The Five Best New York Coffee Shops

New Yorkers take their coffee seriously. It is a city with swarms of overworked people, plenty of money, and trade ports that crawl with activity; coffee in New York is abundant. We take it seriously here. Yes, you can find Starbucks all over the city; but ask any serious New Yorker, and they will have a favorite coffee spot for you that is not a chain. We love our independent spots. Coffee was made for this town. Each person has his or her own spot, and opinion. Often, it’s due to convenience.

For me, it was a little shop called the Jolly Goat on West 47th Street because they served up Stumptown Brewers cold brew coffee on tap. That shit rocks. So you’ve probably had iced coffee before, pretty much everyone has these days, but there is a new standard in town that’s the cold brew. Cold brew is nothing new, it’s been around for ages, but has spread like wildfire throughout NYC coffee shops. Cold brew, when done correctly, is smooth, strong in flavor, and packs a bigger caffeine punch than your standard iced coffee. That doesn’t even cover all the other concoctions going on around the city. We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite coffee shops around the city.

Best Coffee Shops in New York City

Cameron's Favorite Coffee Shop in New York. The World Pursuit.

Jolly Goat

This is my favorite coffee shop. Every New Yorker has one, that spot that is their go to for coffee, some it’s just the bodega across the street, others it’s a morning cart, then other go for the “fancy shit.” It’s small, it’s in an inconvenient location (convenient for me right up the street from work), it’s charming while being immaculately clean, and the service rocks. I love these guys they were my go to, my staple, and my rock. Located in Hell’s Kitchen. [Photo]

Blue Bottle

These guys take their coffee seriously. They have great beans, and a way of charging prices for a dripped coffee you could only see in NYC. I also distinctly remember a barista telling Tasha “No, we don’t carry flavors here…We like for our customers to taste the coffee.” They treat it like it’s a fine wine, and they may not be wrong. A must have here is the New Orleans-style cold brew made with chicory. They have several locations throughout the city.[Photo]

A favorite Coffee Shop of The World Pursuit.

Fair Folks & A Goat

Don’t know who came first with the goat thing, but this is a nondescript coffee shop perfect for sitting down and enjoying a good cappuccino, plus being right off of Houston (pronounced HOW-STON) the people watching is great. They even offer a membership plan for $25 a month! Another favorite coffee shops of ours when we’re in the neighborhood. [photo]

Fair Folks And Goat A favorite Coffee Shop of The World Pursuit.


These guys have been producing coffee for ages in NYC and have become a must when visiting NYC. Excellent coffee combined with great baked goods. What these guys lack in size they make up for with their Olive Cookie. Located in the East Village


This is Tasha’s favorite coffee shop. These guys have their own way of doing things. They make and produce great beans that you’ll find throughout coffee shops throughout the whole city. Their two best things have to be their Cappuccino and their awesome Cold Brew on tap. Located in SoHo they’re perfect to take a break from Window shopping, or shopping. [photo]

Stumptown Coffee Cappuccino A favorite Coffee Shop of The World Pursuit

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