The Africa Packing List Items You’ll Want to Have • 2019 Update

Africa Packing List

Are you wondering what clothes to pack for Africa? Packing for Africa can be downright daunting unless you have a handy Africa packing list. Whether you’re on an overland safari, a mission trip, or just traveling around the massive continent making sure you’re well packed for Africa is essential. Once … Read More

The 10 Best Travel Pants For Any Trip (2019)

Best Travel Pants

Here’s a review of the best travel pants to tackle any adventure or trip. I’m a firm believer in minimalist travel and that with the right clothes you can handle any trip or change in plans. After years of travel, I’ve had enough pants rip, buttons pop off, and uncomfortable … Read More

Best Travel Towels For Backpacking in 2019

The Best Travel Towels

The best travel towels may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it is an important part of what we pack in our luggage. After years of travel around the world, we know the value of having the perfect compact travel towel. It has been a lot … Read More

A Step by Step Guide on How to Travel the World

adventure quotes

Five years after we met in Stavanger, Norway to travel around Europe we’re still exploring the world. It’s hard to believe that in those years we’ve been to nearly 80 countries across six continents! After all this time, we consider ourselves well traveled for two twenty-somethings, but still manage to learn … Read More

Buying a Car in South Africa and Being Undesirable

Buying a car in Africa

So, the big announcement is out! We are officially driving across Africa in “Charlie,” our newest addition to The World Pursuit family. The 1989 Land Cruiser is awesome! He is a workhorse, a 4×4 Tonka trunk equipped with a bush bar, roof rack, and pull out drawers. However, buying a … Read More

68 Gifts for Travelers in 2019 • A List of the BEST Travel Gifts

Best gifts for travelers

It’s tough to nail the best travel gift for that intrepid explorer in your life. They’re always on the go and live that “minimalist lifestyle.” We’re full-time travelers so we know what’s a bust and what will be the perfect gift for someone going traveling. These travel gifts are about … Read More

10 Best Hiking Sandals on the Market

Best Hiking Sandals - Galapagos

When the conversation drifts towards hiking, most folks imagine lacing up some clunky and cumbersome hiking boots before hitting the trail. A small clan in the hiking community, however, scoffs at this concept and prefer to slip on their lightweight hiking sandals for a day on the trail. I’m not … Read More

How We Live a Life of Travel • All The Fun Details

Plan Trip Hawaii -Oahu

As two people without a permanent home and always on the go from country to country we’re often asked how we live a life of travel. This covers the everyday nuances of life and how we cope with long-term travel. It’s not a complicated ordeal and we take almost everything … Read More

20 Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

cartwheels in the seychelles

It’s tough to stay in shape while traveling the world.  You’re in new environments, different time zones, and lack access to the comforts of home. There is often no kitchen or gym at your instant disposal while abroad. People ask us how we stay in shape when we travel and … Read More