A Girls Packing List for China in the Summer

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Packing List for China

The following is a guest post from Barbara at Jet Settara. She has traveled China extensively, while we have not. 

I visited China in June and it was sizzling hot and sometimes humid as well. The country had really hot summers, but at the same time it is important to pack warmer, comfortable clothes for the plane ride or sports gear in case you go hiking. I usually pack a nicer dress and a nice pair of shoes for a night out. There are lots of great sites to visit in China and you want to make sure you are comfortable the whole time. It’s also important to dress fashionably as many of the Chinese are very stylish.

An Ideal Packing list for China

Travel Essentials:

Comfortable Shoes or Flip-Flops

If you are one of those people who like to wear sneakers while sightseeing, bring a pair of those. In the Summer, I usually wear the most comfortable flip flops I have. These are made by Reefand these are the shoes I wear the most during the Summer months. I can walk around in these flip flops for eight hours a day without a problem. The bottom of these flip flops are soft enough to make walking extremely comfortable. I normally pack a pair of sneakers too that will definitely come in handy if you climb the Great Wall of China or do some hiking. Check out this list of the best women’s travel shoes for more suggestions.China Packing List

Foldable Bag

I take a packable day bag that I can easily fold up if I have to put it in my carry on luggage. This bag is large enough to fit my laptop and camera inside it and all the other things I carry around during the day.

Earplugs and Eye Mask

I never go on a trip without earplugs and eye mask. Many hotels are noisy and earplugs are necessary to screen the noise. They are also great if I want to get a great sleep on a bus or plane.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen and a Hat

The sun is very strong in China during the Summer. For this reason, lots of people walk around with an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun. It is crucial to bringsunglasses to Asia during the Summer. Those who are sensitive to the sun and want to prevent sun exposure, should also bring a sunhat  as well. Sunscreen is never a bad idea and I would recommend picking it up before traveling as it may not be available abroad.

Electronics to bring to China

I travel with lots of electronics. My favorite travel laptop is my MacBook. I also never travel without my camera. I use a Sony RX100 II and find it to be one of the best pocket cameras on the market. I take a GoPro and a selfie stick everywhere I go. Sometimes I even bring a photography tripod, when I travel alone. I also carry a power bankand 1TB external driveto save photos on it along the journey.

Clothes to bring to China

The clothes I try to bring for an adventure trip are comfortable t-shirts, skirts, shorts, and dresses, which will not get wrinkled in a bag and also not take up too much space. I leave heavy dresses at home especially those that need to be ironed before wearing.

Underwear are light and small enough to store, so bring one pair for each day you are in China. You never know when you will be able to wash your clothes!

I also like wearing earrings, rings and hair clips to decorate myself when I go out.  As always, I would advise against wearing expensive jewelry when traveling.

Packing List for china


In my travel toiletry bag, I always have sunscreen, mosquito repellent, small shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. An all purpose cream for wounds or cuts is great for those just in case scenarios. I bring aloe vera gelwith me for mosquito bites and for sunburn.


Plan your Trip to China:

About the AuthorBarbara is a London based luxury travel and lifestyle blogger of jet-settera. She blogs about exclusive destinations and the some of the most prestigious events around the World such as Venice, Cannes, San Sebastian Film Festivals, Oscar Parties in LA, Fashion Weeks in Milan or Paris, yacht parties in St-Tropez as well as Prince Albert’s wedding in Monaco. She has lived in seven countries and visited 74. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.