The 15 Best Hikes in Cyprus (2020)

Seeking the best hikes in Cyprus? That’s understandable On an island like Cyprus, with its sun-baked, rocky coastlines, turquoise-blue waters, hidden cave waterfalls, and mountainous valleys, the diverse landscapes mean there will always be adventure options for the traveler who likes to hike. Some of these are popular purely for … Read More

The 15 Best Hikes in Scotland (2020)

North Coast 500

Looking for some of the best hikes in Scotland? Like most of Britain, Scotland is a wealth of natural resources and incredible landscapes. From moorlands to roaring seas backed by towering rocky cliffs, to rolling hillsides and even skyscraping mountains, Scotland has it all when it comes to landscape. Due … Read More

12 of the Best Ski Resorts in Canada

Best Ski Resorts in Canada

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12 Best Places to Visit in February (IN THE WORLD)

Kurumba Maldives

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The Best Travel Credit Cards For Travel in 2020

Cost To Backpack Europe: Edinburgh

Everyone should have a credit card that garners some sort of reward! If you’re just using cash or debit cards then you aren’t cashing in on the many free offers and rewards that are offered to you! Plus the most important benefit of purchase protection in a foreign country. It … Read More

How Much Does a Trip to Italy Cost? The Honest Answer

cost to travel italy

Is Italy an expensive country to travel around? Not at all! But it certainly isn’t a cheap destination either. What’s the average cost of a trip to Italy? We break down the basic expenses you can expect in Italy and what to expect on your trip to Italy. We’ve been … Read More


Things to do in Sapporo, Hokkaido

If you’re wondering what to do in Sapporo, we have you covered! Sapporo is the capital of Japan’s northernmost prefecture – Hokkaido. The most recently settled of the Japanese archipelago, this region was once home exclusively to the distinct ethnic group, the Ainu people. Today, however, Sapporo is about as … Read More