13 Best Road Trips in the World! (Pay Attention to #2)

Tropic of Capricorn Namibia

It’s tough to beat an iconic road trip. With so much to see it’s hard to narrow down the best road trips in the world, but we gave it a try. There’s no formal ranking system here, these road trips are just from our personal experience and opinions. After all … Read More

Hiking in Ecuador Guide • The 15 Best Hikes in Ecuador

best hikes in ecuador

Wanting to go hiking in Ecuador? You’ll never be too far from a hiking trail in Ecuador, but when there are so many, and each is more beautiful than the last, how are you supposed to choose? Luckily, we’ve selected some of the best for you, so you don’t have … Read More

25 Things to Know Before Visiting Machu Picchu (2020)

Guide to Machu Picchu

If you have plans to visit Machu Picchu here are tips to have the best experience possible. There is no need to stress over plans as the site is easily accessible despite its location in the middle of the Andes. We were successfully able to plan our trip to Machu … Read More

The 20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

We have never been on a “honeymoon.” However, we have had our fair share of romantic experiences in many countries abroad. It shouldn’t be any surprise that we are often asked for travel advice from those seeking out the best honeymoon destination. We get emails all the time like, “Hey, I … Read More

Best Time to Visit Peru (2020) • Month By Month Breakdown

Heading to Peru and wondering when the best time to visit Peru is? A trip to Peru sounds good to us. This crazy biodiverse country has it all: the hot and humid rainforest of the Amazon, the soaring peaks and mystifying history of the Andes, bustling cities, and a surfer-friendly … Read More

30 Facts About Ecuador That Will Blow Your Mind

Galapagos Cruise

Searching for a few facts about Ecuador? When I traveled to Ecuador three years ago it was an eye-opening experience. I arrived in Quito at night with no knowledge of the city or the country for that matter. It would be a pleasant surprise as the charming city is the … Read More

30 Facts About Peru That Will Blow Your Mind

Peru Packing List

Looking for some facts about Peru? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we share some awesome Peru facts. We’ve fallen in love with the country and after our first trip to the country, we’ve been itching to return. After planning our next trip to Peru we decided to … Read More

The 30 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Most beautiful cities in the world

Looking for the most beautiful cities in the world? We don’t claim to have been to every beautiful city in the world but have done our fair share of traveling across 80 countries and six continents. Out of all the cities and towns we have traveled, here are the absolute … Read More

The Ultimate Peru Packing List • What to Wear in Peru (2020)

visiting Machu Picchu

Heading to Peru and in need of a Peru packing list? Since it’s a climatically diverse country, thinking about what to pack for Peru always leaves travelers baffled. Depending on where in Peru you’re going and during what season, you might need either nothing but swimwear and shorts or all … Read More

22 Fun Things to do in Cusco For All to Enjoy!

Things to do in Cusco - Featured

Cusco is one of the most interesting cities in South America and it’s largely because of its unique flavor. The Peruvian city the longest inhabited city in the Americas and colonial buildings clash with old Incan architecture. In many cases, those colonial buildings sit on the foundations of the former … Read More