15 Things We’ve Learned From Overlanding Africa

overlanding Africa

It has been a long time since we sat naively in Europe contemplating the idea of an Africa overland trip. Now 12 African nations, 25,000 miles, and zero flat tires later it’s a time for reflection on just what I have learned from overlanding Africa. We’ll never forget the days we spent … Read More

15 North Coast 500 Tips to Know Before You Go

North Coast 500

Over time we have grown to love a good road trip. It was bound to happen as we grew older. We bought a Land Cruiser in Cape Town, drove across Africa, and learned a ton along the way! I’ve solo road tripped from Auckland to Queenstown and spent a fabulous … Read More

Driving in Iceland? Here are 33 Things to Know

driving in iceland

Driving around Iceland is a fantastic experience and will greatly enhance any trip to the country. Iceland is an amazing country and with every twist and turn in the road comes a new breathtaking view. However, driving in Iceland is probably much different than driving in your own country and … Read More