15 Balkan Travel Tips You Should Know Before You Go

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Balkan Travel tips

The Balkans are a terrific place to travel. One of our favorite regions we’ve been in Europe. However, before you travel the Balkan region there are some tips you should know. When it comes to Balkan travel tips we should clarify what we mean by “Balkans”. Where exactly is the Balkan Region? And what … Read More

Where to Go in Croatia to Have an Amazing Vacation

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The Ultimate Road Trip Through Croatia

Wondering where to go in Croatia? Croatia continues to pop up on more traveler’s radars as a hot destination. The medieval walled coastal cities are backdrops to popular TV Series and movies, while the region of Istria could be confused with Tuscany with its artisan products and hilltop towns. When I first visited Croatia back in 2013, … Read More

Four Must Have Experiences While in Shanghai

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Must have experiences in Shanghai

Shanghai has long been on my travel radar. The closest I have ever been to visiting Shanghai was in the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on a five-hour layover to Hong Kong. However, next year that will change as we plan to finally venture into China for the first time. In cooperation … Read More