Cappadocia Pictures From A Week Long Adventure

Capturing Cappadocia

This is the first of our latest series of posts, in which we feature photographs from destinations around the world. This post is the incredible Cappadocia Turkey. Cappadocia is a region that is unique. We first made our adventure to Cappadocia, Turkey in November of 2016. There is an undeniable … Read More

Getting Wet & Wild Rafting Croatia’s Cetina River

Rafting the Cetina River

 We’ve been testing out our adventure skills while in Croatia and the rest of the Balkans. After rock-climbing in Hvar and cycling in Niš, we decided we needed to get a little more, wet. That’s where the Cetina River came in!   The Cetina river is a beautiful 63 mi long … Read More

Travel Scams Around the Globe

Travel Scams Around the Globe

Scams seem to have just become another part of travel. I’m sure everyone has a great story of that time they were scammed here or that time that man ripped you off there. No matter how long you have been traveling or how many countries you have traveled to, I … Read More

Things To Do in Skopje in Just One Day

The Best Way To Spend a Day in Skopje

So many things to do in Skopje, so little time. The capital city of Macedonia is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting cities I’ve been in. Skopje is very well connected with other Balkan cities like Pristina, Tirana, Thessaloniki, and Sofia and is quickly becoming a hot destination … Read More

This Couple’s Travel Story Told Through A GoPro

The Best GoPro Travel Shots

It’s officially six-months of our blog being live, and us on the road. So, in celebration we’ve compiled a list of our best GoPro travel photos. We just concluded a month of hanging out in Belgrade and have arrived in a new country for us both, Macedonia. 2016 has even more … Read More

Five Reasons to Go Traveling During the Off Season

Reasons to Travel During the Off Season

It’s November, you’re traveling around Eastern Europe and then you see it…snow. You know this weather is just the beginning, and you start to ponder your life choices. Why are you traveling during the off season again? “Why the hell didn’t I do my Eurotrip in July like everyone else?” … Read More

Off the Beaten Path Travel: I Wasn’t Planning on Going There

Off the Beaten Path Travel

After writing a handful of blog posts, I realized there is a consistent pattern and viewpoint of many of the destinations I have traveled to.  Even while sharing travel stories with friends, family, and travelers alike, many of my sentences start out the same. “I wasn’t planning on going there.” … Read More

Why You Should Study Abroad At Least Once

10 Reasons to Study Abroad at Least Once

Breathing in the unfamiliar air, staring at the ocean from a completely different vantage point. The world around me had just opened up, and I felt small. I was 21 the first time I traveled abroad alone.  A dream of mine was to study abroad like my mother, and nailing … Read More

The Best Travel Movies To Inspire Wanderlust

The Best Travel Movies of all time

The best travel movies to ignite your wanderlust. We’re big time cinefiles and have a love for all varieties of films. We love watching movies and escaping into another world. It’s one of the first things we do when getting ready before we travel to a new destination. Not only … Read More