Best Hiking Underwear for Men and Women (Summer 2020)

Proper hiking underwear is an article of clothing every hiker should invest in. Hiking underwear ensures that you are comfortable on the trail. It’s a technical piece of clothing that is often overlooked when picking out hiking gear but extremely important. The best hiking underwear fits snug around the skin, … Read More

13 Best Hiking Socks to Prevent Blisters on the Trail

Best hiking socks to prevent blisters

A great pair of hiking socks to prevent blisters is one of the most important pieces of clothing to have on your hiking list. There’s nothing worse than setting out for a great day hiking, only to have your feet feel uncomfortable within the first hour of the hike. There … Read More

11 Best Hiking Hats That Actually Look Cool

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10 Best Men’s Hiking Shirts for the Trails

Burstall Pass Hike in Kananaskis Country

One of the first things men overlook in their outdoor wardrobe is the hiking shirt. A good men’s hiking shirt should be designed to fit well, to be comfortable, quick-drying, breathable, and durable. It can be tough to find the perfect hiking shirt for men, but I assure you there … Read More

9 Best Camera Backpacks for Hiking

Best Camera Backpacks for Hiking

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12 Best Hiking Shirts for Women on the Trail

Best Hiking Shirts for Women

An often overlooked part of the travel or hiking wardrobe is the hiking shirt. When it comes to shirts specifically designed for hiking, there are a whole load of different options to choose from, but many people opt for regular shirts and tees that aren’t designed for hikes or traveling. … Read More