The RTW Packing List to Help You Get Up and Go!

RTW Packing List

Packing for a trip around the world is one of the most difficult parts of pre-planning. Thankfully, this RTW packing list should be of some help! I spent months of planning, ordering, buying & returning to make sure I have everything I need.  But I still always end up frantically contemplating everything just the night before take off.  There are la couple of factors that make packing for a life of constant travel especially hard.

One is climate.  We are in all types of climates, from winter in Eastern Europe to spring and summer in Southeast Asia.  Clothing that is diverse and lightweight is a must.  Second is the time period and length. Things like toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant can be picked up along the way, but what about more personalized items?

I have mole eyes and need contacts or prescription glasses to see. Therefore, I have packed the maximum my insurance allowed – a year in half’s supply of contacts.  My face lotion and wash is dermatologist recommended in the U.S. but how can I find that abroad?  Special things like that really add up room and weight in my pack.

I’ve spent months and even years trying to perfect this RTW packing list. I am still constantly redoing it as I continue to travel. But as a basis here it goes!

The Ultimate RTW Packing List to Help You Get Up and Go!

RTW Packing List: Clothes


  • Patagonia Down Sweater Womens Jacket: I believe this jacket will last forever. It’s heavy duty, and packs up really small. Great for any RTW trip because you never know when you will be cold! It’s the perfect warm down jacket.
  • Women’s Hooded Fleece: I love having a hoodie when I travel, and unless it’s summer I’m usually using it every day.
  • North Face Rain Jacket: A rain jacket is an absolute must when traveling for obvious reasons. It has saved me from getting an unwanted cold more times than I thought it would.
  • Carhartt Women’s Lonoke Hat: Unless you’re only going somewhere in the summer months, travel with a light weight hat. Trust me.
  • Scarf
  • Carhartt gloves
  • Sunglasses


Okay I really love yoga pants and leggings, they are extremely comfortable, light, and pack up tight.  The great thing about the drawstring pants is that if paired with the right top can look very stylish or they can be worn casually wandering around the beach or city. 


  • Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt : Even though Patagucci is expensive, I absolutely think it is worth the money. Their products last so long and are very durable.
  • 4x Uniqlo camis
  • 3x athletic tanks
  • 2x athletic short sleeved tops
  • 1x nude chambray shirt
  • 1x polyester pullover
  • 1x knee length dress


  • 7 x Champion Women’s Sports Bra: I usually only wear sports bras, and they are usually Champion Brand. These things hold my tata’s up well, and I usually reverse them for optimal wear!
  • 11 x underwear
  • 2x Danish Endurance Compression Socks: These socks are sweat-resistant and have extra padding. Great for summer!
  • 2 x Danish Endurance Merino Wool Socks: A must for our long hikes in the cold weather.
  • 6 x ankle socks


pack for a RTW trip

My toiletries are always the number one problem in my pack for a RTW Packing List .  I don’t consider myself high maintenance, but I need and will not give up conditioner, face wash and lotion, body lotion, shaving, and mascara. Therefore, my toiletry bag is always bigger than everything else combined.  I have only pictured a 3 month supply of contacts because I do not want to take up the entire photo with contacts!

5x razors
1x box of Q-tips
1x bottle of contact solution, case, and eyeglasses
1x toothbrush and toothpaste
1x Cerave face wash and face lotion
Lush Solid Shampoo: Takes up little space, and who doesn’t love LUSH?
1x Ozone Layer Deodorant : I’m terrified of cancer, so I like to use all natural deodorant when I can. This has become my favorite.
1x small conditioner
1x eye mask
1xtravel towel: Packs up small and dries fast. Perfect!
2x small hair brushes
2x small body lotions
1x nail clippers and polish
1x small bottle of perfume
1x Lucas Papaw OintmentNumerous hair ties, clips, and bobby pins
Bronzer, powder, eyeliner, cosmetic brush, eyelash curler and mascara

First Aid
RTW Packing List: Health

Better to be safe than sorry! I have the most basic first aid kit in case something happens to go wrong!

2 month supply of Doxycycline (for Malaria & Infections)
2 month supply of Malarone (for Malaria)
1 month supply of Amoxicillin (for Infections)
Benedryl, Sudafed and IB Profen
Antibiotic ointment and burn cream
Calamine cream
4-way nasal spray, Mucinex, and Alka-Seltzer
Tiger Balm and China Gel

A RTW Packing List Overview of Gear & Electronics 
RTW Packing List: Electronics

  • Macbook Pro 13 inch: I don’t know where I would be without my Macbook. It helps me keep this site running! Check out other great travel laptops!
  • Kindle Keyboard: I prefer paper books, but those can get so heavy! So it’s always nice just to have a Kindle loaded with plenty of books.
  • Unlocked iPhone 5s
  • Canon EOS Rebel w/ Canon Telephoto lens: Both Cameron and I travel with Canon cameras, and I seriously need to upgrade my camera soon. Having this gear kinda sucks because they are heavy, but we are really into our travel photography.
    The MacBook and Canon take up a majority of the room and weight in my daypack, which is extremely frustrating. On the other hand, these are two pieces of gear that are needed for our travels and blog. 

Not Pictured in the main packing photo

  • Macbook charger
  • 3x iPhone chargers
  • 1 xLittle Sun: We love our Little Sun! This weather resistant solar powered light has given us light in even the most remote of places.
  • 1 x Scrubba : Washing our clothes is single handidly the number one nuscience of traveling. Thats why we don’t travel without the Scrubba. A pocket size washing maching you can take anywhere.
  • 1x Universal power adaptor
  • 1x Cutting knife: Always a good idea to have a knife. This has come in handy more than a handful of times from cutting fruit to cutting ropes while hiking.
  • 1 x  Passport Wallet: Essential to keep your passport and credit cards safe and secure when traveling.
  • 1x Lifestraw GO waterbottle: One of the best and most useful things I pack. This water bottle filters out 99% of harmful bacteria. I also love the fact that for each product you buy, Lifestraw will deliver a straw to schools in need.
  • 1 x LifeStraw Personal

And now let us add in the packing cubes…
pack for a RTW trip

This is the first time I have tried out packing cubes and I must say they have really helped with organization and compression.  I tried a number of different brands, but the Eagle Creek Pack-It seem to be the most durable.  All Patagonia down jackets fold into their pockets (top left), greatly reducing space and making the jacket extremely versatile.

Where this all goes…
RTW Packing List: One Year Packing List

CamelBak Hydration Pack and the REI Venus 70L Pack (Not sold anymore, but here is a great alternative).

I love these products because Camelbak and REI both have an awesome warranty on all their gear and completely stand behind all their products. I have had tears and rips in both products in which I simply called, sent in my backpack, and was sent a new or repaired pack within a week! Still have more questions about backpacks?


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