The Beauty Is In The Details: Morocco

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Beautiful Morocco
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We found ourselves in Morocco after a €10 flight.

The country wasn’t even on radar, but for €10 we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. What found lived up to the rumors. Morocco, was gorgeous, right down to the small details.

The Beauty of Morocco

M orocco is dizzying for first-time visitors filled aggressive touts, unusual customs, and rich food. The standard introduction to the nation is through cities that are glorified rat mazes. However, something happens in those cobbled medinas the visitor finds something beautiful. It catches their eye and grabs hold of them, then a scent of incense drifts through the air mixing with hash, mounds of spices, and cooking food. At times it feels like being in the center of a hurricane, an atmosphere unlike any other, but details found within the madness add an element of tranquility and appreciation.


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