11 Amazing Gift Ideas for Boyfriends!

Check out these gifts for boyfriends. There are a plethora of reasons to give a gift year-round whether it’s your anniversary, his birthday, or an upcoming holiday. These ten simple gifts should be perfect for any guy no matter their interest.

Awesome Gift Ideas For Boyfriends

Cremo Solid Cologne

Cremo Solid Cologne Gifts For Boyfriends

For an affordable gift for a boyfriend consider gifting them some Cremo Solid Cologne. Unlike traditional alcohol based colognes, this fits easily in the pocket or bag. It’s great for travelers, business professionals, college students, or just about any guy. The small metal is convenient and smells great, a massive plus for both you and him.

Glo Science Teeth Whitening

Welcome to the world of at-home teeth whitening! I’m not saying your boyfriend has yellow teeth, but these easy to use glo lit kits are great for anyone who just wants to get their teeth even a shade whiter. You could even get two kits and spend ttime whitenening your teeth at home together!

We just got our first kits and love them! In just two days we can already see a difference. We are big coffee drinkers so love having something easy to use at the house that helps get rid of stains. These kits use patented heat and light acceleration technology that doesn’t hurt sensitive teeth. To get the best results you only need to dedicate between 10-24 minutes a day.

It’s not the cheapest gift idea for your lover on this list, however, if you are looking to spend a little bit more it’s a fantastic option.

Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct Gift For Boyfriend

Any guys who take their fitness seriously will appreciate a fitness watch. The Garmin Instinct is a GPS smartwatch that has a rugged build and long battery life. Capable of tracking, heart rate, sleep, steps, calories, and workouts. However, it will be best appreciated by runners, hikers, and bikers as it accurately tracks their workouts and reports the data. Most importantly it syncs automatically with their Strava profile.

California Cowboy

California Cowboy is a small apparel store out of California producing hip, crazy comfortable, and functional clothes. Their High Sierra shirt is made out of super soft flannel, and warm thermal lining. Plus it has all kinds of pockets to keep a phone, chapstick, or a cold beer. It’s an awesome gift that feels more like a jacket than your standard flannel. It’s like the perfect post-surf or apres skis shirt.

Chemex Coffee Maker

For any guy that’s a bit of a coffee snob consider giving the gift of a Chemex Coffee maker. The classic coffer maker is beloved for the quality of its brew. The stylish brewer looks great on a counter top too!

Topo Designs Dirt Pants

Topo Design Dirt Pants are a stylish pair of organic cotton pants. They are a great fit for a camping trip, but are feel casual enough to wear out for dinner and drinks. As a massive plus, they’re super comfortable. Topo Designs is a great company to check out for apparel.

Tinggly Experience Box

Give your boyfriend the gift of an experience rather than a material item with a Tinggly giftbox. I’m a firm believer in the value of experiences in life over possessions. Each Tinggly box comes with a catalog of theme experiences whether that be one for romance, adventure, driving, or even skydiving. The experiences are located in over 100 countries around the world so they can use it on their next trip, find some inspiration for the next trip, or enjoy something locally.

Patagonia Black Hole Backpack

Patagonia Black Hole

A classic backpack from Patagonia that feels ready to tackle anything thrown its way. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, biking to work, walking between classes, or heading to the gym the Patagonia Black Hole feels right at home thanks to a great organization, super-tough exterior, and stylish good looks.

Yeti Rambler

Yeti Rambler Gift For Boyfriend

Give your boyfriend the gift of the best cup ever! The great-looking thermos keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for what feels likes forever. The Yeti Rambler has turned into a classic loved by everyone that owns one.

Allbirds Wool Runners

Allbirds Wool Runners may be the most comfortable shoe on earth, at least that is what they claim! The super soft and minimalist shoe makes for a cozy stylish shoe that any boyfriend will surely love wearing. The best part is they’ve made it a point to build the most sustainable shoe possible.

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