11 Best Things to do in Golden, British Columbia

There are so many great things to do in Golden, BC during the summer and winter months. Golden is only a short drive away from our home so we decided to take a short weekend trip to check out what all they have to offer.

What we found was an outdoor lovers paradise in a growing town nestled in the mountains. Golden makes a great destination for any traveler looking to explore more of the great Canadian wilderness. If you’re looking for some ideas of what to do in Golden we have you covered!

Best Things to do in Golden, BC

Horseback Ride Along the Blaeberry

One of the best things to do in Golden, BC in the summer is hop on a horse and enjoy a completely mellow walk through the forest. We really enjoyed our time doing this on a cool September morning. Unlike where we live in Canmore, the terrain and land is completely different just two hours away.

Think lush forest, diverse plants, unique wildlife, fantastic green space, and fewer people around. You could easily take a hike along the Blaeberry, but we honestly loved exploring it by horseback as it gave us a whole different viewpoint from our many hikes in Alberta. See Bear Corner Bed & Bale for horseback riding tour options.

Have Lunch at Thompson Falls

A beautiful, but easy and short hike around Golden is the Thompson Falls forest hike. This moderate hike only takes three hours round trip and provides spectacular views of Thompson Falls. This trail has a connection that was used by First Nations as a trade route!

We decided to have lunch here after our horseback ride and were shocked by how few people came back here on a weekend. It’s a great place to come with families or pets and enjoy nature for a bit. Careful walking around – you don’t want to slip in here!

Meet Boo the Bear

No trip to Golden, BC would be complete without paying a visit to Boo the Grizzly Bear first! Seriously, it’s easily one of the best things to do in Golden. At Kicking Horse Mountain Resort there is actually a Grizzly Bear Refuge, the largest one in the world actually.

That’s right, right on Kicking Horse mountain is a 20-acre area home to Boo. That means in the winter you can literally ski and snowboard past a (sleeping) grizzly.

When Boo’s mother was sadly shot in the wild at just five months the cub was given a home at the Grizzly Bear Refuge. He’s been living his lazy bear life here for the past 17 years and has become an icon of Golden, BC and Kicking Horse Mountain.

It’s here that Boo hunts, forages, and plays around in his wide open space. He’s an impressive and absolutely massive creature and is a special sight in Golden, BC. Boo is observed and monitored in his natural area and many great studies about Grizzlies have come from this refuge.

Interpretive tours are offered every day in the summer to help visitors understand Grizzly bears further. Those wishing for a more in-depth experience can join the RAP (Ranger Assist Program). The RAP program is only offered twice a day without the general public. By partaking in this program you get to see how Boo is fed is supplements every day and get a more private in depth tour. Find more info here!

Test Your Skills on the Via Ferrata

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Via Ferrata means “Iron Road” in Italian and that’s exactly what this is, an Iron Road up a mountain. Essentially it’s a climbing route with harnesses, steel cables, iron rungs, pegs, ladders, and bridges making an ascent up a huge mountain in Canada completely safe!

This is one of the best Via Ferratas in Canada and offers many different route options from beginner to advanced. The “ascension route” is the most difficult and is even said to be one of the hardest Via Ferratas in North America. At 465 meters and a summit of Terminator Peak it just may be the best!

Sadly, for the second time in a row, we got rained out of our Via Ferrata experience at Kicking Horse (the first was just two months before on Mt. Norquay). However, we know we’ll be back to conquer this one! Check out the different route options.

Have a Beer at Whitetooth Brewing Company

After your done with all your mountain fun for the day the only natural thing to do is unwind at Whitetooth brewery. This is one of the only breweries in Downtown Golden, and offers incredible home brews that are Belgian inspired.

Hike the Iceline Trail

The Iceline Trail is one of the great hiking trails in Yoho National Park. The whole 14.2 km trail is simply stunning offering waterfalls, glacier views, glacier lakes, and beautiful wildflowers if you hit it in the right season.

This trail is rated as moderate as there isn’t much elevation gained involved and no scrambling to overcome, but it is long. Expect the Iceline to take you anywhere from 6-8+ hours. Alternatively, if you don’t want to rush your time there are campsites along the trail, though they’ll have to be booked out in advance in the summer season.

