Five Fancy Things to Do in New York City

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Fancy Things to do in NYC

New York City is the land where foodies, hipsters, socialites, gym rats, and actors come together. There are many free attractions and local activities to do in the city, but there are also many fancy and expensive things to do in New York. Looking to indulge on your next trip to the Big Apple? After you book that fantastic IHG New York City hotel, put on some stellar shoes and hit the streets for a vacation full of style, luxury, and class. In cooperation with InterContinental Hotels Group, here are some of the fanciest things that New York has to offer. Five Fancy Things … Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Live in NYC on the Cheap?

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in NYC on the Cheap

There must be something in the rat infested tracks on the subway platforms in New York that make people think it’s impossible to save money in the city. I graduated with a liberal arts degree, so needless to say the amount of fellow graduates of mine that are quickly flocking to one of the most expensive cities in the world is enormous.  Most of these millennials are flabbergasted that we were able to save enough money to travel the world while living in this world metropolis on entry-level incomes. However, in the course of one year we were able to put … Read More

The Five Best New York Coffee Shops

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Locals New York Coffee

New Yorkers take their coffee seriously. It is a city with swarms of overworked people, plenty of money, and trade ports that crawl with activity; coffee in New York is abundant. We take it seriously here. Yes, you can find Starbucks all over the city; but ask any serious New Yorker, and they will have a favorite coffee spot for you that is not a chain. We love our independent spots. Coffee was made for this town. Each person has his or her own spot, and opinion. Often, it’s due to convenience. For me, it was a little shop called … Read More

Living in NYC on a Budget: How We Saved Over $50k to Travel the World

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Living in NYC on a Budget

Living in NYC on a budget is a phrase that contradicts itself to most degrees. If you’re familiar with our blog you may be wondering how two twenty-somethings have been fortunate enough to travel so much. It’s the number one question we receive, and I myself was always very curious years before we left on this life of adventure how people do it. Over the past seven or so years I have saved up, left to travel, depleted the savings, saved up again, deplete again…etc. That’s what we do. Save and work. We didn’t have much money when we moved to … Read More

Don’t be a Tourist in New York City

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Don't be a Tourist in NYC

Once upon a time we lived in New York City. We were residents for more than a year, but soon after we quickly realized that we were not New Yorkers.  Although the city was not the environment we wanted to call home, it is still a great place to visit! There are so many people I come across that have only stayed in Midtown Manhattan when they visit.  When we hosted friends and asked what they wanted to do, the reply was:   “I wanna go to Times Square!” This was always what I dreaded hearing and the last thing I … Read More