Elephants in the Crater

The Dark Side of Animal Tourism • 10 Unethical Animal Encounters to Avoid

In the last two years of our travels, we’ve found ourselves in many places famed for their wildlife like Africa and Asia. The travels on these two continents have been incredible; however, we’ve noticed a reoccurring theme of questionable animals encounters specifically designed for tourists. Recently it was promotions for elephant rides in Thailand, and …

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25 Best Travel Tips for Women

Every woman should experience independent travel at least once in their life. There is so much to uncover in the world that it’s important to get out of your comfort zone. Every day I see more and more women getting out there and making the most out of their life. They witness strange cultures, meet …

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Whale Shark Diving in Mozambique

29 Ethical Wildlife Tourism Experiences

We’re often asked about what ethical wildlife tourism experiences around the world we support. Nowadays there are so many unethical operations exploiting animals for profit it can be confusing for tourists. We never want to see anyone mistakenly end up in questionable wildlife encounters so we spent some time researching and collecting our favorites. Over …

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Idaho Ski Resorts

A Guide on How To Travel Sustainably

When we talk about sustainable travel we often refer to eco-conscious travel, but that’s only one half of the puzzle. There is an important part of sustainable travel that’s being left out and that’s societal element. We’ve seen a number of tour operators and tourism boards push a new element and that’s the social impact …

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