Our Recommended Travel Gear

With years of travel experience under our belts we’ve come to appreciate good travel gear. We don’t travel with much, but we do travel with is important to us. Here you’ll find a list of our favorite things that we personally carry with us on our journey around the world.

Travel Bags

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack
Perfect for day trips out! This hand sized pouch unfolds into a strong backpack to be used when other packs are just too much to handle.

Retails: $28.95

Osprey Daylite Backpack
This backpack rocks. It’s slim, lightweight, and it’s designed to clip on to your full size pack. With two mesh pockets for water bottles, and a inner pouch for a water bladder it’s easy to stay hydrated with this pack.

Retails: $50.00

Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpack
I spoke about my love for the Osprey Atmos before. The bag has a top of the line suspension system with a ventilated back, making it the most comfortable pack. It has a wide array of pockets, clips, and an internal frame all while weighing less than five pounds.

Retails: $259.95

Osprey Farpoint BackPack 55L
This bag is makes for the perfect travel companion. Feel free to pack all your gear in and a pair of boots; this pack can handle loads up to 50 pounds. Tasha carries and loves this pack, and the detachable day bag makes this pack a rockstar.

Retails: $180.00


Apple Macbook Air 13″
When it comes to being a digital nomad on the road, it’s hard to beat the Air. It’s lightweight, slim, and with SSD storage its powerful enough to make quick photo edits, designs, and video edits. In fact it’s been used to build this whole site, and all images with it.

Retails: $799.99+

GoPro Hero4 Silver
We’re self-professed GoPro fanatics. There’s so much to love about this tiny camera and the awesome travel shots you can get with it. Check out our post here.

Retails: $329.99

Canon 5d MKIII
Chances are if this camera is for you, it’s already on your radar. It’s become the golden standard of full frame digital cameras, and spurred an entire movement of filmmakers self-financing art films. Mine has practically become an extension of me.

Retails (including 24-105 lens): $3,099.99

Sandisk Micro SD Card
Chances are your camera is going to need extra space for your photos, and nothing is more of a buzzkill then missing that killer shot because your card is full. Memory is one of those things I stick with name brand on, both my SD and CF cards are Sandisk. It’s not worth risking your photos of a few dollars.

Retails: $19.99

Travel Essentials

Lifestraw Go Water Bottle
This bottle is durable, and removes up to 99.999% of waterborne bacteria . We love that we don’t have to waste plastic or money constantly buying waterbottles while traveling. For every Lifestraw purchased they will also send one child in need receives drinking water for an entire year!

Youphoria Travel Towel
Works wonders in our packs. This towel is fast drying, compact, and extremely absorbent. Having this towel allows us to pack more of the other things we love!

Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock
Eagle Nest Outfitters have become the brand in lightweight hammocks. There hammocks are quality made and super comfortable. And you can throw them up just about anywhere with the Atlas Straps.


Merkur Safety Razor
 Disposable and cartridge based razors are ineffective, expensive, and make shaving a chore. Takes up minimal space in in my pack with one hundred refills at my disposal.

Lush Solid Shampoo, A Favorite of The World Pursuit

Lush Seanik Solid Shampoo

We love LUSH cosmetics and their shampoo bars are a great way to save space. They don’t come in a plastic bottle and have prime natural ingredients. The shampoo bars also last a very long time. YAY.

Ozone Layer Deodorant
We’re always thinking about our health and most anti-perspirants are loaded with chemicals and heavy metals, so we use Ozone Layer. It’s made with 3 ingredients, shea butter, beeswax, and oxygen.

Ozone Deodorant, A Favorite of The World Pursuit