The Best Travel Packing List on The Internet

Travel Packing List

This is the best travel packing list to make sure your next trip. It’s pretty tough to nail down one packing list for any type of trip so we’ll share all of your basic needs on a trip and then share a few destination specific packing lists. After years on … Read More

50 Travel Essentials That I Never Leave Home Without

Travel Essentials

Wondering what to bring traveling? You are not alone! We’ve been traveling around the world for over five years and now have a huge list of travel essentials that make our lives better when we are away from home. We recommend thousands of travel must-haves on this site, but I … Read More

30 Ways to Be More Eco Friendly When You Travel

The heat in Africa

We try our hardest to be more eco-friendly in our travels. As we learn more about our impact on our planet, it’s apparent we face almost certain peril if we fail to address climate change and preserve our natural planet. It’s why we often voice our opinion about more sustainable travel. … Read More

The 11 Best Safari Dress Options For Your African Safari

Masai Mara Cottars Tent

Wearing a dress in Africa is a must! Don’t be the girl who only goes on safari in khaki pants and a long sleeve top. Safari dresses are a thing and can really dress up your African safari. With the right safari style, dress one can be just as comfortable … Read More

What to Pack For a Day Hike (2020)

What To Pack For A Day Hike

On any significant hikes, we recommend you bring a packed day pack. As to what you pack in your bag varies based on your trip there are some key items that you should not leave at home like food, water, and a first aid kit. Pretty much everything below asides … Read More

The 15 Best Travel Coffee Mugs and Coffee Thermos

Best Coffee Mugs for Travel

So you’ve decided it’s time to commit to a travel coffee mug (welcome to the club!). From an ecological standpoint, this is an excellent starter step towards reducing your waste footprint, especially when you consider the presence of coffee in your day to day life. You might grab one on … Read More

What To Wear Hiking For Any Trip (2020)

What To Wear Hiking The World Pursuit Feature

Wondering what to wear hiking? We break down all of the key essentials to a good wardrobe and outfit for your hike in the wilderness. Of course, you don’t need a new wardrobe to go hiking and if you’re on a short and simple hike. We suggest you head out … Read More

Long Haul Flight Essentials For Your Next Trip (2020)

long haul flights

Save your trip with these long haul flight essentials! Let’s face it – long flights and international travel sucks. If you’re stuck on a plane for an extended period of time it could leave you tired, dehydrated, uncomfortable, and even hungry. There are things that you can do to cope … Read More