Our list

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Top Travel 2016 The World Pursuit

To celebrate the new year we’re counting down our top travel destinations 2016. The highlight of our 2016 will likely be the largest, most diverse, and wild continent on the planet, Africa. 2016 also brings the centennial celebration of National Park Service in the U.S., which may be the greatest American idea ever. Places like Croatia and Japan continue to dazzle as more international travelers visit. Trends also continue to move towards newer developing nations such as Georgia, and Uruguay. While, wildlife and immeasurable undeveloped landscapes mesmerize visitors throughout the more stable African nations. We have plans to travel to … Read More