10 of the Best Dry Bags for Adventure

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Plan TripBest Dry Bags for Adventure Hawaii - Outrigger Canoe

In the last few years, dry bags have become a hot item for travelers, outdoorsmen, and pretty much anyone whose job and hobbies require taking things that need to stay dry into environments where there’s lots of wind, water, and grime. Just like the name says, the bags are designed … Read More

10 Best Hiking Sandals on the Market

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Best Hiking Sandals - Galapagos

When the conversation drifts towards hiking, most folks imagine lacing up some clunky and cumbersome hiking boots before hitting the trail. A small clan in the hiking community, however, scoffs at this concept and prefer to slip on their lightweight hiking sandals for a day on the trail. I’m not … Read More

The Best GoPro Alternatives of 2019

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Best Cave Hotels in CAppadocia

Similar to such brands such as Kleenex or Band-aid, the GoPro has been advertised so successfully that it has gradually become the generic name for all action cameras. Although the GoPro is widely used and extremely popular, that does not mean that it is the only action camera available today … Read More