18 Amazing Gift Ideas for Dad for Any Occasion

Well you can’t expect us to write a detailed gift guide for mom and not include the dads, can you? There’s no one type of dad. There are fathers that are the outdoor type, the intellectual type, the business type, the cooks, the animal enthusiasts, I could go on and on.

There are a ton of different items you could get your dad for Christmas, or Father’s Day, or his Birthday. I’ve put this gift idea list together for the most dad-worthy cool things out there today. So if you’ve been scratching your head on what to get him, you have come to the right spot.

The Best Gift Ideas For Dad


gift ideas for dad

Binoculars are that awesome gift you need for your dad if he is a nature lover. If your dad is one of those guys that loves to just sit back and watch the birds chirp in the morning and see what kind of deer are roaming the backyard, binoculars are the ideal gift idea for him!


gift ideas for dad

Every dad loves to relax, my dad will sit in his hammock for hours at a time just enjoying nature and being comfortable while swinging lightly. ENO makes my favorite hammocks in the world, they are durable and last forever!

Personalized Cutting Board

gift ideas for dad

I think this is one of the best gift ideas for dad on this list! A cutting board is always nice, but a personalized one made out just for your dad is truly unique. There are so many engraving options now – even Amazon will do it for you.

Chippewa Boots

gift ideas for dad

Chippewa is a well-known boot brand that make sturdy boots built to last. They are great for dads that work on their feet or outdoors a lot. I promise you that one pair of Chippewas is all you will ever need too.

Plush Robe

gift ideas for dad

Every person deserves a plush robe to relax in, especially around Christmas and on those cold winter nights. Seriously, dad will thank you for always being forever comfortable.


gift ideas for dad

I nice compliment to a robe is a solid pair of slippers. I’m not talking about the cheap $10 slippers either, but good moccasins that are built to last years and years like these.

Apple Watch

gift ideas for dad

I love my Apple Watch, it keeps me fit and active every day. A fitness watch is a perfect little motivator to get moving every day. A perfect gift for loved ones everywhere.

Meater+ Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

gift ideas for dad

This is a great gift idea for the dads that love to cook. This wireless meat thermometer hooks up to your phone to always tell you if your meat is cooked to perfection or not.

Safety Razor

gift ideas for dad

A safety razor is the old fashioned way of shaving, and it’s making a comeback. These things get you a much closer shave than anything those cheap plastic razors will, and any dad will be happy with this gift. Not only are they a great Christmas gift for dads, but they are eco-friendly as well! Stop buying plastic razors and switch to these!

Beard Kit

gift ideas for dad

Going along with a razor should be a beard kit. They are the perfect gift for any man in your life (that has facial hair at least) and are much appreciated by the dads at Christmas!

Comfortable Underwear

gift ideas for dad

Whether or not you feel comfortable giving your dad some underwear is up to you, but I promise he will love these ones. SAAX makes some of the most comfortable underwear on the planet. I got my boyfriend some years ago and he hasn’t stopped raving. What does he love about them? The fact that there is a pouch specifically for his junk. I’m not a boy, but I’ll take his word for it!

Smith Guides Choice Polarized Sunglasses

gift ideas for dad

I got my dad high quality polarized sunglasses last year, and since then he wears them every day. I know cheap sunglasses and inexpensive for those on a budget, but high-quality ones really save your eyes from being harmed by the sun. Smith makes great sunglasses for the active men in life and are great for surfers, hikers, or the alpinist dads.

Bluetooth Speaker

gift ideas for dad

A bluetooth speaker is a great idea for those dads that spend a lot of time at the beach or hanging out in the garage and want to listen to some tunes. Bluetooth speakers are great since they allow you to listen to music straight from your phone wirelessly.

Yeti Hopper

gift ideas for dad

I always recommend the YETI Hopper as a great gift idea for all men. We have one and use it for everything, especially in the summer when we are always packing drinks and heading for the water. The YETI Hopper makes the best soft-sided cooler there is and keeps are drinks and other items cool for up to three days.

Apple Airpods

gift ideas for dad

For the techy dads out there that might be addicted to their Apple products and also enjoy listening to their podcasts and music wherever they go. Whether that is the airplane, on a jog, or at home working Airpods are always great to have. Just make sure your dad doesn’t lose things easily.

Chefs Knife

For the dads that are master chefs and love to cook the family meals. If they love cooking they need to have a proper knife. It makes such a difference in preparing meals for every meal.

Outdoor Movie Projector

gift ideas for dad

If your dad loves watching movies a projector would be a great thing to get him for any occasion. Projectors are perfect for families and friends to sit around a giant firepit outside and enjoy a movie with popcorn under the stars on the big screen.

Wireless Phone Charger

gift ideas for dad

This is seriously one of the best gift ideas for dads out there. There is nothing easier when it comes to charging a phone than a wireless dock station for the smartphone. These ones come in either a one or two-pack, so you can always get two and give one to mom too, or someone else!

There you have it! A fantastic gift idea for every type of dad! I love these gifts as they are perfect for all occasions! Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, or just because there is a gift for every type of father. Happy shopping!

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