Facts About The World

Facts Around The World


Alleys of Chefchaouen

Learning a few facts about the places you travel to is always a significant step in your travel planning. From Bosnia to Timbuktu, we can all learn more about this planet we call home.

Learning about the world and its various aspects can help you better understand how things work and why they are the way they are, especially when you travel. The more facts you know, the more you develop critical thinking skills, which keeps you making more informed decisions when traveling.

Knowing a few facts about wherever you travel helps you understand different cultures, histories, and shared stories that may help you communicate more effectively with others!

Whatever your reason for learning about the world, prepare yourself to broaden your perspective and help you better appreciate different ways of life even before stepping foot in a new country!

Facts About Spain

Did you know that out of all the European countries, Spain is the only one that shares a physical border with a country in Africa?

Or how about Spain has the distinction of possessing the world’s third-largest quantity of UNESCO World Heritage Sites!?

The best time to visit Oman

Facts About Oman

Who knew that Oman is practically crime free country? Or that the Arab state breeds some of the words finest horses?

Oman may be a place you know little about, but we are about to change that!


Facts About Argentina

Did you know that Almost 90% of residents in Buenos Aires own a pet, with dogs being the most common.

Or that the average Argentinian average person consumes 49.7 kilograms of beef a year!

traveling to bhutan tips

Facts About Bhutan

There are no street lights anywhere in Bhutan. Nope NONE, so no worrying about red, green, and yellow lights.