How We Slow Down While On The Road

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Relax with a cup of tea

This post brought to you by Tazo® Tea. The content and opinions expressed below are that of The World Pursuit.

If you’d look at our Instagram or various social media websites our lives look pretty awesome – and most of the time they are! However, we live on the road, that means when we’ve had a long day we aren’t returning home anywhere. There’s no familiar bed, comfy couch, or a fridge full of our favorite products to help us relax. So, we learn ways our to cope. 


Slow Down

The first thing we must do is slow down. When your vacation is only two weeks you’ve got a lot to cram in, but extend that to 52 weeks and things can get exhausting, to say the least. So, we opt to stay in places for a longer period of time. For instance, we have settled down in Cape Town for the next month with a nice Airbnb. In doing so we’re able to book a place that provides us an affordable rate for a month, and it is really important to our sanity. This helps combat some travel fatigue. It’ also about the familiarity as slowing down lets you be able to have a regular schedule. It’s surprising how far simple things like enjoying your own personal tea brand, which is Tazo Tea®, in a familiar environment can go.  So, what do we do to fight the travel fatigue?

relaxing in the oude werf hotel


The constant packing and unpacking on the road can be tedious, but being able to reach into a drawer and find your clothes just helps your sanity. If it’s more than four days we always try to unpack. Add to that the ability to actually become familiar with a place for a month goes a long way.

Cameron Pack Unpacked

Pop in Kanye’s New Workout Plan

A month of living in a new city means that we can do regular things we’ve come to really miss like getting a great workout in. Trying out gyms, getting a month-long membership, morning runs, or whatever else gets our hearts pumping is now available and we can easily set up.


Eating out at great restaurants is a wonderful part of travel, but we also like to control what we eat. We aren’t big meat eaters and I love to cook so a nice big kitchen is a luxury on the road.

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Unwind & Work

Sure we get to relax a lot, like in the winelands, or in the mountains, or at the beach. However relaxing on the road is not the same as coming home to a familiar place and decompress.

New Office

Care Package Time

Staying in one place for a while means we can get a care package with all of our favorite things from our lovely parents back home. Things like boxed Mac & Cheese, our favorite deodorant, socks, t-shirt brands, and our favorite tea. A personal favorite has to be TAZO Tea’s Zen™  blend. It’s an awesome mix of green tea, lemongrass, and mint which is perfect for us at any point during the day.

Complete Relaxation

Hot Tea Perfection

What’s great about being based in a home for a month is it allows us to stock our own tea and can wake up with a fresh hot pot to share. We also love having our tea at home while editing our latest assignment or watching a new movie. Which, is the perfect time to make use of our care package and pour a cup of Tazo Tea Passion® blend or the Awake™ English Breakfast blend.

Find a Tazo Tea Near You

Tazo Tea Zen Relax

The wine comes later at night

We’re not grandparents and we did just come from one of the best wine regions in the world. Of course, we made sure to stock up on plenty of bottles.


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Doesn’t matter where

It does not matter where we are just as long as we can regroup after a while on the road. We all need it. So, being able to sit back relax and #SipJoyfully is some much-needed R&R from our traveling lifestyle.

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