Five Must Do Things In Nashville

There’s probably no better city for music fans than Nashville, TN. However, that’s not all there is to this eclectic Southern city. There’s a hippy edgy side. Millennials continue to move to the city in search of an area that’s cheaper than NYC or LA but has just as much to offer in entertainment.

Nashville’s booming neighborhoods now have third-wave coffee shops, co-working spaces, craft breweries, artisanal markets, and restaurants. However, Nashville hasn’t lost any of its country charms, still featuring plenty of places to catch a live show or eat some of the cities’ famous hot-chicken. It’s no wonder that my sister now lives in the country music capital of the world.

Southern Comfort Food

If you’re looking for some of that famous southern comfort food, then Nashville is definitely going to give you your fill and then some. Grab a few pieces of hot chicken at Prince’s Hot Chicken, which is a famous business in the area that’s credited with the original recipe. Or track down some of the best biscuits in the world at Loveless Cafe, located just outside of the city.

Grand Ole Opry

This is a destination in and of itself. The Grand Ole Opry is a vanguard of Nashville and country music. Visitors can catch a show or take a backstage tour to learn about some of its history.

must see in Nashville

Be a Hipster

What do a bowling alley, a coffee shop, a pool, a restaurant, a park, and a co-working space have in common? Pinewood Social rolls these things into one. So in one day, you can have your morning cup of joe, conduct a business meeting, play bocce ball, get a tan by the pool, enjoy dinner, and then meet some friends for drinks and bowling. If this all sounds like too much, head to any number of trendy coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, or bakeries that dot the city.

Travel to Athens!

That’s right: you can take a trip to Athens in Nashville. It’s likely you’ve already seen the photos before, but Nashville is home to a full-scale replica of the Parthenon. It even houses a 42-ft statue of Athena, just as the original would have.

Enjoy a Honky-Tonk

You can’t visit Nashville and avoid country music. Go to any of the bars along Broadway, where you’ll find people looking for some great country music and dance. A great suggestion for good local music is Robert’s Western World or the Bluebird Cafe.

There’s a lot more to Nashville than theses five things, but if you’re pressed for time, this should do. Just don’t forget to relax. Nashville may have a lot, but things here are casual and fun.

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