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Plan Hawaii Trip - Kauai

30 Amazing Things You Must Do in Kauai

Looking for some awesome things to do in Kauai? We spent two weeks this summer traveling around the Hawaiian islands and think there are some awesome things you must do in Kauai. Of course, it’s Hawaii, so they were all amazing. However, the island that brings back the most wonderful memories is Kauai. I’m certain

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Plan Trip Hawaii - Napali Coast

Planning a Trip to Hawaii • Amazing 10 Step Hawaii Vacation Planner

Aloha! Need help planning a trip to Hawaii? We just spent an incredible two weeks exploring the best of the Hawaiian islands. The trip wasn’t completely seamless to plan though. Even though you’re traveling to the United States, the 50th state almost feels like another country. There are few destinations in the world that attract

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Iceland Camping Kirkjufell

10 Things to Know About Iceland Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Talking about Icelandic supermarkets and Iceland grocery stores is not the most exciting subject. However, before our trip to Iceland, we found ourselves doing some research about the prices in the supermarkets in Iceland. We found that we weren’t the only ones wondering and that a lot of people actually ask about the prices of

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