20 Best Things to do in Nara, Japan • Nara Travel Guide

Best Things to do in Nara

Wondering what to do in Nara? Kyoto has its famous temples and was once the capital of Japan. However, less than an hour on the train, in fact, is Nara. Nara too has its famous temples and was also once the capital of Japan – but before Kyoto. Nara’s temples … Read More

Drakensberg Mountains: An Escape in South Africa

The Drakensberg mountains in South Africa are a destination not to be missed. They can be found in all sorts of nature documentaries and travel books about Africa. Dramatic, weathered, and mysterious the Drakensberg conjures up the imagination. They culminate at their highest with the Drakensberg Amphitheater. One of the most photogenic … Read More

Namibia Travel Tips to Know Before You Go

Why Travel Africa Namib Desert

We had never read a single Namibia travel tip before driving straight into the country. When we crossed the Noordoewer border post from South Africa and into Namibia we had no expectations of travel in Namibia. We knew we were in for a month of vast landscapes, chilling coastlines, amazing wildlife, and … Read More

Best Time To Visit Japan (2019) • Month By Month Breakdown

So, you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Japan. We don’t blame you. Japan is a wildly seasonal country, with four very different seasons. In fact, there may even be more than four seasons. There’s spring, summer, autumn, and winter, sure – but within these usual seasons there’s … Read More

Traveling to Greece? Here are 20 Greece Travel Tips to Know

Greece Travel Tips

Traveling to Greece? Lucky you! It should be no secret the Greek spirit and hospitality is world renowned. Greece has one of the most iconic cultures, histories, and geographies. Greece for us strikes a tender note, it is where Tasha and I fell in love. It launched years of future … Read More

13 Best Things to do in Pokhara, Nepal

Things to do in Pokhara - Nepal

Pokhara is Nepal’s not so secret holiday getaway spot for Nepali’s and international tourists and there’s good reason for that. Pokhara’s has the best all year round climate in Nepal with temperatures reaching no lower than 15°C on a winter’s day, while maximum temperatures can reach 30° C. Pokhara is … Read More

The Perfect Southern Namibia Self Drive Itinerary

First Stop in Namibia

We drove into Southern Namibia from South Africa and were greeted by looming rock formations and empty roads. The path before us wound through an arid canyon and came up to a plateau, and the perfect Southern Namibia self-drive itinerary laid ahead.  As we ascended out of the canyon the sun began … Read More

10 Switzerland Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

Travel Switzerland

There are a ton of reasons to travel in Switzerland. We can’t even try and dissuade you from it by saying it’s one of the most expensive countries in the world. As Switzerland is busting at the seams with alpine lakes, dramatic cliff faces mountains, modern cities, flower-filled meadows, charming … Read More

15 Things to Know Before Going To Italy

Things to Know Before Going to Italy

Italy has long been on the top of many travelers list for decades. The country is majestically beautiful, has world-class food, and a spoken language that will instantly make you drool and fall in love. I have had the pleasure of spending time there on a few different occasions, and … Read More