If you aren’t comfortable going into the Canadian wilderness on your own a guide is a great option. Laura, from Self Propelled Adventures, is extremely knowledgeable and will get you through these trails safely.

Marvel at Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls, “Tak Falls” for short is the second highest waterfall in Canada. At 373 meters high Tak Falls is a sight to behold. The falls are fed by the meltwater of the Daly Glacier, part of the Waputik Icefield.

During the summer months the volume of the falls in massive, but during the winter it’s like someone turned the taps off.

The best part is it doesn’t require any effort to get views of it. You can drive right up to the parking area in Yoho and get grand views of the falls. However in my opinion the best views of the falls are from the Iceline trail.

Ski/Snowboard at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort!

British Columbia is well known for its legendary ski resorts and Kicking Horse is one that consistently makes the list. The mountain used to be serviced for heli-skiing only, but with the new addition of a massive gondola a world of terrain has opened up to everyone. This Canadian ski resort is no beginners mountain with some crazy double black diamond cutes and bowls. A day (or week) at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is one of the best things to do in Golden in the winter.

Over half the runs on the mountain are either rated as black or double black and it’s well known for being an advanced and expert riders mountain. What makes the mountain even better is its location on the Powder Highway and being known for getting epic snow dumps and being the ‘Champagne Powder Capital of Canada’.

However, with a gnarly mountain and little snowmaking and grooming capabilities, the mountain is prone to the weather. Hit it on a wrong day and you may be met with bulletproof ice and moguls unless you head to the more difficult to access steep terrain.

This is unfortunately what happened to us, but if you catch it on a powder day you’ll find untouched tracks and deep powder if you don’t mind waiting in the one gondola line. While crowds are far from what we witnessed we have heard the legendary terrain draws a crowd on a powder day.  Single-day lift tickets for Kicking Horse cost $104.95, but if you pre-purchase you will be able to get a deal.   

Canoe Around Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is an icon of Yoho National Park and is a great half-day trip out from Golden. Located just one hour away is this stunningly blue lake where you can enjoy a walk around the Emerald Lake Trail or take a stand up paddleboard or canoe around for a few hours. The photos seriously don’t do this amazing place in the world justice.

Emerald Lake is one of the busiest of Yoho’s 61 lakes and ponds so it’s best to get there early or later in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

Enjoy Sherbrooke Lake and Scramble Paget Peak

For those experienced hikers wanting something a little bit more challenging, Paget Peak is a great place to start. Paget Peak is in Yoho National Park and is technically a scramble, but an easy scramble that provides downright breathtaking views.

At 9.5 km and almost 1000 meters of elevation gain you’ll be putting some work into summit Paget Peak, but I promise it’s worth every step. If you want an easy option hike to the Paget lookout (seen in the cover image of this post) in about 45 minutes and stop there.

Or to get a real workout to continue on to the peak, it’s a steep grind up loose scree slopes. Paget Peak took us around four hours round trip to complete with a 30-minute summit break. Don’t forget to stop at Sherbrooke Lake on the way down – it’s just as blue as Lake Louise but without all the crowds!

Where to Stay in Golden?

We stayed at Cedar House Chalets which provided us with a comfortable place to stay and great views over Kicking Horse Mountain. Each chalet comes with a full kitchen, good WiFi, a fireplace, and most come with even a hot tub!

Where to Eat in Golden

Portobello Mushrooms at Cedar House

Purcell Coffee: For a cup of Joe, Purcell Coffee is the place to go. They serve up anything from chai lattes to traditional black coffee.

Wandering Fern Coffee: A pop up coffee stand with delicious coffee that you can find moving around Golden in the summer months.

Cedar House Restaurant: Cedar House leans more towards fine dining in Golden, in a beautiful and serene setting.

Whitetooth Mountain Bistro: We had a fantastic meal at Whitetooth Bistro. They cater to any dietary needs and have everything from Italian to Asian cuisine.

ELEVEN22: You’ll likely need reservations here as it’s not very big and is super popular with locals and visitors. ELEVEN22 dishes up modern food with fresh ingrediants.

Plan Your Trip to Golden, BC

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Beach Packing List Sunglasses

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