One of the Most Famous Caves in the World and More in Slovenia

We spent two weeks of our time in the beautiful Slovenian countryside with the luxury glamp camp team at Big Berry and loved exploring the region. However, sometimes you need a little time to do some “touristy” things or must visit locations. 

With a full van and some morning coffee, we set out on the perfect day trip to discover two of Slovenia’s most popular destinations. If you’re looking for day trips in Slovenia, take some time to visit one of the most famous caves in the world and the stunning Lake Bled.

 See Some of the Most Famous Caves in the World

For anyone looking for a day trip out of Ljubljana, the Postojna Caves are a must. The Postojna Caves are located less than one hour outside of the capital city, Ljubljana, and are among some of the best cave formations in the world. We arrived bright and early with light crowds for early May. I have been in some fantastic caves before, notably the Wieliczka Salt Mine Caves in Poland, the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, and Hastings Caves in Tasmania, so I had very few expectations.

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Most Famous Caves in the World: Visiting the Postojna Caves

On our first descent underground, we were amazed. There was a train underground to take visitors to the heart of the cave! I was feeling a bit lazy, so I fell in love with the world’s only double track underground railway system as we flew past several kilometers of tunnels, subterranean halls, caverns, and fantastic cave curtains.

On the ChooChoo Train in Most Famous Caves in the World

At the end of the track, visitors .we were able to get off and explore the caves at our own pace with our excellent guide by foot. We frequently stopped to marvel at the sheer mass of the cave and all of its exciting detail. My favorite part of the cave had to be the spaghetti hall gallery. One thing is for sure, though, and I could see why this was one of the most famous caves in the world.

POstojna Cave Spaghetti HAll
Courtesy of Postojna Cave

I should mention that before you walk into the cave, visitors will see hundreds of worm-like replicas, stuffed animals, and postcards. That’s because Postojna Cave is famous for the olm, a cave-dwelling salamander that is often nicknamed the “human fish.” At first, I thought this human fish was hideous, but after finding him in the cave and staring for 10 minutes, I came to the conclusion he was adorable.

PROTEUS ANGIUNUS_breathes mainly through gills
Courtesy of Postojna Cave

About the Caves

  • The caves contain the only underground post office in the world. So send a postcard home!
  • 10°C is the usual temperature in the cave
  • The Pivka River created the caves.
  • The caves are open all year round and cost €24 per ticket

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Don’t Miss Out on a Day Trip to Lake Bled

Most visitors that have researched Slovenia have probably come across photos of Lake Bled. If not, allow me to refresh your memory, they usually look something like this. DanFlyingSolo named it as one of 17 European Towns You Needed to Visit in 2017, and this place is worth all the hype.

The snow-capped Julian Alps surrounds the town of Bled, and the city feels like a mixture of Bavaria and Eastern European lake towns such as Ohrid.

Lake BLed

It makes for an enjoyable to walk and even perfect to spend a whole vacation in, but the real charm lies in glacial made Lake Bled. More than two kilometers of crisp freshwater surround the iconic pilgrimage church, the Assumption of Maria. While you can catch great views from the Lake Bled Castle, that overlooks the lake. The church and the castle are easily visited.

When we arrived, it was getting late, so the first thing we did was head to the castle to catch the astonishing view. The Castle is open until 21:00 in the summer and cost €10. [Check up to date times here] Besides the panoramic views there is a lovely cafe, museum, gift shop, and you can take a full tour inside the castle.

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What to See in Slovenia? Lake Bled!

Next came the fun part, the part we had all been waiting for. Rowing around Lake Bled! We rented two separate row boats for an hour (€10 per boat), placed the two guys in the middle to row and set out to relax and enjoy the calmness of the water while the sun went down. Bled island is a focal point for the whole lake, and visitors can paddle right up the island of their dreams to explore a little. If open, visitors can also duck inside the church for a visit.

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What to do in Sloveniaa?
We love capturing shots like this with our GoPro!

After you have spent the day on the lake you’re ready for some coffee, an absolute must is to head to Kavarna Park for the famous Bled cream cake (Kremšnita). The cream cake is known as the symbol of Bled and consists of a golden crispy butter dough crust and vanilla cream, topped with whipped cream and a light layer of butter dough and finally finished with a good dose of icing sugar. Don’t think, eat.

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Bled Cream Cakes

After a full day at Postojna Caves and Lake Bled, it’s time to get back home, for us that was Big Berry Camp in Primostek. For anyone traveling in Slovenia, we highly recommend visiting the caves and Bled. It’s a small country so even if you only have a day, it’s well worth the visit.

Our Recommendations

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The best Apple Gelato I’ve ever had.

Have you been to Slovenia? What was your favorite part of the country?

Thank you to Big Berry for making this trip possible. As always, all opinions are our own. 

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